Points Allocation Rules

The Essex Seniors Cup will be awarded to the best performing person or pair in the three daytime senior competitions usually held in summer, autumn and spring. For each of the individual competitions 12 points will be awarded to the first pair and 11 points to the second pair down to 1 point for the pair in 12th position. If two or more pairs tie for a position then they will share the points for both positions (or more) and the points reduced for subsequent pairs e.g. if 2 tie for second place they will both receive 10.5 points and the pair in 4th will receive 9 points.The person or pair with the most points after the three competitions will be the winners.

If two or more people tie for first place then the person with the highest percentage at any of the individual events will win. If this doesn’t split the tie then the cup will go to the person (or pair) with the highest average percentage over all the events (1, 2 or 3) they competed in.


  1. These rules were drawn up by Ted Cockle in May 2013.
  2. The rule on ties in individual events was clarified in April 2015. 
  3. A rule to the effect that "If there are fewer than 20 pairs playing only 10 points will be awarded to first place and 9 for second etc." was dropped in November 2015.