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TBBC is affiliated to the EBU with it's own car park and extensive street parking. In a listed building in Thorpe Bay, we have over 260 members of all playing abilities from beginners to Grand Masters.

Visitors are always welcome at all sessions and lessons.
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Our BBO Virtual Club  is vEBU201894

In these unprecedented times the Club has decided to waive the Club membership subscription for 2021.

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vEBU201894 -- -- 01702 875234 -- RealBridge

The Club is closed until further notice due the Coronavirus but we're playing online.

 RealBridge Friday Pairs

Every Friday at 2:15 pm, we are hosting a pairs 
tournament for members and visitors on RealBridge with video and audio between players along with EBU Master Points.  Used by the EBU for all their competitions.

Please pay by Credit/Debit Card for your entry by clicking one of the buttons below:

RealBridge 1 Person  - £2.50

Pay now

RealBridge 2 People - £5.00

Pay now

Using a mobile or iPad to make payment?
 Click here 

Then join the event by clicking on this   LINK 
Every Friday a new link will be available from about 1:45 pm and if you've paid for a partnership (2 People) your partner will need to use the link.
Please login no later than 2 pm.

On RealBridge follow these instructions

Enter your Full Name in the top box

In the "ID number" box enter your EBU Number

Check that your Camera is working OK 

Click on the "Login" box

Once inside the RealBridge lobby, take a seat with your partner in the opposite seat, sitting either North & South or East & West.

When seated players can see each other at that table and chat. Ensure you join with your device’s camera and microphone activated.

About Audio and Video

For the 'RealBridge' experience you need to able to see and hear** other players at the table with a device (PC, tablet or laptop) that has "video and audio" (microphone, speakers and camera)  Note: **alerting bids is the same as live bridge - your partner alerts and announces conventional calls

Check your device using  Camera and microphone test  

Click on these links for more information

BBO Pairs

 Monday and Wednesday at 7:15 pm

We are running BBO pairs tournaments on Monday and Wednesday at 7:15pm. Come along and enjoy a game of online bridge with members of the Club. If you have not played in a vTBBC BBO event before, send your BBO username and EBU number to:

Table money is 3 BB$ pp and if you haven't got a partner we're allowing Robots. For information on buying BB$ click HERE

How to register to play on the day

Please register as early as possible between: 5:15-7:00 pm on Monday and Wednesday and login no later than 7 pm.

In BBO, the events are under 'Featured Areas' click 'Virtual Clubs' then click 'EBU - England'.  Then scroll down to our event where vEBU201894 is the host, the event name starts with: 'Pairs Thorpe Bay..'

Click on the event (not the host) and you will be asked to nominate your partner.  

If he/she is logged into BBO and accepts the invitation you will both be registered in the tournament. You need do nothing else but make sure you login to BBO at least 15 minutes before the start of the session, when it commences you will be taken to the event and your first opponents.

But we'll try - click 

Monday Morning Lesson
Director: Dennis
Host: Danny
Pairs Thorpe Bay Mon
Director: Dennis
Scorer: Dennis
RealBridge Friday Pairs
Director: Dennis
Scorer: Dennis
Wed 16th Jun 2021
Pairs Thorpe Bay Wed
7:15 pm
Director: Danny
Scorer: Danny
Fri 18th Jun 2021
RealBridge Friday Pairs
2:15 pm
Director: Dennis
Scorer: Dennis
Mon 21st Jun 2021
Monday Morning Lesson
10:30 am
Director: Dennis
Host: Danny
Getting ready for F2F Bridge?

BBO Etiquette

Be respectful and polite to the director

Self-Alert & explain all conventional bids/calls.

Summarise your system at the start of the round.

Whenever possible make a claim 

Consider others by avoiding slow play 

Be polite to partner and opponents.

Do not comment on opponents' bidding or play.

Provide a complete answer to opponents questions.

Monday Morning Lessons

Bridge Lessons Monday at 10:30am

You don't need a partner and you don't need to be a member.....It's for anyone learning bridge from scratch or brushing up their skills - using Zoom and RealBridge.

Danny, Richard and the team look forward to seeing you.

This week's RealBridge  LINK 

Pay £2 by Credit/Debit Card


To contact us:  Click here 

RealBridge Etiquette

RealBridge Etiquette is the same as F2F bridge where partner alerts or announces conventional & artificial calls (the remainder is the same as BBO Etiquette)