Amersham Bridge Club
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Teaching Bridge

EBED offer a 2 day teacher training course for players wanting to teach Bridge. A free place is available (every two years) to the Club.

For more information please follow this link.

If you are interested please contact either Simon or Sue.


For all enquiries contact
Sue Brown
Tel: 07815 310552



For feedback or enquiries on the Club website contact

Don Collier

TD Notes
TD notes

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Preferred Amersham Bridge Club Movements.


      Movement Summary Pairs   (and .docx for amendments)

      Movement Summary Teams  (and .docx for amendments)


Board Dealing:

      4 to 10 tables:

         * Pairs:  27 boards

         * Teams:  32 boards

         * Pivot Teams: 32 boards

     11 and 12 tables:

* Teams:  32 boards


Other Documentation:

Note 1:   Teams:  These are  complete American Whist movements with initial move East/West down 2 tables, thereafter East/West down 2 tables, boards down 1.

Note 2:   Pairs: Mitchell movements playing 8 round of 3 boards, 8 table is a Share and Relay and 9 table is a Standard Mitchell.  Arrow Switch the Last Round.

Table Card Printable Copies (pdf files)

Tables Pairs



Teams Pivot Teams


R4T   AM-P4
5 AM-5T-8R R5T note 1 AM-P5
6 AM-6T-8R R6T AM-T6 AM-P6
7 AM-7T-8R R7T note 1 AM-P7
8 note 2 R8T T8T AM-P8
9 note 2 R9T note 1 AM-P9
10 P10T R10T T10T AM-P10


Table Card Source Files (docx files)

Tables Pairs



Teams Pivot Teams
4 AM-4T-6R-docx R4T AM-T4-docx AM-P4-docx
5 AM-5T-8R-docx   note 1 AM-P5-docx
6 AM-6T-8R-docx   AM-T6-docx AM-P6-docx
7 AM-7T-8R-docx   note 1 AM-P7-docx
8 note 2     AM-P8-docx
9 note 2   note 1 AM-P9-docx
10       AM-P10-docx