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Essex Contract Bridge Association welcomes new and existing bridge players across the county. If you would like to learn bridge, play at club or county level please get in touch - john@johnmccoy.co.uk.

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Welcome to Essex Contract Bridge Association
Save the date

The next two Essex events are:

Handicap Pairs 9 July 2023

Club Pairs 16 July 2023

Both are Face to Face at Barleylands. See boxes on right for details

ECBA AGM 11 June 2023 at Barleylands

AGM Agenda 14.30 Sunday 11 June 2023 - Barleylands

  1. Welcome by the Chairman
  2. Apologies for absence
  3. Minutes of the last AGM Saturday 14 May 2022
  4. Matters arising
  5. Report by the Secretary
  6. Report by the Treasurer
  7. Appointment of the Examiner for 2023-24
  8. Report by the Tournament Secretary
  9. Election of Officers and Committee members for 2023-24

With the exception of Cath Fox the existing committee is prepared to stand for re-election




John McCoy


Sue Thorburn


Linda Fleet

Tournament Secretary

Val Mollison

Programme Secretary

Pat Johnson

Education Officer

Ashley Sawyer

Committee members

Marcia Levan Harris, Paul Mollison, Vacancy


  1. AOB  Please note that anything raised under AOB cannot be put forward as a proposal nor can it be formally voted upon.  This is intended as a chance for members to air their views on topics not included in the agenda.  The Committee will take note of matters of interest and discuss them at their next meeting. No agenda items have been proposed by members.
Support Your Local Club
Support Your Local Club

We are highlighting the Affiliated Clubs in Essex. They need your support, if not they may not be there when you want to play.

This fortnight:

Mountnessing Bridge Club

Visitors: Very welcome at Mountnessing Bridge Club.

When: Thursday 19:15 for 19:30 start

Where: Mountnessing Village Hall, Map

Why: Sociable, friendly club, excellent standard (average NGS 55+)

Cost: £3.00 members / £4.00 non-members.

Teaching/supervised: Not currently

Special attraction: Cheaper than Amsterdam!

Hosted: Not presently, but those without partners – members or non-members – can use the website to announce availability

Website: Can be found here.


No Trump Contracts - Marc Chawner
No Trump Contracts - Marc Chawner


Marc Chawner is adding to his magnus opus, this time it's No Trump play.


Most of the best players in Essex were set the task of playing in a makeable NT contract - more often than not they failed.


See if you can do better, if not with Marc's hands maybe the next time you play at the club.


Download the pdf here. It is everything you could ever want to know about NT play!


Once again the ECBA would like to express their sincere gratitude to Marc for this formidable work.

**New competion** Handicap Pairs Competition Sunday, 9 July 2023,

13:00 - approx 17:30 at Barleylands. Depending on numbers the session will be approximately 32 boards.

Entry fee £10 per pair

This competition is open to anyone. Rankings will be based on a handicapped percentage. The Handicap will be determined using the players NGS around the date of the event.

Tea, coffee and biscuits are available throughout.


Club Pairs Sunday, 16 July 2023

Essex clubs are invited to enter up to 4 pairs to represent their club. Players must not have been selected for the Essex A or B ECL squads in the last 5 years.  C squad members are welcome.

13:00 - approx 17:30 at Barleylands. Depending on numbers the session will be approximately 32 boards.

Entry fee  £10 per pair.

There will be a cup and a prize of a set of 24 packs of playing cards for the club whose top two pairs have the highest combined score.

Tea, coffee and biscuits are available throughout.

Please submit entries via the competition entries on the the ECBA website

Corwen Trophy 3-4 June - Results

Congratulations to Audrey Hartley and David Embleton, representing Essex, who came a very creditable 10th out of 87 in this prestigious and traditionally strong event.

Essex v England Juniors 29 May 2023

Essex was invited to a team-of-four match against the England Under16 team. The match was conducted on RealBridge under international conditions with table screens, self-alerts and written explanations.

After 24 lively boards Essex emerged victorious 64-44 imp. Congratulations to them. The match records are  Here

England Under 16 team: Maks Blicharz & Alex Birdsall,  William Battersby & Aman Parekh.

Essex was represented by:  Bernie Hunt & Paul Mollison,  Paul Spencer & Marc Chawner.

Essex International

Essex representative players played in a combined pairs event with Prince Edward County Club Ontario, Canada on 17th May. Results at this link Result 

Bridge Lessons at Falcon

New bridge courses start on 26th June, Improvers start 9.30am then 2 hours of duplicate bridge playing with an expert to finish at 12.30pm.

Beginners start at 10.30am on 26th June. finish approximately 12.30 pm

If you who wish to attend please contat Valdie Poter 07722516561 or Valpoter@hotmail.com

Essex Contract Bridge Association
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The ECBA was formed in 1946. We have around 1,700 members and 16 affiliated clubs. ..........

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Essex Leagues Re-Starting
Essex Leagues Re-Starting


The Essex leagues have re-started. Your captain should have all the details.


Good luck and play well!


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Based on the EBU statistics for 1st April 2019 to 31st March 2020 (no data for 2020/21 due to Covid) we have 3 clubs amongst the 50 most active in the country. ..........

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Play It Again (Sam)
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Some Website users may be unaware of a wonderful new and updated Bridgewebs feature for reviewing your results. Go to "Results", and click on "Scorecards". ..........

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Championship Pairs
Boot Camp 2nd April 2023
EBU Nat. Pairs Regional Final Realbridge
EBU Nat. Pairs Regional Final BBO
Sun 11th Jun 2023
Barleylands 2.30
Sun 25th Jun 2023
ECL v Beds
Home 1.00
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Sun 9th Jul 2023
Essex Handicapped Pairs
Barleylands tbc
Sun 16th Jul 2023
Club Pairs
Barleylands tbc