Southend and Leigh Bridge Club
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Welcome to Southend and Leigh Bridge Club
Our Club
Our Club

Southend and Leigh Bridge Club is a friendly, but competitive club, which is affiliated to the EBU.

It is situated in its own premises in the small town of Leigh-on-sea and is open 7 days per week for a full range of duplicate and rubber bridge sessions from assisted and hosted to highly competitive. We also have an extensive teaching programme for beginners and improvers.

For further information see menu or contact:

Chairman: Lesley Buckley,

Secretary: Beryl Claxton, 

Webmaster: Terry Wise,


Redcliff Hall, 8 Redcliff Drive, Leigh on Sea, Essex, SS9 1AY, Telephone 01702 476692

Teaching information

All teaching and Thursday evening hosted practice sessions are now running.

Contact Kate Wass or Pat Nicklin for further information.

Partner needed?

contact Petra Bromfield  - click here


50th anniversary
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SLBC Events

♥ Children in Need  

Thank you for your support. 

We raised an amazing £375.

(£170 in table money, £205 with the raffle & donations).

  for SIMS Results click here   



Monday 7.15 pm

Tuesday 7.15pm

Wednesday 2pm hosted, assisted

Wednesday 7.15pm

Thursday 10am gentle, hosted

Thursday 2pm

Friday 2pm hosted


Thursday 7.15pm

Saturday 7.15pm   New Session!!!


Monday 1.30pm

Saturday 1.30pm


The club is now open.

Please note:

1. Please use hand sanitisers in porch and on each table.

2. Masks or face shield to be worn at the discretion of individual mambers.

3. All fanlight windows will be open for ventilation.

4. Refreshments - tea lady on Tuesdays, Wednesday afternoons and Friday afternoons -the kitchen will be available to make refereshments or bring your own.

5. Bidding boxes - bring your own if you wish.

6. Bridgemates- only the scorer on each table to handle.

7. £2 per session for members, £4 for visitors (£1 or £2 coins or notes only please).  Online session normal payment via BBO.

Welcome Back


SLBC Accounts 2020

The SLBC accounts for 2020 show a profit of £1,159.

A big THANK YOU goes to Ron Misell and Peter Sullivan for checking the accounts.

SLBC Financial Accounts 2020

SLBC Financial Accounts 2019


Be polite to partner and opponents.

Do not comment on opponents' bidding or play.

Give a summary of your system at the beginning of each round.

Use explain when bidding if a bid may be misunderstood by opponents or if it is a convention.

Answer promptly and fully when opponents ask a question.

Do not take excessive time over obvious bids or play.



Essex County Bridge Association


Restarts Monday 29th November 7.15pm.

No online Bridge Monday evening from 29th November

Friday Afternoon
Director: Colin Darling
Scorer: Lesley Buckley
Thursday morning gentle
Director: Carole French
Scorer: Terry wise
Thursday Afternoon
Director: John Davison
Scorer: John Davison