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News Archive
News Archive - 2017

This page shows old "News Items" published in, or relating to, the current calendar year, for which the Home Page no longer has room. It includes hyperlinks to the detailed Results, where available.

Items are in reverse-date sequence: the most recent first. 

See the menu items to the left for earlier years. These are segregated by calendar year, rather than competition year, as it's probably easier to find things that way. 

The pages for the now-defunct "Friendly League" (Club Teams of Eight) have been placed below the general archive. 

Your Web Master may in the near future initiate a project to sort these annual pages into a more meaningful Archive, but so far all that has been done is to tidy them up and make the context apparent. In the interim, suggestions from the membership are welcome! 

Daytime Seniors’ Pairs and Essex Seniors’ Cup


Daytime Senior's Pairs and Essex Seniors' Cup

for the trophy presented by Mr & Mrs AJ Morley

The Seniors Cup Events are open for pairs whose combined ages total at least 110 years on 1st October each year, with the younger player aged at least 50.


The Seniors’ Cup will be awarded to the player or pair who achieve the most place points from the three sessions.


2018/19 Season - Schedule & Results


Event Date Time Venue Winners
Summer Wednesday, 18 July 2018 10:30 – 15:00 Thorpe Bay Bridge Club Alan Cohen & Dennis Johnson
Autumn Wednesday, 24 Oct 2018 10:30 – 15:00 Thornwood Common Mike Graham & Ian Moss
Spring Wednesday, 20 March 2019 10:30 – 15:00 Barleylands Alaric Cundy & Chris Magahey


Please note that the Start Time is 10.30am for 10.45am.


Entry Fee £30 per pair per session

Entry Fee includes a plated lunch and tea or coffee is available from 10.30 am


Holder of the Cup: Ray Clarke                       For the 2017/18  Leader Board: Click Here


Entry Form

EBU Competitions - Metropolitan Cup

      STOP PRESS   

The Metropolitan Cup Team Selection has been announced.

Children in Needs Charity

smiley    Congratulations to    smiley

David Embleton & Roy Young

for 3rd place (out of 2546) at the Monday CIN Sims

Chris Megahey & Alaric Cundy

for 6th place (out of 1803) at the Tuesday CIN Sims

Marc Chawner & Bernie Hunt

for 13th place (out of 1975) at the Wednesday CIN Sims

Marc Chawner & Paul Spencer won the Warboys Trophy with an average 1.01 Imps per board. 

Click heading above for the Overall Leaderboard Session, click below for B-flight Leaderboard.

Metropolitan Cup

        STOP    PRESS      

Selection for Metropolitan Cup


  mail         AGM 2019 AGENDA       mail    

Please join us on Sunday 12th May for the Mixed Teams followed by the AGM.

Entry Form

Essex Clubs - Barleylands

A message from Bernie Hunt:

As per 1st June the Monday and Thursday evening sessions @ Barleylands will start at 7pm and finish at 10pm.  Friday evening session start remains 7.30pm.

EBU Competitions - London Year End Congress

Congratulations to:

Jacek Lapszys & Sandy Riach, Paul Spencer & Marc Chawner

for 2nd Place (out of 86) in the Swiss Teams

Some other good results for the Essex Players:

Jack High Swiss Pairs 8th/36: Cathy MacNaughton and Maureen Walker

Open Pairs 26th/89: Graham Beeton & Robert Elliott

Mixed Pairs 28th/78: Tony Verran & Naomi Cohen

Swiss Teams 31st/86: Pat Johnson, Peter Scotting, Tony Verran & Andrew Macalister


Essex Clubs - Upminster & Cranham Bridge CLub

yes  surprise  smiley

ECBA welcomes the new, EBU affiliated

Upminster & Cranham Bridge Club

Friday Evening session & Bridge Lessons

We wish Tony and Sue French every success with this new club.

ECBA Knock Out Cups

     STOP PRESS     

If you haven't entered this year's main Teams of 4 Knockout event, why not have a go at entering directly into the Teams of 4 plate

The Teams of 4 plate is a knockout competition played in players homes or at a club willing to host  a match.

It is mainly comprised of teams who lost in the 1st or 2nd round of the main event, but additional teams may enter the plate. 

 The deadline for entries is 7th December, and the cost of entry is £10.

Entry Form

ECBA Committee

    crying  crying      Essex County Representation Selection Committee     smiley smiley

Chris Taylor has resigned from the Selection Committee due to increasing work pressures.

The ECBA Committee would like to thank him for his efforts over the last four years.


John Sutcliffe has agreed to take over as Chairman of Selectors with immediate effect. 


EBU Tollemache

Report from the Tollemache Qualifier

The Tollemache is the major event for all the Counties of England. 

The Qualifier was an exhausting weekend - up to 98 boards against lots of international players.

Essex Team came 5th in their Group (3 positions higher than last year).

Good Results for Marc Chawner & Paul Spencer: 5th (of 39) +0.92 imps per board.

Children in Need Sims

321 Pairs   in   33 Essex Clubs

took part in the 2018 Children in Need Sims in which an amazing 9,218 Pairs in 555 clubs participated.


to all directors, scorers and players who donated their time and money for this worthy cause.

ECBA Competitions - Sue Taylor Teams

Congratulations to:

Chris Taylor & Sandy Riach, Marc Chawner & Paul Spencer

for winning the Sue Taylor Memorial Trophy


ECBA Competitions

Fletcher Trophy

Mid Essex

Chris Taylor & Simon Moorman, Paul Mollison & Bernie Hunt, Richard Register & Robert Elliott, Marc Chawner & Paul Spencer

Cup for Clubs


Cath Fox & David Embleton, Les Woolard & Val Poter

Congratulations to the Winners

and a big   Thank you   to the Organisers, Directors and all the Players.

ECBA Competitions

Congratulations to:

Mike Graham & Ian Moss

for winning the Autumn Seniors


EBU Competitions

   ♠   ♠     EBU  AUTUMN  CONGRESS  ♠   ♠  

Congratulations to:

Paul Spencer & Marc Chawner, Robert Elliott & John Sutcliffe

for a very respectable 6th place in the Teams A Final, after winning in their qualifying section.

EBU Overseas

   ♠   ♠       N E W S    F R O M    CADIZ     ♠   ♠  

More than 20 players from Essex had a great time in Spain- with good results:

(players in top 25%)

Pre-Congress Pairs (42):

5th: Peter Oake & Simon Moorman

7th: Peter & Wendy Williamson

Swiss Pairs (74):

11th: Peter Oake & Simon Moorman

14th: Peter & Wendy Williamson

Ladies Pairs (24):

1st: Linda Fleet & Mary Homer   

Men's Pairs (10):

1st: Ted Latham & Bernie Hunt

2nd: Chris Taylor & David Wing  

Mixed Pairs (34):

8th: Peter Oake & Debbie Sandford

Pivot Teams (10 each section):

Red 1st: Team Kitchin (A Kitchin & M Harbour, L Fleet & M Homer)

Green 2nd: Team Oake (P Oake & S Moorman, D Sandford & GChadha)

Swiss Teams:

3rd: Team Sandford (D Sandford & G Chadha, P Oake & Simon Moorman)

4th=: Team Kitchin (A Kitchin & M Harbour, L Fleet & M Homer)

9th: Team Johnson (P Johnson & F Alexander, G Fosteer & C Scott)

  • Mary Homer & Linda Fleet
  • Bernie Hunt & Ted Latham
  • Team Sandford
Other Counties Competitions

   ♠   ♠     FELIXSTOWE CONGRESS  ♠   ♠  

Congratulations to:

Swiss Teams 4th=: R Register & R Elliott, G Ip & P Darby

Swiss Teams 6th:  C Chorley & P Murray, R Perryman & M Wren

Championship Pairs 3rd: Brian Davies & Annie Davies

Metropolitan Cup

   Results from the Metropolitan Cup

Essex A (10/10)     Essex B (2/9)    Essex C (6/9)

P Johnson & P Scotting (B) +58, P Mollison & B Hunt (B) +32, K Thompson & G Olliffe (C) +44, M & D Gilbert (C) +26

British Autumn Pairs SIMS

   ♠ ♠ ♠     SIMS  - 1st National   ♠ ♠ ♠  

Congratulations to Paul Spencer & Marc Chawner

(Thorpe Bay, with 74.24%)

♠   ♣ 

Essex/Herts Congress

An exciting weekend was had in Ware with overall Swiss Pair winners Andrew Conway & Steve Bush and Swiss Team winners Robert Kipling & Andrew Macnair and Peter & Dee Lindon.


Some good results for Essex players:

Swiss Pairs (74 pairs):

3rd: Marc Chawner & Paul Spencer

5th: Chris Megahey & John Sutcliffe

6th: Bernie Hunt & Ray Clarke

8th: George & Maureen Vede

Swiss Teams (31 Teams):

5th: Martin Smith & Sandy Riach, John Sutcliffe & Sandy Smith

7th: Paul Mollison & Bernie Hunt, Steve Cade-Bowyer & Val Mollison

Club News

      SAVE THE DATE   

Wickham Bishops Bridge Day in aid of Yomelelani Trust on Tuesday 4 December.

ECBA Competitions - Warboys


Congratulations to the England Football Squad for reaching the Semifinal.

The July Warboys will be cancelled to give everybody the opportunity to watch the game live.

EBU Statistics - Top 50 Clubs by Players


Well done to our Essex clubs who are amongst the 50 most active clubs in the country. 

surprise    yes    smiley

  • Championship Pairs
  • Gwen Herga Ladies
  • Mayflower - Fletcher
  • Chelmsford - Club Teams
  • Mid Essex - Ray Cornell
  • Eve Goblets Ladies
  • Eve Goblets Men
  • Teams of Four
  • Switch Teams
  • Teams Plate
  • Club Pairs
  • Mixed Pairs
  • Mixed Teams
  • George Curtis Teams
  • Sue Taylor Memorial

The ECBA Committee would like to thank everyone who attended the AGM.


Eve Goblets 2017/18

Congratulations to the   ♠   EVE GOBLETS   ♠    Men & Ladies Winners:

Marc Chawner (56)


Pat Johnson (27.5)

Leagues - Winners 2017/18

                        ♥  CONGRATULATIONS TO ALL WINNING TEAMS  


Nailbiting suspense at the final match,ending in a 3 way tie of 57VP !!

1st Ultra Llama (Marc Chawner, Paul Spencer, Chris Taylor, Albert Kitchin)

2nd Hanley (Rick Hanley, Andre Gray, Graham Beeton, Ray Clarke, Mike Sherer)

3rd Barleylands (Peter Oake, Frank Morrison, Simon Moorman, Robert Elliott)


May & Baker (Jill & Roger Tattersfield, Alaric Cundy, Chris Megahey)


Hadleigh Castle (Geoff Webber, Alan Bryant, Linda Barker, Peter Bailey)


Waltham Foresters (Tony Verran, Stuart Dunstan, Andrew Barker, Phil Mattacks)

SBU Overseas Congress

Success for Essex in Pathos

Winner Mixed Pairs             Peter Oake & Debbie Sandford

Winner Men's Pairs              Colin Scott & Gad Chandra

2nd Ladies Pairs                  Linda Fleet & Julie Chowdhary (beginner )     


Jersey Congress

  ♥  ♠  ♣ 

Congratulations to Cath Fox and her mum Ann Owen.

Winners of the non-expert prize in the Swiss Pairs at Jersey.


ECBA Leagues


We still have a South East League of three divisions.  Fifteen teams with six teams in division 1, five teams in division 2 and four teams in division 3.  Division 3 was short due to a team pulling out after the season had started.

Teams are on Schedule to finish their matches before the AGM.

A suggestion has been put forward that we look towards having a county Premier Division.  There are 23 teams currently playing, this could increase or decrease next season.  Assuming it stays at 23 it is not clear what is the best way to divide the divisions.

OPTION 1: Stay as we are but the South East go to two divisions (one of seven teams and one of eight)

OPTION 2: A premier league of nine teams, a west division of six teams and a South East division of 8 teams

OPTION 3: A premier league of five teams playing home and away, a West division of six teams and two South East divisions

League captains will be canvassed before the AGM.

ECBA Competitions
ECBA Competitions


Congratulations to the 4 Essex Pairs who secured the opportunity to play at the Corwen Trophy.

1st      Graham Beeton & Ray Clarke

2nd     Marc Chawner & Simon Moorman

3rd     Robert Elliott & Tanya Genthe

4rd     Jacek Lapszys  & Sandy Riach


Garden Cities Regional Finals


!! Well done !!   to    MID ESSEX  

they won 6 out of 8 matches, with an overall respectable 4th place (out of 9)

  Congratulations to Marc and Paul who came top of the Cross Imps

(Robert Elliott & Chris Taylor, Marc Chawner & Paul Spencer, Paul Mollison & Bernie Hunt, Steve Cade-Bowyer & Pat Johnson)

Cross Imps                       Overall Results


smiley    yes

Loughton B has won Round 4 and reached the last 16 of the NICKO.

!!  Well Done  and Keep Winning !!


EBU Competitions


Well done for securing a place at the National Pairs Final to

Sandy Riach & Jacek Lapszys, Marc Chawner & Paul Spencer, Robert Elliott & David Piper, Ray Clarke & Graham Beeton, Richard Register & John Sutcliffe, Chris Chorley & Paddy Murray. 

Congratulations to

     Sandy & Jacek for 3rd place

Marc & Paul for 6th place


Session Results                    Overall Results

ECBA Competitions


Congratulations to:

  Graham Beeton & Susan French

♠   ♣ 


Congratulations to:

Martin & Sandy Smith



smiley    yes

Two Essex teams  - Chelmsford A and Loughton B - have reached the last 32 of the NICKO.

!!  Well Done  and Good Luck for the next rounds !!


Warboys 2018


 Thank you   to Ian Moss for writing a Commentary on the Warboys Session 2 (21/3/18) Deals


EBU Competitions


Congratulations to the Essex Players who came in the Top 10%:


  12th Graham Beeton & Susan French

             30th Pat Johnson & Peter Scotting


Billericay Heat S 1   Billericay Heat S 2    Billericay Heat Overall    National Overall

EBU Competitions


Congratulations to the Essex Players who came in the Top 10%:

  6th Sandy Riach & Jacek Lapszys

      11th Richard Register & John Sutcliffe

 Eastern Heat S 1    Eastern Heat S 2    Eastern Heat Overall    Regional Finals Overall

ECBA Competitions

SENIORS' CUP  2017/18

Congratulations to Overall Winner


with outstanding 32/36 points.



Winners: Ian Moss & Audrey Hartley


Senior European Trials Playoff


Congratulations to 

Alan Mayo

whose Shelley Team won the trials to represent England in the Senior team at the European Championships in Ostend, Belgium, on 6th-16th June.

Norfolk Congress

♠   ♣ 

Congratulations to George & Maureen Vede for their 5th place (out of 55) in the Championship Pairs and, as Team with Angela Fenton and June Brown, for their 3rd place in the Neville Cup.

yes    smiley

Charity Bridge Marathon

Everyone had an amazing day at the Charity Bridge Marathon.

A big 

    THANK YOU     

from Hollie for an incredible £1,470.50 raised for St John's Ambulance.

Academy Award Oscar for Best Director: Bernie, for dealing 120 boards

Ascenders Prize: Ray Clarke and Graham Beeton

Result Summary and Results in Detail 

EBU Competitions
EBU Competitions

                   Masters Pairs and Ranked Masters Pairs

     Congratulations to all the Essex Players who ranked in the top 10:

Paul Spencer and Marc Chawner 5th  Grand Masters Pairs
Ann Owen and Cath Fox 4th  Regional Masters Pairs
Tony French and Colin Scott 5th  Masters Pairs
ECBA Competitions

Winners Ray Cornell Trophy 

Team Mid Essex B 

Robert Elliott & Simon Moorman, Marc Chawner & Paul Spencer

Winners Ray Cornell Prize

Team Mid Essex

Robert Elliott & Simon Moorman, Marc Chawner & Paul Spencer, Paul Mollison & Bernie Hunt, Steve Cade-Bowyer & Pat Johnson

Congratulations to Team Mid Essex for representing Essex in the Garden Cities Competition.

Eastern Counties League

     Final Game of the Season      

Essex played Bedfordshire away as follows:

A Team lost 4-16      B Team won 12-8      C Team won 14-6

WELL DONE to B Team (Paul Mollison & Frank Morrison, Val Mollison &Brian Davies, Geoff Wootton & Ashley Nicklin, Richard Perryman & Mary Homer) and C Team (Alan Bryant & Geoff Webber,  Gary Waller & Ashley Sawyer,  Keith Thompson & Graham Oliffe, Jon Ward & Alan Aylott).

Butler Scoring
EBU Overseas Congresses

    News from Budapest    

Pre-Congress                     2nd Chris Taylor and David Wing

Swiss Pairs                         9th Val and Paul Mollison

Open Pairs                         4th Cath Fox and Marc Chawner

                                             6th Chris Taylor and David Wing

Combined Pairs                 2nd Val and Paul Mollison

Pivot Team Red S              1st Linda Fleet (with M Jones, D Jones, N Morley)

Swiss Teams                       5th Linda Fleet, M Jones, Mark Chawner, Cath Fox

           !! Congratulations to all our successful Essex players !!


Woodham Ferrers Congress

   Congratulations to 

       Paul Spencer & Marc Chawner      

winner of Swiss Pairs


♠      Sandy Riach & Chris Taylor, Marc Chawner & Paul Spencer    ♣ 

winner of Swiss Teams

ECBA Competitions


Congratulations to 

   ♥     Marcia Levan-Harris & Ann Morgan    

winner of Ladies' Pairs


♠    Alan Cohen & Allan Greenstein    

winner of Men's Pairs


Barbara Osborn is organising the next 

EBU Tournament Directors Course

   Venue: Little Baddow Memorial Hall  CM3 4T

10 March 2018       How to run club Duplicate

17 March 2018       Day 1 Book/Ruling

07 April 2018         Day 2 Book/Ruling

14 April 2018         Assessment

E.B.U Member  £54 per day  -  Non Member  £60 per day

Payment to E.B.U either by Club or individual

Entry is via the EBU - Link to EBU

ECBA Competitions

Congratulations to

Jacek Lapszys & Michael Watson

for defending their title and winning the 

Essex Swiss Pair Championship

Essex Competitions

This Sunday, 20th January  !!!  Book Now !!!

Gwen Herga Ladies' Pairs and Men's Pairs

@ Barleylands, CM11 2UD, 14:00 - 17:30

Entry Price: £13/ pair


The ECBA wishes all our members

A very happy 2018

ECBA Masterclass

smiley   To bid or Not to bid - that is no more the question ..  wink

A big   THANK YOU   to

Marc Chawner

for another great seminar.

Essex Competitions - Mixed Pairs

! ALERT !      New Date for Your Diary      ! ALERT !

Mixed Pairs Championship  

New Date: Sunday 8th April 2018, 13:00 (- 20:30)  

Entries and entry fees will be carried forward.  Please contact the treasurer Linda Fleet if you can't play on the new date. 


Essex Competitions - Warboys

! ALERT !      New Date for Your Diary      ! ALERT !


held from February to September 2018 on every 2nd Wednesday, 7.30pm except date in March is on 21 March 2018. 

By invitation only.

Essex Competitions - Cancellation


Please note that due to severe weather conditions today's Mixed Pairs Competition @ Barleylands has been cancelled.

Essex Competitions - Cancellation
Eastern Counties League

After many successful years as captain of the Essex C team, Maureen Vede is standing down with effect from 1st January 2018. We would like to take this opportunity to    thank    Maureen  for her great service to the county over these years.  We will be recruiting a new C-team captain as soon as possible, if any experienced squad player thinks they might be interested in taking on the role, please speak to Chris Taylor, Robert Elliott or Bernie Hunt in the first instance. The time commitment is not very great, you would need to attend meetings of the Selection Committee once  a year (next one 13th January), then make C team selections (initially with assistance from the other selectors) for the seven Eastern Counties league fixtures for the coming year (and possibly one or two other inter-county competitions such as the Metropolitan Cup).

Eastern Counties League

Essex played Hertfordshire away as follows:

A Team lost 15-5        B Team won 16-4        C Team lost 18-2

Well done B Team (B Hunt & P Mollison; W Coldham & P O'Gara; P Scotting & P Johnson; V Mollison & B Davies) and better luck to the A and C team for their next match in January.

Butler Scoring

Chelmsford City Pairs - Charity Event

Back in 2012, when Chelmsford won city status, bridge player David Wing undertook a sponsored cycle tour of 51 cities in England presenting a cup to each City’s EBU affiliated club to raise money for charity. Chelmsford Bridge Club honours David’s considerable achievement by running an open charity event each year.

This year the Chelmsford City Charity Swiss Pairs raised £200 for the Columbus Special School and Lennox Children's Cancer Fund Charities.  A big Thank You to everyone who supported the event.

Competition Winners from Further Afield

 Congratulations   to Pat Watson playing with Margaret Lane (former Essex, now Wales) who won the Ladies Pairs at Porthcawl.

Eastern Counties League

♠ Congratulations ♠ to our Eastern Counties League Division 1 team - Paul Spencer & Marc Chawner, Peter Oake & Frank Morrison, Alaric Cundy & John Sutcliffe, Nigel Bardsley & Tony Philpott - on their impressive 18-2 victory against the Cambrige University team.

Butler Scoring 

Middlesex Congress

Congratulations to Basil Letts (with S Cope, E Middleton & D Nettleton) for 2nd Place (out of 55 teams) in the Middlesex Congress Swiss Teams.

For Results Click Here.

The - through illness - reduced Essex team for the qualifying round of EBU Inter-county championship (Bernie Hunt, Paul Mollison; Chris Taylor, Simon Moorman; Richard Register, Robert Elliott; Frank Morrison, Peter Franklin) played in Birmingham over the weekend of 18th-19th November.  They won three of their eight matches but did not progress to the finals.

Change of Webmaster

After 10 years of bridge, and 3 years as ECBA Webmaster, Theo Todman is retiring from both activities to focus on his philosophical studies. Petra Bromfield has volunteered to take over. She thereby joins the ECBA Committee. Petra will receive emails sent to the Webmaster, and Theo will forward on anything sent to him personally.

A big   THANK YOU ♥  to Theo for all the time, knowhow and dedication you gave to the ECBA.  We wish you every success and enjoyment for your studies and hope to see you back at the bridge table now and again.

Congratulations to  Chris Taylor & Sandy Riach and Marc Chawner & Paul Spencer who won the Sue Taylor Memorial Trophy by a comfortable margin. Twelve teams took part. Click here for full details.

Fletcher Trophy and Cup for Clubs - Sunday 29th October 2017

Well done to the following teams who were successful for their clubs in the above two competitions:-

Congratulations to Alaric Cundy and Chris Megahey who won the second stanza of this season's Seniors competition. Monty Krimgoltz & Cecil Leighton were second and Graham Beeton & Ray Clarke third.

A couple of "placings" in the first two events takes Ray Clarke into the lead for the Seniors Cup, with Alan Cohen & Richard Register in joint second place. Click on the heading for further details. 

Congratulations to Robert Elliott & John Sutcliffe who - while they narrowly missed out on qualification for the two main finals - did the best they could by winning the consolation event (the Swiss Pairs, for the Lewis Levy Cup). As the EBU website says "In an exciting finish, they beat Nathalie Shashou & Nick Sandqvist in the final match, to jump above their opponents by a single VP."

Robert almost repeated this success in the Blue Section of the consolation Teams event (the Sussex Cup), coming second (along with Richard Register, Alan Cohen & Paul Spencer).  

Full Results here; click the header for the EBU Congress write-up. 

  • 2017 Halkidiki Albert
  • 2017 Halkidiki Rest
  • 2017 Halkidiki Team1
  • 2017 Halkidiki Team2

Looks like half the Essex squad found their way to Greece! There were many successes for Essex or former-Essex players, often mingled with other Congress attendees in partnerships or teams. Too many to mention individual results. Hopefully you can make out the usual suspects from the photos. Click here for full details

Felixstowe Congress - 2017

Several Essex pairs did well in the Swiss Pairs on Saturday 30th September. Ray Clarke & Graham Beeton won the Championship final, having been runners-up in the QualifiersPaul Spencer & Marc Chawner were 5th, having won the Qualifiers. Richard Register & Robert Elliott were 6th. 

John Peacock

We are saddened to announce that John Peacock - Chairman of the Mayflower Club and well known to most viewing this site - passed away on Friday 8th September. Our thoughts are with Carol at this time.

The funeral will be held on Friday 29th September at 12:30 at Chelmsford Crematorium, North Chapel. There will be a reception afterwards at the Bear, Stock. To help with catering arrangements, please let Carol (or Bernie Hunt) know if you intend to attend. 

Follow this link for a brief in memoriam.  

Essex / Herts GP Weekend - September 2017

Green pointed weekend - Saturday/Sunday 23/24 Sep 2017

Wodson Park, Wadesmill Rd, Ware, SG12 0UQ

Click here for more information and an entry form.

Essex / Herts GP Weekend - September 2017
Essex / Herts GP Weekend - September 2017

Congratulations to those Essex pairs and teams who did well over the weekend of 23-24 September, and thanks to all those who supported the event. In particular, "well done" to:-

  • Swiss Pairs:
    • 3rd: Graham Foster & Ray Clarke
    • 5th: Simon Moorman & Peter Oake
    • 6th: Sandy Riach & Chris Taylor
    • 7th: Richard Perryman & Mike Wren
  • Swiss Teams:
    • 2nd Sandy Riach & Chris Taylor, Paul Spencer & Marc Chawner
County News

This column in the EBU magazine was discontinued at the end of 2017 as the majority of members were sourcing more up-to-date information from county websites and newsletters, and a survey of the readership indicated that other content should be given priority.  For County News Archive click here.  

The EBU announced the creation of the new "Star Grand Master" ranks in July. Congratulations to Peter Franklin who tops the Essex list as a 4 Star GM. These and other promotions can be found from the EBU website, or here (by date) or here (by Club). 

Entries are solicited for the coming season. Teams need to do two things:

email Bernie Hunt or phone him on 07973-925315, and
→ enter as for a normal competition (Link).

New teams are welcome! There will be friendly leagues as last year. 

Essex / Herts GP Weekend

Green pointed weekend - Sat/Sun 22/23 July 2017

Wodson Park, Wadesmill Rd, Ware, SG12 0UQ

Click here entry form and brochure.

Essex / Herts Weekend - July 2017

Well done to Tony Verran who - with Brian Gladman of Surrey - won the Swiss Pairs.

Also congratulations to Richard Register & Robert Elliott and Peter Franklin & Frank Morrison who came 4th in the Swiss Teams.

Congratulations to Marc Chawner & Paul Spencer who won the first stanza of this season's Seniors competition. David Piper & Ray Clarke were second and Richard Register & Alan Cohen third.

Inter-County Leagues National Final 2017

As a consequence of their winning the ECL in the 2016/7 season, the Essex "B" Team earned the right to compete in the Inter-County Leagues National Final held in Coventry on Sunday 9th July 2107. They performed creditably, coming 3rd of the 4 qualifiers, missing out on second place by 1VP. 

ECBA members are encouraged to enter the Bedfordshire Bridge Association Swiss Pairs to be held on Sunday 18th June 2017, starting at 12:00.

Click here for more information. Click the heading for a link to the Bedfordshire website which contains a menu item with the entry form.   

More good news! Paul Spencer, Marc Chawner, Peter Franklin & Frank Morrison acquitted themselves well in Daventry over the weekend of 11th/12th June, coming 9th out of the 29 county teams that took part. They represented Essex in virtue of winning the ECBA Teams of 4 KO. 

Well done to Winnie Godber who teamed up with Anne Catchpole of London and Rick Hanley & Graham Beeton of Suffolk to win the George Curtis Teams, in what was almost a re-run of last year. Richard Register & Robert Elliott; Ian Moss & Peter Oake were second and Linda Fleet & Jon Ward; Angela Fenton & Alan Aylott were third. A somewhat reduced field of seven teams took part.

Corwen Trophy - June 2017

Well done to Paul Spencer & Marc Chawner who came 5th (of 100) in the Corwen Trophy, the national inter-County Pairs competition. Down a couple of places from last year's excellent result, but it looks like they were on course for a comfortable victory until a disappointing last round. 

Well done to Hutton, who won the ECBA Club Pairs on Sunday 4th June. The overall winners were Coral Fallon & Jon Ward (Hutton) and the runners up were Paul Hickson & Ian Yeats (Waltham Forrest).

For the results - including the Club rankings - follow this link.

  • Huelva 1
  • Huelva 2
  • Huelva 4

Congratulations to those Essex players who did well on their travels to Punta del Moral, Huelva in Spain!

  • Pre-Congress Pairs - 3rdPeter Oake and Simon Moorman
  • Open Teams - 2ndChris Taylor, David Wing (London), Denis Loynes and Sue Evans (both Worcs)
  • Swiss Pairs - 4thPeter Oake and Simon Moorman
  • Ladies Pairs. - 2ndLinda Fleet and Joan Lees (Scotland)
  • Swiss Teams -
    • 1stChris Taylor, David Wing (London), Sandy Davies and Carole Kelly (both Yorks)
    • 3rdPeter Oake , Simon Moorman, William Whyte (Scotland) and Knut Koppang (Norway)
  • Post-Congress Pairs - 5thPeter Oake and Simon Moorman
Mixed Teams of Four & AGM

Further entries are solicited for the Mixed Teams of Four being held prior to the AGM on Sunday 14th May. It is hoped that as many as possible will stay on for the AGM, and that others not taking part in the bridge will also attend. 

Entries should be made using one of the usual methods, but as both the ECBA Treasurer and Webmaster are on holiday the week prior thereto, would late entrants please also let Paul Mollison know beforehand so that the correct movement can be planned. 

Congratulations to Pat Johnson & Peter Scotting; Jacek Lapszys & Sandy Riach who won the first event of the new season - the Mixed Teams. Click here for the Results and Cross-IMPs

Chris Taylor is up to his usual tricks with David Wing. They won the Seniors Pairs on Tuesday. Paul and Val Mollison came 3rd (of 32) in the Mid-week Pairs on Wednesday. Paul & Val again did well in the Mixed & Open Pairs on Thursday, coming 4th (of 34) and winning the Flitch, while Alan Aylott & Jon Ward were 5th.  Chris Taylor and David Wing joined forces with Paul & Val Mollison in the Swiss Teams, and ended the Festival on a high, coming 3rd (of 24). 

Congratulations to Peter Scotting's team (with Sandy Riach, Mike Watson & Phil Collier) who have won this year's Switch KO. They defeated Peter Oake's team (with Simon Moorman, Robert Elliott & Steve Cade-Bowyer) in the final. 

Eve Goblets points have been assigned. 

Well done to Paul & Val Mollison who won the Championship Pairs - the premier pairs event in the ECBA calendar. Paul Spencer & Marc Chawner were second and Chris Megahey & Alaric Cundy third. Graham Foster & Dennis Johnson won the Consolation Final. Alan Cohen & Richard Register won Qualifier.  John & Ann Davison won the B Flight Pairs

Eve Goblets points have now been assigned. It's close!

Congratulations to Pat Johnson and her team (Peter Scotting, Tony Verran, with Brian Gladman of Surrey) who came 9th out of 63 teams in the Swiss Teams, defeating some teams replete with internationals in the process.  

Tony Verran, again with Brian Gladman, came 2nd (of 16) in the B Flight Swiss Pairs

Earlier, Mustapha Rahaman and Richard Manning, of Mid Essex DBC, won the Really Easy Pairs, ahead of 51 other pairs nationally, having taken part in the Barleylands session. Well done!

The season is coming to its conclusion, and first blood to the Barleylands team (Peter Oake, Robert Elliott, Steve Cade-Bowyer & Simon Moorman) who have won the S/E Essex Division 1, winning all their matches. 

Eve Goblets points have been assigned to the Barleylands team, as well as to Academics in second and Ultra Llama in third.  Val Mollison has now taken the lead in the Ladies, with Peter Franklin Frank Morrison retaining their lead in the Mens. 

Congratulations to Marc Chawner's team (with Paul Spencer, Peter Franklin and Frank Morrison; Alan Cohen and Richard Register had played in an earlier round) for a convincing victory in the final of the Essex Teams of Four KO. They defeated Theo Todman's team (with David Tennet, Chris Taylor and Albert Kitchin). 

Click on the heading for more information on this and other Essex KO competitions.

Eve Goblets points have been applied. Peter Franklin & Frank Morrison now share the lead in the Men's. Positions in the Ladies are unchanged, with Margaret Curtis in the lead. 

EBU Really Easy Weekend

Well done to Tony & Sue French who made their way to Wroxton in Oxfordshire over the weekend 31st March - 2nd April 2017. They won the Saturday Afternoon session (EW).


Tony and Sue are comparatively new to the game but very enthusuastic and will be well-known to many in the Brentwood area as they have been central - with other club members - in saving the Hutton Club from near-extinction, such that it is now thriving and meets twice a week.  

Well done to Peter Oake who - in partnership with Debbie Sandford of London - won the Billericay heat of the Portland Mixed Pairs, held at Barleylands, coming 8th nationally (of 312 pairs). Peter and Ann Clark also did well, coming 15th. 

Well done to Graham Foster, winner of this season's Seniors Cup (thereby retaining his title) and to Val Mollison in second place. In joint third were Chris Chorley (again a repeat of last lear) and Paddy Murray

Congratulations to  Chris Megahey & Alaric Cundy who won the Spring session, with George & Maureen Vede in second and Monty Krimgoltz & Cecil Leighton in third place.

A heat of the Eastern Region Final of the 2017 National Pairs was held at Barleylands on Sunday. The sessions were open to all comers and attracted some pairs of national standing as well as the Essex hopefuls. Four Essex pairs qualified for the 50-pair All-play-all National Finals in April in the following positions nationally:-

  • 17th: Robert Elliott & Peter Oake
  • 26th: Sandy Smith & Martin Smith
  • 42nd: John Sutcliffe & Richard Register
  • 48th: Ashley Nicklin & Frances Alexander

Well done to our qualifiers and best of luck for the Finals in Daventry. 

A super result for Ann Owen & Cath Fox who came 2nd nationally in the EBU Masters Pairs, winning the heat at Barleylands on Sunday 26th February.  

Well done also to Marc Chawner & Paul Spencer and to Albert Kitchin & Chris Taylor, who came 5th and 6th respectively in the EBU Grand Masters Pairs held over the same weekend in Birmingham. 

Gwen Herga Trophies - 18th February 2017

This year there were again sufficient entries in the Gwen Herga to enable the ladies and gentlemen to play in their own sections. Congratulations to the winners:-

  • Ladies: Pat Johnson & Fran Alexander, with Ann Savory & Pat Watkinson runners-up.
  • Gentlemen:   Graham Foster & Ashley Nicklin, with Jacek Lapszys & Michael Watson runners-up.

The results have been applied to the Eve Goblets Victor Ludorum competitions. Margaret Curtis remains in the lead in the Ladies competition, but there's a .3-way tie for the Mens, with David Sherman now joined by Frank Morrison & Peter Franklin. 

Well done to Thorpe Bay B for winning the Ray Cornell Trophy and to Lingwood for coming second. Thorpe Bay also comfortably won the Teams of Eight competition - the Ray Cornell Prize and the right to represent Essex in the Garden Cities Competition, with Mountnessing and Mid-Essex in joint second. 

The full results (including the Butlers) are here

Congratulations to Chris Taylor, partner David Wing and London team-mates, who won the Swiss Teams in Lisbon by a comfortable margin.  

This is the third time in a row Chris and David have won the Swiss Teams overseas, having won in Oct 2016 (EBU, Lake Garda) and May 2016 (SBU, Dubrovnik)

St Edith's Bridge Club

After over 30 happy years on Wednesday evenings in the W.I. hall in Billericay, St. Edith's Lane Bridge Club has closed due to falling numbers. Formed from a night school class in the early eighties, it enjoyed a more relaxed, less formal, atmosphere.

The Hutton Bridge Club, which meets in Becket Keys School (Sawyers Hall College until 2012) in Sawyers Hall Lane, Brentwood, was looking late last year to expand the evenings on which it ran duplicate sessions. This was a more convenient venue for quite a few of the remaining St Edith's members, so it was decided that this offered a more viable option going forward.

Play will continue to be on Wednesday evenings. The final AGM of the St Edith's Lane Bridge Club was held before play at 19:10 on Wednesday 8th March.  

Website Problems - February 2017

Apologies to those of you who have been unable to access the website over the last couple of days, when service has been intermittent. The problem is nothing to do with Bridgewebs, but with the servers that host the domain name.

So, if you use "" and get a server error, use "" instead. This link goes directly to Bridgewebs without going via the Domain Name Server. 

And jot this down for future reference!

18 players fairly new to the game paired up with more experienced partners to contest the event. Congratulations to:-

  1. Clive Smith (assisted by John Sutcliffe)
  2. Penny Hanson  (assisted by Linda Fleet)
  3. Pam Pamphilon (assisted by Audrey Hartley)

Our thanks go to all the "experts" who volunteered to play. 

Click here for the full results. 

Well done to the winners of the 33rd Woodham Ferrers Congress, held this year at Barleylands:-

  1. Swiss Pairs: Richard Register & Robert Elliott
  2. Swiss Teams: Sandy Riach & Chris Taylor, Marc Chawner & Paul Spencer

Congratulations to the following who took the top 3 places in the Swiss Pairs:-

  1. Jacek Lapszys & Michael Watson
  2. Paul & Val Mollison
  3. Peter Franklin & Frank Morrison

The full results are HERE. Blue points have now been added.

Note that there was a computer problem with the assignments for Round 2. Potentially disadvantaged pairs have been compensated with VP adjustments in accord with the EBU White Book Section 3.5 ("Mismatches in Swiss events").

The results have now been sent to the EBU, and the Eve Goblets points awarded & the leader board updated. 

Teams of Four & Plate 2017 - 2018

The Main competition for 2017-18 contained 11 teams and the Plate contained 7 teams. Schedules and results are now recorded on the EBU website. Follow the links below:

  • Teams of 4
    • Winners: Marc Chawner, Paul Spencer, Peter Franklin, Frank Morrison
    • Runners-Up: Peter Oake, Simon Moorman, Robert Elliott, Richard Register
  • Teams of 4 Plate
    • Winners: Laurie & Stephanie Burtt, Sandy Smith,  John Sutcliffe
    • Runners-Up: Cathy McNaughton, Maureen Walker, Paul Hickman, John Stimson, Ian Yeats


Teams of Four & Plate 2016 - 2017

The Main competition for 2016-7 contained 11 teams and the Plate contained 6 teams. Schedules and results are now recorded on the EBU website. Follow the links below:-

  • Teams of 4
    • Winners: Marc Chawner, Paul Spencer, Peter Franklin & Frank Morrison
    • Runners-Up: Theo Todman, David Tennet, Chris Taylor & Albert Kitchin
  • Teams of 4 Plate
    • Winners: Laurie & Stephanie Burtt, Sandy Smith, John Sutcliffe & Dennis Valtisiaris
    • Runners-Up: Chris Megahey, Alaric Cundy, Tony Philpott, Nigel Bardsley & Margaret Curtis


The competition for 2017-18 contained 8 teams. Marc Chawner's team (with Paul Spencer, Chris Taylor. Alison Spencer) defeated Val Mollison's team (with Paul Mollison, Bernie Hunt, Steve Cade-Bowyer) in the final. 


2017 - 2018 Season

Essex League Competitions

Have you thought about Entering the Essex Leagues? Teams is a format that many players prefer and find more relaxed. If you haven't tried it before, why not give it a go.


South-East Essex and West Essex Leagues

The Essex Leagues are teams competitions consisting of a series matches generally played in players own homes (although some teams use clubs as their home venue). Teams play approximately one match per month over the season which runs from October 1st to April 30th. The Leagues are divided into two regions: South East Essex and West Essex to minimise travelling distances as much as possible.  Teams can be entered by clubs or by a group of players (up to 6). The number of divisions depends on the number of teams in each area, and there is room for all standards of players.

If you are a pair who would like to play but without team mates, let us know and we will try to match you with a pair of similar standard.


Entry fee: £20 per team               Enter by date: 1st Sept 2017


Friendly Fours League

For players new to Teams/Leagues

We hope to introduce a new league for teams new to League competitions. Whether this will be regionalised will depend on the number of teams. The divisions should be slightly smaller than in the main leagues so there will be fewer matches to play. Matches can either be played at home or at a club if you have a nearby club who will let you play a match on their club night (normal table money would apply). This league will only be open to teams who have not played in the main leagues. Any team who wins this league in several consecutive years (number yet to be determined) may be asked to join the main league for their area.

If you are a pair or an individual who would like to play but without team mates, let us know and we will try to match you with a pair of similar standard. We already have a few names of players looking for teams.

We hope to run a seminar on team tactics (TBC) to which new league players will be given free entry.


Entry fee: £20 per team            Enter by date: 1st Sept 2017

Please Contact:       

The League Secretary, Mr B Hunt at

Suite 60, Barleylands Craft Village, Barleylands Road, Billericay CM11 2UD

Tel: 01268 533961   Mobile: 07973 925315


Essex Competitions & Prizes 2017/18



Competition Section Rank Eve Goblets? 2017/18 Entry Fee 2017/18 Prize Latest Results GP / BP / LP? Open? Trophy?
Championship Pairs Final 1st Yes £30 £60 Results GP ECBA Only Two
2nd Yes £40 GP No
3rd Yes £20 GP No
Placings Yes No GP No
Consolation 1st Yes £24 Results LP Yes
2nd Yes £12 LP No
Heats Winners Yes £10 Results LP No
B Flight Winners No £10 £20 Results LP No
Club Pairs 1st No £10 £20 Results LP NOT Essex A/B Squad No
2nd No £10 LP No
Gwen Herga Trophies Ladies 1st Yes £13 £24 Results LP   Yes
2nd Yes £12 LP No
Placings Yes No LP No
Men 1st Yes £24 Results LP Yes
2nd Yes £12 LP No
Placings Yes No LP No
Mixed Pairs 1st Yes £21 £50 Results LP   Yes
2nd Yes £30 LP No
3rd Yes £20 (> 20 pairs) LP No
Placings Yes No LP No
Flitch Yes No LP Yes
National Pairs 1st No EBU No Results GP Note 1 Two
Play With An Expert
→ In abeyance for the 2017/18 season.
1st No £5 £24 Results LP Note 3 Yes
2nd No £12 LP No
Really Easy Pairs 1st No £10 £24


LP   No
2nd No £12 LP No


Summer Pairs 1st No £30 £20 Results LP   No
2nd No £12 LP No
Autumn Pairs 1st No £30 £20 Results LP No
2nd No £12 LP No
Spring Pairs 1st No £30 £20 Results LP No
2nd No £12 LP No
Cup Winner No N/A £40 Results LP Yes
Runner-Up No £2 LP No
Swiss Pairs 1st Yes £25 £50 Results BP Any EBU Member Yes
2nd Yes £24 BP No
3rd Yes £12 BP No
Placings Yes No BP No
Warboys N/A No £5 session N/A Results LP Note 4 (Yes)
Competition Section Rank Eve Goblets? 2017/18 Entry Fee 2017/18 Prize Latest Results GP / BP / LP? Open? Trophy?



Competition Section Rank Eve Goblets? 2017/18 Entry Fee 2017/18 Prize Latest Results GP / BP / LP? Open? Trophy?
Club Trophy Winners No £60 No Results LP   Yes
Fletcher Trophy Winners No £120 No Results LP   Yes
George Curtis Swiss Teams 1st Yes £36 £48 Results BP Any EBU Member Yes
2nd Yes £24 BP No
Placings Yes No BP No
League Cup
→ In abeyance for the 2017/18 season.
Winner Yes N/A No n/a LP Notes 3 & 5 Yes
Runners-Up Yes No LP No
S/F Loser Yes No LP No
S/F Loser Yes No LP No
Mixed Teams of Four 1st Yes £20 £24 Results LP   Yes
2nd Yes £12 LP No
Placings Yes No LP No
Premier League
→ In abeyance for the 2017/18 season.
Winners No N/A No Results LP Note 3 No
Ray Cornell Prize / Trophy Prize Winners No £60 £200 Results N/A   No
Trophy Winners No No LP Yes
Trophy Runners-Up No No LP No

Regional Leagues

SE Div 1 1st Yes £20 £40 Results LP   Yes
SE Div 2 1st Yes Results Yes
SE Div 3 1st Yes Results Yes
SE Friendly 4s 1st Yes Results Yes
W Div 1 1st Yes Results Yes
W Friendly 4s 1st Yes Results Yes
Sue Taylor Teams 1st Yes £36 £48 Results LP   Yes
2nd Yes £24 LP No
Placings Yes No LP No
Switch Cup Winner Yes £18 £24 Results LP   Yes
Runners-Up Yes £12 LP No
S/F Loser Yes No LP No
S/F Loser Yes No LP No
Teams of Four Main Winner Yes £30 £48 Results GP ECBA Only Yes
Runners-Up Yes £24 GP No
S/F Loser Yes No GP No
S/F Loser Yes No GP No
Plate Winner Yes N/A or £10 £24 Results LP Note 2 Yes
Runners-Up Yes No LP No
Competition Section Rank Eve Goblets? 2017/18 Entry Fee 2017/18 Prize Latest Results GP / BP / LP? Open? Trophy?


  1. National Pairs: From 2015, the County heats will be discontinued, so this competition has been dropped from the Eve Goblets. There will, however, continue to be Trophies awarded to each member of the Essex pair that progresses furthest through the competition and is highest placed.
  2. Teams of 4 Plate: Free entry for first- and second-round losers in the Teams of 4. Direct entry is possible for a fee of £10.
  3. Various: This competition is in abeyance for the the 2017/18 season. It may be resurrected in future years.
  4. Warboys: This is now a 4-session training scheme for the Essex A/B Squad. It is by invitation only, £5 / session. It is not envisaged that it will have an overall winner, so the status of the trophy is moot. In addition, a B-Flight event for the C-Squad is under consideration.
  5. League Cup: This competition (was) open to any Regional League Team, but is currently in abeyance.

Last Updated: 13/07/2017

ECBA Master Point Lists & Ranking Promotions (Copy)

Follow the links below showing Master Point Promotions for ECBA members:-

These lists are updated monthly (on the first of the month, if I remember). 

Follow the links below showing Master Points Lists for ECBA members. These lists are updated annually (usually in February) so are mostly somewhat out of date.


  1. Individuals belonging to more than one club appear against all the clubs of which they are deemed members by the EBU in the "Club" reports but only against their Primary Club in the "Date" / "All ECBA" reports. 
  2. The Club-level reports show members, not visitors. Also, they depend on clubs having made their membership lists available to the EBU, from whence the club links are sourced, and to have kept them up-to-date. The All Master Point - Alphabetic list can be used as a cross-check. 
  3. Promotions can of course be found by accessing the EBU website here, and the Master Points Lists by accessing the EBU website here. It is hoped that the reports on the ECBA website will make these promotions easier to find for Clubs and the Master Point ranking orders more transparent. 
  4. Some promotions may be announced a month early in these lists on account of different run-dates. 
  5. Some individuals who have transferred allegiance to Essex will be announced as "promoted" - treat these as welcome announcements!