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Welcome to Great Yarmouth Bridge School
Welcome to the Great Yarmouth Bridge School
Welcome to the Great Yarmouth Bridge School

John Barker is a fully qualified professional Bridge Teacher, County Director and Holiday Host in the Great Yarmouth area. Teaching mostly in his own purpose built Bridge Room in his own house, he is also happy to travel to teach Groups of Friends in their home. He is also available to run or help organise a Bridge Holiday with his Own Bridgemates, Dealing Machine, and knowledge of the Holiday Industry he aims to make it your best Holiday Ever.


Bridge Lessons During Lock Down
Bridge Lessons During Lock Down


I will be offering the following Sessions.

Beginners : Mon 9.15am,  Fri  9.15am  (1 Hour Session)

Beginners : Tues 9.15am,  Fri  2.15pm (1 Hour Session)

1st Year Students : Mon 2.00pm,  Thurs - 10.00am (2 Hour Session)

Intermediates : Tues 2.00pm, Thurs 5.00pm (2 Hour Session)

To take part please feel free to call me  07767 864575

Lessons Starting Soon

For the opportunity to Partake in my Lessons - you will need to be a Member of BBO Free  (See details to left) after signing up please enter your details on the BBO Registration Form below.

Also it will be useful to sign up to Zoom also Free - This will give me an opportunity to present the lesson to you as if you were in my Bridge Room

This is the Link for Zoom -     Zoom

Playing On Bridge Base Online


1. Log Into Site using your User Name and Password. This can be ticked for future use.

2. Choose Casual from the Play or Watch Bridge

3. At bottom of next Page - All Public and Private Clubs

4. 3rd One down - Acol Players Club.

5. You can now click to sit on an Open Table.

6. Want to play with a Friend - Click Start Table - Reserve Seat for your Partner - Enter their Name

7. Four of you to play together - put all their Names in.

8. Let me know when you want to go further or if more Info needed.

Frequently asked Questions

1. What is a Kibitzer - A Kibitzer is someone that can watch your game even though they are not playing.

"Thank you very much for a fantastic 12 week Fast Track Bridge course for beginners. That certainly got the 5 of us playing bridge by the end of the course. I would like to thank you in particular for your patience and understanding of your student's different needs and adjusting the lessons to suit each individual's way of learning.  
Thank you so much for making our last lesson with you so very special by organizing such a wonderful surprise for us by  inviting 6 lovely people from your club to join us for the evening so enabling us to have a taste of real Duplicate Bridge.  The evening was truly enjoyed by all 5 of us and gave us more of a relaxed insight as to what it would be like to play in one of your clubs.  Many, many thanks to those, friendly and very helpful members who made the evening such a success and from a personal aspect cleared up a few queries I had been mulling over. 
You are doing a wonderful job John in keeping Bridge going in such a fun way and I am sure it will inspire more people to learn to play this great card game.  I look forward to continuing learning with you so as to build up my confidence to play at club level.  A big thank you again".

"Another Lovely Bridge Weekend at the Links Hotel with John Barker. He is an excellent Host who makes everyone feel welcome. The Bridge is very well run and most enjoyable."
Important Information
Important Information

Please note this Website is currently under construction, and new information will be added daily. In the meantime for information please do not hesitate to contact John on 01493 309033 or 07767 864575


Frequently Asked Questions

1. Will there be a Partnership Desk ? - Yes there will a Partnership desk where you will be able to find a Partner.

2. If we are on Lockdown for longer will there be another charge - There will be a charge of £25 per month or approx £6 per week - but this money will be totally refunded against any Holiday taken with First for Bridge - all the Fees for running this will be sponsored by First for Bridge. If you are a Member for 2 months you will have a Voucher of £50.

3. Where do I find the Club - This will be in the Competitions Page on BBO 2 hours before the event.

My Bridge Holiday Calender

Mon 31st Aug -  Fri 4th Sept - Norfolk Bridge Holidays - Palm Court, Gt Yarmouth

Fri 30th Oct - Sun 1st Nov - Norfolk Bridge Holiday - The Links Hotel, West Runton

Mon 21st Dec - Mon 4th Jan 2021 - First For Bridge, Fuengirola, Spain

Thur 7th Jan - Thur 21st Jan 2021 - First For Bridge, H10 Hotel, Tenerife

Bridge Holidays In Great Yarmouth
Bridge Holidays In Great Yarmouth

Palm Court Hotel in Great Yarmouth 2020

Monday 31st August 2020 to Saturday 5th September 2020 

5 Nights £340 Half Board. 2 Sessions of Bridge every day and No Single Supplement.

Telephone Jill 01493 855139 or John 01493 309033 or E'Mail

Bridge Holidays at West Runton near Cromer
Bridge Holidays at West Runton near Cromer

Links Hotel, West Runton

Next holiday February 2021 details to be confirmed. If you would like to express an interest or like details as they are announced please contact Jill on 01493 855139.

February 2020 - 10 Tables - 2 Nights £180 pp sharing. Duplicate, Swiss Pairs and Seeded Teams. 5 Sessions of Bridge over the Weekend. Including Dinner, Bed and Breakfast and tips for the Staff.

Telephone Jill 01493 855139 or John 01493 309033 for more details

I work regularly on First for Bridge Holidays where I am employed either as a Host or a Helper. Please find below the next Holidays I will be involved in.

Bridge in Tenerife HIO - 7th Jan 2021 - 7 to 15 days

Afternoon Bridge Club
Director: Bernard Holland
Afternoon Bridge Club
Director: Bernard Holland
Bridge Lessons - Lin Files
Scorer: John Barker
1st July 2020
Afternoon Bridge Club
46 North Drive
1.00pm - 16.00pm
Director: John Barker
2nd July 2020
Intermediate / Advanced Lessons
46 North Drive
9.30am - 12.00pm
Director: John Barker
8th July 2020
Afternoon Bridge Club
46 North Drive
1.00pm - 16.00pm
Director: John Barker