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Online is here to stay.

Face to face has begun it's return.

Club Statistics
  Club Statistics

The web sites of a continually climbing number of bridge club and other bridge related sites are monitored for updates once a week.

Information is gathered from them and collated.

The first half of September saw activity on club web sites increase sharply. Great to see, difficult to keep up with!


Last updated : 19th Sep 2021 09:54 BST
  What are clubs offering?

This is a graphical representation of some figures in the Club Statistics item. Out of the roughly 365 clubs currently monitored a growing number have been classified to represent their basic offer/activity.

Hybrid Events means the club is offering Face to Face AND Online and some in the form of Hybrid Events.
Hybrid Club means the club is offering some Face to Face and some Online Sessions.
Face to Face means the club is only offering Face to Face Sessions.
Online means the club is only offering Online Sessions.
School means the offer is lessons and practice.
Dormant means the club web site is there, but the club is not offering sessions dedicated to its members.
Defunct? means the club web site appears to have been closed down.

The total grows as new clubs are added to the list of those monitoried and clubs already being monitored are classified (this wasn't done originally). The proportions should hopefully made trends visible over the next weeks and months.





What are clubs offering?
Last updated : 19th Sep 2021 09:57 BST
  Face to Face Club Statistics
Face to Face Sessions Offered 410
Clubs Offering Face to Face 171
Last updated : 19th Sep 2021 09:59 BST
  How's Face to Face going?

Belper Bridge Club (14/9/21)


We have now run three sessions of face-to-face bridge on Friday afternoons. The attendance has been disappointing, to the extent that we even had to abandon competitive bridge last Friday. Not only is this not financially viable, but we have increasing concerns about providing a safe environment, especially as the weather gets colder. Therefore with regret it has been decided that Friday face-to-face sessions should be suspended for the time being. 

Deva Bridge Club

New ventilation system

Work to install the new ventilation system is to start on Monday 13 September and is expected to take 2 weeks.

While we hope the club will then reopen on Monday 27 September, such work can take longer than expected.

Further details will be posted here later.

Huddersfield Bridge Club

Bridge Club Update - 17 September 2021

After careful consideration of the practicalities of playing bridge and the latest scientific findings, we have decided to remove a couple of the measures that have been in place since the club opened two months ago on the 19th July 2021.

From Monday 20th September players will no longer be required to carry their bidding boxes with them as they move around the room and while the Bridgemates will remain under the control of “North “ at the table they can be shared with partner and opponents to view and accept scores and review performance against previous contracts as we all did before.

However, we asked that all four players sanitise their hands before each round on East/West arriving at the table.

We will maintain the open window policy to allow for air circulation so please dress appropriately for your temperature needs and we still ask members to NOT pass on the stairs with number 4 stairs being used to travel upstairs only at the start of the evening. The bridge club is also cleaned thoroughly after each session.

We also remind all members to complete Lateral Flow Tests regularly and to NOT attend a session if they are feeling unwell.

London Duplicate Bridge Club

Online sessions starting again - from September 8, 2021

Unfortunately after 7 weeks our trial resumption of F2F games has shown that not quite enough players are yet ready to travel in to central London to sustain our weekly games. The F2F games will cease with immediate effect.. We will resume them as soon as possible and I'll email to let you all know when that will be. Thank you to those who have made the effort to try to make it a success.

We are reopening our virtual club on BBO from this Wednesday, 8th September. Matches start at 7.30 pm, but please register by 7. 20 at the latest. Games cost $4 for 21-24 boards depending on numbers. To find us, from the main BBO menu select Virtual Clubs/EBU - England/London Duplicate Bridge Club. Look forward to seeing you there.

Harrogate Bridge Club


Ventilation Improvements

As part of a review of our ventilation we have consulted a ventilation contractor.  As a result, on the ground floor in future we will run both front and rear fans as extractors.  This will substantially increase air change rates and windows can remain closed to avoid draughts.

In addition we are actively assessing air purifiers and expect to purchase two for downstairs and one for upstairs.

Stan Robertson

The 59 Bridge Club

Chairman's message

It was very encouraging to see how many members attended the club's first session in 18 months on September 3 and how well the evening went off, despite the inevitable delay as committee members dealt with administrative requirements. I'm very grateful for the patience shown by everyone and it was good to see the pleasure everyone appeared to take in each other's company. This is an important part of what the 59 club is all about and the hiatus caused by the coronavirus may have served to emphasise the club's social side.

Ashby Brdige Club


Thankyou to all our members who responded to our survey to gauge opinions regarding a return to playing face-to-face at the Ashby Leisure Centre & Lido. We received about 80 replies, with the majority in favour of a return. However, there was a significant opinion from many that it was perhaps too soon and that the recent spike in cases of Covid in Leicestershire following the schools re-opening would require monitoring.

The committee has decided to adopt a phased return with our first session back at the club on Wednesday 22ndSeptember. Thereafter every Wednesday will be played at the centre. Friday play will also start at the club on Friday 24thSeptember. Thursday evening play will continue on BBO, which is preferred by the majority to RealBridge for online play. Temporarily we will keep playing Monday evenings on BBO until we can see what members’ response is to Wednesday afternoons at the club, and how Covid cases are progressing in the local area

Bolton Bridge Club

Face-to-face Bridge is BACK !! 😃😃

smiley  Face-to-Face bridge has returned. Great to see so many familiar smiling facessmiley

heartheart We have 4 sessions per week. More will be added as required.  heartheart

We are now  running 4 sessions per week, Monday evening at 7:30pm, Tuesday afternoon at 1pm and Wednesday evening at 7:30pm and Friday afternoon at 1.00 pm

There will be a host available at all sessions, so everyone who attends will be assured a game, whether you come with a partner or not.

♥ ♥ We look forward to welcoming you back to Bolton Bridge Club, and once again enjoying playing cards and socialising with friends. ♥ ♥ 

County Bridge Club

Face-to face sessions.  

We have just had our first 'live' session for 18 months.  I was hoping that we would get 7 tables but, just in case, I set up the room for 9 tables.  I was wrong - 12 tables!  Based on these figures, we will be preparing to play in two rooms so that social distancing can be better controlled.  

Lavender Bridge Club

We are happy to announce that the re-opening of the Club on Friday 20th of August in the York Gardens Library Hall was very successful with 17 tables. Subsequent sessions have continued so. Many thanks to all - please keep it up. 

Stamford Bridge Club

I would like to update you on our re opening experience. Its mixed.

We are having to cancel clubhouse sessions that clash with online.

Take up in the Bridge Club is low. We dont have screens but have social distanced the tables by reducing capacity from 25 to 16. We are insisting on face coverings at the table. Our biggest attendance so far  has been 6 tables. We are playing standard movements ,passing boards on, results screens on, refreshments back on offer and everything else as normal

We are terminating most online sessions September 1st so will see what happens then.

At the moment we are well down on attendance, online as well is reduced.

We are lucky that we own our premises and have low overheads so we can survive quite happily on low numbers. It is not where we want to be though.

Afternoon Bridge Club

How the first Face2Face went

Last Thursday 19 August was a huge milestone in our journey back to normality when we had five tables for our first Face2Face session at the Costessey Centre. It was just so lovely to see people again. RealBridge has been and is great, but it's not the same.

For those of us who were first-timers post-Covid it felt really odd: "Don't real cards look huge?" said my partner. And I had almost forgotten how to operate a Bridgemate. 

We hope even more of you will feel able to join us this coming Thursday 26 August. Even if you don't, RealBridge continues on Wednesday afternoons so the choice is yours.

Great Yarmouth Bridge Club

Monday night's (23rd August) session was the Club's second evening of "face to face" bridge. There were only 3.5 tables, which was anticipated as a number of members had already indicated they would not be able to attend due to previous commitments, however a couple of members returned to the Club for the first time since the pandemic.  Again, an enjoyable session of bridge was had by all players in attendance.

Brierfield Bridge Club

We're Back!

We were delighted to see so many members back playing bridge at the Club.

We hope you enjoyed the sessions and look forward to seeing more of you returning to play in the coming weeks.


Glenfield Bridge Club

I am pleased to report that the return to face to face bridge at Glenfield Bridge Club is going well.  It is expected that numbers will increase as players regain their confidence that it is safe to meet.  This will be a personal choice and the committee look forward to welcoming you back when you are ready.  As yet there are insufficient numbers to contemplate a resumption of Saturday bridge, but this situation will be kept under review.

It is still expected that anyone with doubtful symptoms and players over 18 who have not been vaccinated nor exempt would not attend. We fully expect those attending to take sensible precautions to avoid crowding and to wear a mask at the table but the normal arrangement of seating, movements and equipment will be in place. Arrangements will be made for hand sanitisation on entry and between rounds and the hall will be kept ventilated. Initially you are asked to bring your own refreshment, if needed, to avoid risk. A host system will be in operation until regular meetings and partnerships are established.

Welcome to Leeds Bridge Club


Our club re-opened, to our members, on Monday, 2 August 2021.  We are currently offering three sessions a week - 'Chicago' on Mondays at 10.30 am and 'Duplicate Pairs' on Tuesdays at 7.30 pm and on Saturdays at 7.00 pm.

These sessions, for the time being, will be run alongside our usual online sessions on 'Bridge Base' and on 'RealBridge'.

Heighton Bridge Club

took the decision to open as soon as possible on the 19th July and have been delighted to see so many of our regular players back in action and also extremely happy to welcome some new members to our Monday Duplicate sessions.


Winchester Bridge Club

Winchester Bridge club resumed F2F club sessions on Tuesday 20th July in line with the postponed step 4 of the government’s roadmap.  Unfortunately, the oppressively hot weather that week did not help and attendances were low with only 3 tables on both the Tuesday & Thursday evening sessions.  We do not have our own premises, as we are part of the Winchester Racquets & Fitness club.  They laid out 6 tables for us, which were well spaced out and more than enough for our requirements on the night.  Plenty of hand sanitiser was available and we advised players to apply it before the start of each round.  Mask wearing was optional and most players did not wear masks.  The ventilation was more than adequate with all large windows and the emergency door open.

 This week the weather was cooler, but we still only had 3 tables on Tuesday, our main club night.  Many members are apprehensive about returning to F2F and we face a challenging period to try to win back their confidence that the playing environment is safe.  Meanwhile, we are  keeping the online option available once a week.  This time of year is always a quiet period because of school holidays and annual holidays.  However, if things are still difficult by late September, then we know that it is going to be difficult to get back to normal.

Kelsall Bridge Club:

Kelsall club re-opened on  July 22nd with 8 tables and on the 29th we had 11 tables. Almost back to pre- pandemic levels of 14. We require full vaccination and have adopted a ‘minimum touch’ regime as well as social distancing rules. Masks are optional and in practice no one chooses to wear one! The Chester ‘Deva’ club is experimenting with hybrid sessions. (some F2F and some BBO with the same boards). At the last one, there were 5 tables F2F and 11 on line.

One real surprise. We gained a lot of new members when we arranged duplicate sessions on BBO. I didn’t expect many of those would join us face to face, but that hasn’t been the case. We’re seeing a lot of new faces which is great.


Kenilworth Bridge Club:

Our tue was 7 tables last week and 9 this . Wed holding steady so things improving . 

Last updated : 21st Sep 2021 13:51 BST
  Latest Full Club Collated Data
Club Dashboard    
Total in Database 410  
Of which EBU Affiliated  248 60%
Of EBU Top 50 (2019) 35 9%
More than 100,000 website visits in last year 58 14%
20,000 -  100,000 website visits in last year 93 23%
Less than 20,000 website visits in last year 225 55%
No count of visits available 36 9%
Own Premises 58 14%
Shared Community 339 83%
Other 13 3%
EBU Busiest Ladder 2019/20 35 9%
Club Offer = Hybrid Event 5 1%
Club Offer = Hybrid Club 79 19%
Club Offer = Face to Face 87 21%
Club Offer = Online 101 25%
Club Offer = School 6 1%
Club Offer = Dormant 123 30%
Club Offer = Defunct? 8 2%
Total Classified 409
Face to Face Sessions Offered 410  
Clubs Offering Face to Face 171 42%
Offering at least one online 187 46%
Clubs Offering BBO Competitions 114 28%
Clubs Offering RealBridge Competitions 91 22%
Clubs Offering Bridge Club Live  Comps 15 4%
Total Online Club Sessions Weekly 390  
Club Bridge Base Online Sessions 276 71%
Club RealBridge Online Sessions  167 43%
Club Bridge Club Live Online Sessions 39 10%
Club StepBridge Live Online Sessions 3 1%
Club Online Sessions Other Platform 15 4%
Highly Active (>100,000 visits annually) 58 14%
Average Online Sessions weekly 233 4.02
Face to Face Sessions Weekly 150 0.64
Face to Face Sessions Under Discussion 9 16%
%Weeks Web Site Updated 48%  
EBU Affiliated 54 93%
Medium Active (20,000-100,000) 93 23%
Average Online Sessions weekly 150 1.61
Face to Face Sessions Weekly 97 1.04
Face to Face Sessions Under Discussion 22 24%
%Weeks Web Site Updated 25%  
EBU Affiliated 69 74%
Low Active (<20,000) 225 55%
Online Sessions weekly 84.25 0.37
Face to Face Sessions Weekly 112 0.50
Face to Face Under Discussion 105 47%
%Weeks Web Site Updated 11%  
EBU Affiliated 106 47%
Club Governance    
Unincorporated Asociation 164 40%
Limited Companies 13 3%
Proprietors 15 4%
CIO 6 1%
Non Limited Business 1 0%
Section of Multi Activity Club 7 2%
Informal Association (No constitution published) 60 15%
Status Not Recorded Yet 137 33%
Club Web Site Host    
BridgeWebs  380 93%
Pianola 8 2%
Community 3 1%
U3A 2 0%
BridgeCloud 2 0%
Clubs4UK 1 0%
Last updated : 19th Sep 2021 10:00 BST