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Teach Bridge


These materials are available for anyone to use free of charge. It would be nice if you credited Bridge For Pleasure, but it's not mandatory.
It would be great to hear how you get on with it, and if you have any suggestions.


This scheme was developed for teaching duplicate bridge face to face in a class/bridge room.
However, during Covid, it started being adapted for use online.


It's all been used many times over many years, but there are still occasional errors. Please let me know.


Last updated : 28th Aug 2023 09:06 BST
  Using the Materials - Please help yourself


Most of the materials are PDF documents.
However, PBN files containing the deals used in each lesson/seminar are being added.
There are also a few Word documents containing text you will edit to suit your needs.

Download PDFs, PBNs or Word documents by "right clicking" on the bookmark, selecting "save link as" and then choosing the folder on your device where you want to put them.

I can send dlm or lin versions of any deal (or pbn where it hasn't been loaded yet) on request.

Last updated : 28th Aug 2023 09:10 BST
  Courses, Groups of Lessons and Practice


Bridge 1 Getting Started 

Ten consecutive lessons for absolute beginners. Originally designed for Face to Face, notes added for online delivery using materials from No Fear Bridge. 

Goal is to prepare learners to take part in themed novice supervised play.

Bridge 2 Building Your Skills

Ten further consecutive lessons on the most commonly used bidding methods and card play skills.

Goal is to prepare learners to take part in gentle competition.

Bridge 3 Taking Acol Further

Ten more consecutive lessons introducing transfers and the losing trick count and methods for less common situations such as stronger hands, slam seeking, pre-empts.

Advanced Bidding  Uncontested Auctions

Individual seminars to be selected as suits the situation. Click above for topics.

Advanced Competitive Bidding

Individual seminars to be selected as suits the situation. Click above for topics.

Advanced Card Play

Individual seminars to be selected as suits the situation. Click above for topics.


Sets of boards to practice topics. 

Last updated : 28th Aug 2023 11:41 BST
  Themed Practice

New bridge players need lots of practice.

Lessons are designed to introduce new ideas and skills. Teachers will use dissertation, demonstration, question and answer and any other suitable method to introduce new material. Some practice by students in lessons is essential, and lessons may be most effective if up to half the time is spent by students playing.

If at all possible, even more practice, of already introduced topics, will help students build skills, fact memory and knowledge.

The suggested approach to themed practice is as follows (do as much of it as you can!):

  • choose a theme for the practice
  • use set boards designed to illustrate and exercise the theme. You will typically need four-five boards for each hour you plan to play. The first time any group plays you will find out their pace. It's better to have fewer boards than too many. If there are too many you will be tempted to push the pace beyond the players ability to follow. If you have slightly too few, you can have a "wrap up" and take questions. This is often the best learning part!
  • deal as many sets of boards as you can, up to a set per table, so that players are not distracted by moving boards around and so that players can play the boards in order, and therefore generally the same boards at each table at one time. This makes life easier for the helpers, especially if they have more than one table to look after.
  • recruit as many helpers, up to one per table, as you can so that the players have lots of support, can ask questions, can have the outcome explained to them
  • print one copy of a commentary explaining the expected play for each helper. Allow helpers to add their own views. 
  • score the results, not to have a competition, but so that players can see their results in the context of other results. You can use a one round barometer movement.
  • load the results to a web site so that the players can check what happened after the event.
  • send the players a copy of notes on the topic to reinforce learning.


Last updated : 28th Oct 2023 17:07 GMT