EBU minutes and annual reports

We provide links to documents that provide some insight into the workings of the EBU. The half yearly EBU Shareholders meetings (The LCBA part owns the EBU) are currently attended by Dave Pollard and Dean Benton. The EBU year ends on 31st March, and at the AGM they submit their Annual report and Financial Statements to the shareholders. If you have any questions of the EBU that you want our delegates to take to these meetings then please contact us.

The next shareholders meeting (AGM) is on 28th November 2018 and you will find below the documents and minutes that will be discussed.

EBU Shareholders Meeting (AGM) 28th November 2018

EBU Shareholders Meeting 16th May 2018

EBU Shareholders Meeting (AGM) 22nd November 2017

EBU Shareholders Meeting 11th May 2017

EBU Shareholders Meeting (AGM) 23rd November 2016

EBU Shareholders Meeting 12th May 2016

EBU Shareholders Meeting (AGM) 25th November 2015

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