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Thorpe Bay Bridge Club
s affiliated to the EBU with it's own car park and extensive street parking. 

In a listed building in Thorpe Bay, we have over 260 members of all playing abilities from beginners to Grand Masters.

Visitors are always welcome at all sessions and lessons, contact us Here

Our BBO Virtual Club  is vEBU201894

In these unprecedented times the Club has decided to roll over subscriptions paid in 2020 to 2022.

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The Club is closed until further notice due the Coronavirus.  Join us online to play with other members of the Club.

Real Bridge Friday Pairs

Real Bridge Friday Pairs 2:15 pm

Every Friday in January at 2:15 pm, we are holding free Real Bridge taster sessions for members to play on this new platform. Initially, no EBU Master Points will be awarded and so it will be a friendly event for members to try Real Bridge without any pressure. Real Bridge is the closest online bridge experience to live bridge - with video and audio (chat) between players.

Email us if you're interested in playing and we'll send you a link. The event will be open from early Friday morning but please join no later than 1:45 pm.

About Audio and Video

For the 'Real Bridge' experience you need to able to see and hear** other players at the table with a device that has "video and audio" (microphone, speakers and camera) 
Note: **alerting bids is the same as live bridge - your partner alerts and announces conventional calls

Check your device using the  Camera and microphone test  

Click on these links for more information

To find out more go to:
Frequently Asked Questions:
The Players Guide is here:


BBO Online Pairs

Monday at 7:15 pm and Wednesday at 2:15 pm

We are running vTBBC BBO tournaments on Monday evening at 7:15 pm and Wednesday afternoon at 2:15 pm

Come along and enjoy a game of online bridge playing in a friendly session with other members of the Club.  If you have not played in vTBBC before, send your BBO username and EBU number to:

Table money is 3BB$ pp and if you haven't got a partner, we're allowing Robots. For information on buying BB$ click HERE

How to register to play on the day

Please register as early as possible between 5:15-7:00 pm on Monday and 12:15-2:00 pm on Wednesday.

In BBO, the events are under 'Featured Areas' click 'Virtual Clubs' then click 'EBU - England'.  Then scroll down to our event where vEBU201894 is the host, the event name starts with: 'Pairs Thorpe Bay ..'

Click on the event (not the host) and you will be asked to nominate your partner.  

If he/she is logged into BBO and accepts the invitation you will both be registered in the tournament. You need do nothing else but make sure you login to BBO about 15 minutes before the start of the session, when it commences you will be taken to the event and your first opponents.

Pairs Thorpe Bay Wed
Director: Dennis
Scorer: Dennis
Pairs Thorpe Bay Mon
Director: Danny
Scorer: Dennis
Real Bridge Friday Pairs
Director: Dennis
Scorer: Dennis
Fri 29th Jan 2021
Real Bridge Friday Pairs
2:15 pm
Director: Dennis
Scorer: Dennis
Mon 1st Feb 2021
Pairs Thorpe Bay Mon
Director: Danny
Scorer: Danny
Wed 3rd Feb 2021
Pairs Thorpe Bay Wed
2:15 pm
Director: Dennis
Scorer: Dennis


Just to let you know that we have a small team (Wendy, Sally, Graham and Richard) that is available to help you play on BBO.

You'll be surprised how easy it is once you've got the hang of it. Should you need a partner to get started - let us know.

Please liaise with Wendy on: 07785 998487 or email the team at:

Here are a few helpful videos - just click on a link:

How to register on BBO
BBO home screen
Finetune your account settings
Bidding and alerting on BBO
Common abbreviations and acronyms

TBBC Member List

The Club "Member List" now allows you to add your BBO username: just login to our Members Only area, go to "Account" settings and add your BBO username.

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