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Welcome to Essex Contract Bridge Association
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BAMSA Conference 2021: 4th International Bridge Conference Bridging Academia, Policy and Practice.

Monday 28 June – Thursday 1 July 2021 - online link

Paul Meyer will be speaking on behalf of ECBA as part of agenda on Day 2 (Tuesday) .  It would be nice if we had a few Essex Players in the audience.

Watch Video - Bridge in Lockdown

ECBA Competitions

     ♥    Well done         

To the Essex Team in the Pachabo Cup

Paul Spencer, Marc Chawner, Simon Moorman, Peter Oake, Bernie Hunt, Paul Mollison


The Essex team finished a creditable 12th position out of the 26 participating teams which were the top county teams in England.  They were unbeaten against the top three teams.


ECBA Competitions

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Margaret Curtis Pairs Event


 Saturday 26th June, 1pm @ RealBridge


24 boards, £10 per pair


Entry Form

ECBA Competitions - Championship Pairs

        Corwen Trophy - Congratulations       

Best Essex Pair (37/106)

  Bernie Hunt & Petra Bromfield


Forthcoming Competitions

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♠   ♣

OBA GP CONGRESS - SAT/SUN 12TH/13TH JUNE 12:00 - click here to enter

♠   ♣

MARGARET CURTIS PAIRS EVENT - SAT 26TH JUNE, 13:00 @ RealBridge - Entry Form

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SWISS PAIRS - SATURDAY 31th JULY  - 12:00 - click here to enter

SWISS TEAMS - SUNDAY 1st AUGUST - 12:00 - click here to enter

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EBU - National Pairs

♠   ♣    CONGRATULATIONS   ♠   ♣  

for best Essex Pair at National Pairs:

44th= - Jacek Lapszys & Sandy Riach


EBU - Portland Pairs

♠   ♣    CONGRATULATIONS   ♠   ♣  

to excellent results in the Portland Pairs:

4th - Ashley Sawyer & Cath Fox

19th= - Val & Paul Mollison

27th - Ian Moss & Audrey Hartley


EBU & ECBA Clubs - Play Online

Online on Bridge Base Online (BBO) or RealBridge (RB):

Check out new sessions with Woodham Ferrers BC and Billericay Mayflower BC

(free RealBridge taster sessions - click here)

 ♠   ♣

EBU (BBO)  -12 boards - daily 2pm, 3.30pm, 7.30pm, 9pm, NGS & MP


Mid Essex (BBO) - Barleylands - Tuesday & Saturday 09:30, Wednesday 19:00,,

Relaxed Bridge Thursday 09:30, (RB) -Friday 14:00 More Information here


Southend & Leigh Club (BBO) - Tuesday 19:15, Wednesday 19:15 (NGS 8 or less), Thursday 19:15, Friday 15:30 - More information here


Hutton Duplicate Bridge Club (BBO) – Monday 19:30 – More information here


Upminster & Cranham Bridge Club (BBO)  – Wednesday 10:30, Friday 19:30 – More information here

broken heart

Chelmsford Bridge Club (BBO) - Monday 19:00, Wednesday 13:30 More information here

Chelmsford Bridge Club (RB) - Tuesday 19:00, Fun Bridge Friday 13:30, Sunday 14:30, Thursday 19:00 (NGS7 and under) More information here

Chelmsford Bridge Club(BBO) - Pairings social bridge against another - Thursday14:30 and 19.30 More information here


Thorpe Bay Bridge Club (BBO) - Monday 19:15, Wednesday 14:15, (RB) - Friday 14:15 More information here


Woodham Ferrers Bridge Club (BBO) - Monday 19:30 - More information here


Billericay Mayflower Bridge Club (RB) - Tuesday 19:30, Saturday 19:30 - More information here

♠   ♣ 

This list is in the order as to when the webmaster was notified about a club's online sessions.

Please notify the webmaster if you want your club's sessions added to this list.

Other County Competitions - Wiltshire Congress

Wiltshire GP Congress

♠   ♣    CONGRATULATIONS   ♠   ♣  

Swiss Pairs - 2nd/110 - Marc Chawner & Ray Clarke

Swiss Teams - 9th/48 - Chris & Joyce Taylor with two others

ECBA Competitions - Ranked Master Pairs

National Masters/ Regional Masters Pairs

♠   ♣    CONGRATULATIONS   ♠   ♣  

2nd - June Brown & Cath Fox


ECBA Competitions


♠   ♣    CONGRATULATIONS   ♠   ♣  

1st - John Dagnell & Andrew Bannock

2nd - Gad Chadha & Tony Verran

3rd = Pat Johnson & Peter Scotting

3rd = Clive Owen & John Sansom


Other County Competitions - Wiltshire Congress (Copy)

Hampshire GP Congress

♠   ♣    CONGRATULATIONS   ♠   ♣  

Swiss Teams - 6th=/34 - Pat Johnson & Peter Scotting, Tony Verran & Jonathan Jacobs

EBU Competitions

♠    EBU Spring Congress - Congratulations   ♠ 

Swiss Pairs

13th - Gad Chadha & Ray Clarke

15th - Pers Gozubuyukoglu & Dennis Valtisiaris 


ECBA Clubs - Woodham Ferrers Congress

♠    Middlesex Congress - Congratulations   ♠ 

Swiss Teams

3rd - Pat Johnson & Peter Scotting, Tony Verran & Jonathan Jacobs

ECBA Competitions

♠   ♣  CONGRATULATIONS   ♠   ♣  

 Gwen Herga 

Men's Pairs - Ashley Sawyer & Gary Waller - Results

Ladies' Pairs - Pat Johnson & Fran Alexander - Results


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Bridge News by Julian Pottage in the Daily Telegraph, 17/8/2020

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(A constituent member of the English Bridge Union)

The ECBA was formed in 1946. We have around 2,100 members and 23 affiliated clubs. 

Based on the EBU's statistics for 1st April 2019 to 31st March 2020 we now have 3 clubs amongst the 50 most active in the country. ..........

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ECBA Clubs

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  Please note that due to poor attendence 

Thursday Evening Sessions @ Mid Essex

are suspended until further notice.

 Bridge Online

in the Sunday Express 

by Cath Fox

Based on the EBU statistics for 1st April 2019 to 31st March 2020 we have 3 clubs amongst the 50 most active in the country. 

EBU Masterpoint Rankings

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EBU Masterpoints Rankings 2019

Essex Masterpoints Ranking 2019

ECBA Clubs - Junior Bridge


A message from Val Poter:

I am looking for buddies to help with introducing bridge into schools in the Chelmsford area.  This is not a weekly commitment only days that would fit into your busy schedules.  

 Please let Val Poter know if you can help out on 07722-516 561.

Play It Again (Sam)

Some Website users may be unaware of a wonderful new and updated Bridgewebs feature for reviewing your results. Go to "Results", and click on "Scorecards". Under each hand, there's a "Play It Again" button that's been around for a while. A new feature - the "Results Analysis" button - gives all sorts juicy statistics, including X-IMPs for teams events. It only applies where automated deal files have been uploaded. See the Help File for a full explanation. 

OBA GP Congress Swiss Teams
Online on RealBridge
OBA GP Congress - Swiss Pairs
Online on RealBridge
East Anglian Bridge Weekend - Swiss Teams
Online on RealBridge
Kent GP Swiss Teams
Online on RealBridge
Sat 26th Jun 2021
Margaret Curtis Pairs
RealBridge online 13:00
 Click for more information
Sun 4th Jul 2021
ECL - Herts (home)
RealBridge online 14:00
Sun 25th Jul 2021
ECL - Suffolk (away)
tbc tbc
Sat 31st Jul 2021
Essex/Herts Congress - Swiss Pairs
RealBridge online 12:00
 Click for more information