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Bridge 1 Lesson 9 Quiz Reformatted for online, Quiz Answers Added

Free for all to use. A credit would be nice.

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Bridge 1 Getting Started
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Advanced Card Play
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Advanced Competitive Bidding
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Bridge 1 Getting Started

The goal of Bridge 1 is to prepare learners for gentle simple, supervised play.

Hand Evaluation, Card play in Trumps and No Trumps,
Opening Acol weak 1NT (not with 5 card major), responding with balanced hands, responding with unbalanced hand.
Opening 1 of a suit, limit raises, opener's re-bids with one suited, two suited, and balanced hands.

Most Lesson Plans have hints on teaching either face to face OR online.
Online teaching includes detailed suggestions for materials on, an excellent bridge learning and teaching site. 

BFP B1 System Summary     BFP B1 Summary and Possible Next Steps