Upminster & Cranham Bridge Club

Please note that late finishes spoil some players' enjoyment of their bridge. Please try to arrive at 19:15 for a prompt 19:30 start, thank you.

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Welcome to Upminster & Cranham Bridge Club
New Club in Upminster!
New Club in Upminster!

Welcome to the new EBU bridge club in the Upminster area offering a friendly and social regular bridge session on Friday evenings, a daytime competition, lessons, social activities and club holidays.

Play with Upminster & Cranham - 'We play with finesse'

Club Competitions

Club competitions include annual ladders for pairs and individuals (Gents and Ladies), improvers, handicap and a 'World of Bridge - World Championship'.

Our 'World Champion' will be the highest ranked individual/s from at least 3 of 4 'World of Bridge' events, these will be quarterly daytime sessions in local restaurants that include lunch - each event will feature a different country's cuisine.

Only club members will be eligible to win competitions (although non-members may play), there will be entry fees to 'World of Bridge' which is an 'open' event but these are discounted for members.

We are back!

We are delighted to say we have returned to our regular face to face bridge session on Friday evenings.

Shortly we will be running another 'Beginning Bridge' course so please make anyone who may be interested aware.

Our face to face sessions are available to all, members or not, so long as you have received all NHS vaccinations/boosters recommended (for you) for Covid. You must also be without symptoms of any contagious illness. There will also be some minor requirements such as sanitising hands on EVERY entry to the hall while space and ventilation will be maximised. If you wish you may also bring your own mug for tea/coffee or your own bidding box.

With regret

The Club is greatly saddened to hear the news that club member Peggy Rodrigues has passed away.

Details of her funeral will be available at the club once known.

Upminster & Cranham BC

Regular session Friday evenings at 7:30pm.

We are also running a daily game on FunbridgeYou'll need a Funbridge account (free) and our game password to play these daily games. They work on a drop in drop out basis, so, to complete the 'event' you'll need to play all 10 boards but at a time or times to suit you over a 24 hour period. You can play these games completely free of charge without a partner on a computer or via an iPhone or iPpad App. 

Please contact us for the password and visit www.funbridge.com or download the App to get started. Our game is found through 'Exclusive Tournaments' under our club name.

We also have a WhatsApp group (UCBC Chatter) for members to keep in touch, discuss bridge or anything else, please join us.

If would like help accessing any of these facilities Tony will be delighted to assist.

What's on

We will keep you up to date with what's going on here! 

We are currently planning a return to our popular World of Bridge events starting with a one off 'Balti Bridge', not 1 but 2 club holidays and recommencing our bridge lessons - watch this space.

Guests, visitors or friends are always very welcome to attend any of our sessions or events but only members may win competitions. Members will also be entitled to discounted rates for all sessions and events.


Last years competitions are concluded now and it was certainly a good year for the Clarks - Ann & Nobby were top of our Pairs Ladder as well as sharing the Individual honours!

 Very many congratulations to them both and we also extend those congratulations to our top Improver Eleanor Duignam as well as Pauline 'Hedgehog' Hedger and Brendan Felton who shared top spot in the Handicap field!

Finishing places can be found in the 'Historical Competitions' section to the left.

Our online games continue to be popular and members are also due congratulations for achievements over the last month or so:

Recent MasterPoint records show that Jim Flavin took the first step on the ladder to the rank of Local Master and while we are very pleased to see that we also noted Tom Carne was promoted to County Master. Very well played gentlemen!

The achievements and progression of our members gives us great pleasure and we offer you all our heartfelt congratulations, keep it up!

In case you are unaware, you can access your EBU record via 'My EBU' - speak with Tony if you need help to do so.

Movers and Shakers!

This years competitions are underway including the new improvers and handicap ladders, online events do count - please see the 'Current Competitions' menu on the left.

Friday Pairs (F2F)
BBQ Individual 8 (Non Club Event)
Friday Pairs (F2F)
Friday Pairs (F2F)
8th July 2022
Friday Pairs (F2F)
Cranham Social Hall 19:15
15th July 2022
Friday Pairs (F2F)
Cranham Social Hall 19:15
22nd July 2022
Friday Pairs (F2F)
Cranham Social Hall 19:15