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Annual Congress

31st Oct – 1st Nov

On the Saturday there is a Blue-Pointed Swiss Pairs and also a gentle duplicate for NGS 6 & Below. On Sunday we are holding our Green-Pointed Swiss Teams.

To enter and see all the details about the events over the weekend click on here. If you have any questions please contact the organisers 

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Welcome to Staffs & Shrops Contract Bridge Association
EBU Autumn Sim Pairs - Wednesday October 7th

The SSCBA Virtual Club has entered the EBU Autumn Sim Pairs Wednesday event on Wednesday October 7th. You can register to play any time after 5 p.m. but please be seated by 6:45 p.m. Only players registered with John Withers will be enabled to take part.  If you are not already of the SSCBA Virtual Club please contact John Withers as soon as possible so that he can complete the virtual paperwork in time for you to take part.

SSCBA 2020/21 On Line League

Members of Staffordshire & Shropshire C.B.A. are invited to enter a Team (4-6 players) in the 

Staffs & Shrops Online League 2020/21

Once captains have registered with Paul, they will be sent full instructions.


(for those who would not normally have played in major County Events)

An invitation to anyone interested in playing relaxed friendly bridge on line.    We hope to arrange sessions in the afternoon of either Tuesdays or Thursdays and hope to start in October if there is sufficient interest.  There is more information about this invitation click hereand details of how to join BBO and in due course the “Club” are on this page of the website.

Please email Judy Mitchell ( if you are interested, indicating your preferred day, by 30th September, by which time we will know whether there is sufficient interest to fix a date.   

It is open to all – no need to be a member of the EBU or an affiliated club.

Staffs & Shrops Online Bridge



Evenings 7 p.m. Regular Bridge (started on June 10th)

SSCBA has set up a virtual “Club” with the help of the EBU and Bridge Base Online (BBO), holding sessions on Wednesday evenings (a traditional County night). Our first SSCBA Club on line session was on  Wednesday, 10th June 2020, at 7 p.m. A second session, No Fears, in the afternoons started on July 8th but has had to be abandonned due to lack of support following the game on August the 5th.   Those that have taken part in the No Fears events have all enjoyed the sessions, just not enough players.  If there is demand a second attempt to run No Fears could be made in the Autumn.

The winners of the seventeenth Staffs and Shrops online game on 1st October were Paul and Martin (NS) with 69% and Robert and Judith (EW) with 59%. The full results are available here, and a brief report of some hands may follow. 

The sixteenth Staffs and Shrops online game had nine tables and played 20 boards. The winners were Celia and Clare with 63%, the runners-up Paul and Martin with 60%. The full results can be found here. A report of some interesting hands can be found here

Many thanks are due to Judy Mitchell, John Withers and James Vickers and others for the considerable amount of work they have put in to setting the virtual club up. Feedback from one of the players "Most important is thanks for getting this going. I'm certain it is absolutely the right thing to do for local bridge in the lockdown. Keep up the good work."

Congratulations to the winners of the opening session NS Keith Shuttleworth & Brian Nicholls and EW Paul Cutler & Martin Aherne. 

Guidance for Bridge Base Online

Here are links to the documents which will help you to start playing with BBO:

How to create your BBO account (despite what it says in these instructions we do want you to put your real full name here, and we would like to you give a summary of your system under ‘Other’. This would have to be altered if you play a different system with another partner.)

When you are ready to join the on-line virtual Club you should register with the Membership Secretary, John Withers, on, giving: 

  • your name,
  • your user name,
  • EBU number if you have one,
  • contact telephone and email address.
  • which section you wish to play in Staffs & Shrops Online Bridge Club or the NoFears Online Bridge Club

Only those who have registered will be able to play at the Club, and we need to know which group you wish to play in.

If you have any questions or need any help, please get in touch with one of these listed below:
Judy Mitchell –  01743 235374
John Withers -  01384 271089
James Vickers  - 
Paul Cutler –  07939 977499
Pam Booth Jones –  01952 222421

Judy Mitchell
S&SCBA Secretary.

01743 235374



From 2020, if members wish to receive a copy of the diary they will need to opt in. 

The best and easiest way for members to opt-in is by changing the setting on their account on MyEBU. Click on 'account' in the top right corner, select 'My details', and then in the 'account setting' section of the page, under the magazine/diary preference option use the drop down list to choose the preferred setting.


The EBU magazine, English Bridge, can be read on line if you do not receive a printed copy.   After December 2017 the County News items will no longer appear, either in the on-line extra or in the printed edition, leaving more space for general interest items.  Please ensure that you contact the webmaster with any club news that you would like to appear here on the County website.


The minutes of EBU Board meetings are posted on the EBU website. When minutes are approved at a meeting they are moved in to the archive, accessed further down the page.

The Bridge Warehouse (previously the EBU Shop)Warehouse

The EBU's shop has undergone a rebranding and is now called the Bridge Warehouse.

Club Management Focus

The Winter 2020 edition of the Club Management Focus is out now see -

Please keep your contact details, including email address, up to date.  Also, if you do not need a diary or printed version of English Bridge magazine please opt out to help reduce costs and waste. Go to, log-in and use the 'my details' tab to update your details and preferences.

New Rule Book

The Laws of Duplicate Bridge 2017 is available for purchase.  These were introduced at EBU events from the start of August 2017 to coincide with the annual updates to the Blue Book and White Book.


The charity English Bridge Education & Development (EBED), set up in 2014, now manages educational programmes and support for teachers, and also provides Tournament Director training for Clubs and Counties.  Please check their web site for information on TD and Club Teacher training courses.

SSCBA member Dom Wilson has been appointed as a Trustee from August 1st 2018.

On Line Virtual Club
Scorer: Eddie
On Line Virtual Club
Scorer: Eddie
On Line Virtual Club
Scorer: Eddie
On Line Virtual Club (EBED sim pairs)
Scorer: Eddie
7th October 2020
On Line Virtual Club (EBU Autumn Sim Pairs)
6:40 for 7 p.m.
14th October 2020
On Line Virtual Club
6:40 for 7 p.m.
21st October 2020
On Line Virtual Club
6:40 for 7 p.m.
28th October 2020
On Line Virtual Club
6:40 for 7 p.m.
4th November 2020
On Line Virtual Club
6:40 for 7 p.m.
John Withers

Many Congratulations to John Withers who has been awarded the prestigious Dimmie Fleming Award in 2020 for services to bridge. The awards are made specifically to publicly recognise those who have worked hard promoting bridge locally at County level. 

John has been a tireless supporter of the county for more than 20 years. Initially he was Membership Secretary for the County, trying to keep club lists up to date and collecting county subs from everyone – before the age of computerisation (we forget how much work that involved).

He also worked very hard on statistics relating to the introduction of P2P: who would benefit, who would lose out and at what level the county should pitch the county subscription.  Initially, Staffs and Shropshire county elected to collect from individuals via clubs in the first instance: and then John calculated how much should be added to the P2P to the EBU and, again, which clubs would lose out with the change.  His work enabled the county to diffuse any potential issues that would certainly have arisen without his work on this topic.

He was usually the representative of Wolverhampton Bridge Club at county committee meetings and a major player in the administration of that Club.

In addition, he was at the forefront of ‘computer’ scoring for the county and his club (Wolverhampton Bridge Club) and for coping with sending results to the EBU.  If there was any sort of computer problem (including sorting out problems with bridge scoring systems from other clubs) – John was your man. 

More recently he was at the forefront of starting up the county on-line bridge clubs, liaising with the TD for them and taking on the role of Membership Secretary for the two new on-line clubs. 

Over the years he has represented the County at various EBU national meetings, always ready to stand in for another representative in his/her absence.

Always a person willing to take on any task or problem.  John is a classic example of an unsung hero, and thoroughly deserves the nomination.


Welcome to Staffordshire and Shropshire Contract Bridge Association (S&SCBA). The area covered by the Association ranges from the Welsh border in the West to Burton on Trent in the East, Newcastle under Lyme in the North to Ludlow in the South. Our objectives are to promote duplicate bridge in the counties, to encourage inter-club, etc., competitions and to employ the funds in the best interests of the game.

The County has teams of eight entered in the Midland League (Dawes, Porter and Markham) and annually enters a team in the EBU Tollemache competition. The Midlands league covers Derbyshire, Gloucestershire, Leicestershire, Nottinghamshire, Oxfordshire, Warwickshire, Worcestershire in addition to ourselves. The County also participates in the Edgar Foster Cups and Midland Teams Challenge Bowl, events for the six counties of Derbyshire, Gloucestershire, Herefordshire, Warwickshire, Worcestershire and ourselves.

During the winter months teams of four league matches for County members are held on the second Wednesday of the month, and there is also a team of four knock-out competition.  Inter Club Sim Pairs are run regularly, and, various pairs competition events are held annually.

County clubs affiliated to the EBU are Border, Chasetown, Eccleshall, Nantwich, Newcastle, Newport, Oswestry, Stafford, TettenhallWolverhampton and Wrekin.  Wolverhampton Bridge Club became the playing headquarters of S&SCBA in December 2013.

Never played bridge on-line - and intimidated by what's involved? Don't be! Some clubs have set up on-line bridge groups.  Two main platforms, BBO (Bridge Base Online) and BCL (Bridge Club Live), both offer social and competitive games.  BBO offers the facility to set up a virtual bridge club. Lessons are available from Andrew Robson and Mr Bridge,  Watch over the shoulder of the experts, youtube videos, pick and possibly question, your expert in real time with Zoom.

Oswestry and Border Bridge Clubs have set up a very successful BBO virtual clubs getting 9 or more tables twice a week.   Wolverhampton and Stafford have set up BCL groups.  Stafford is running a league competition with 9 teams of 4 taking part.  Bridge is alive and well in the Staffs and Shrops area.  The unaffiliated Monday Bridge Club in the Shrewsbury area has also set up a virtual club.

If you would like to be considered for selection in the team for the 2019/20 season please contact Paul Cutler, 07939 977499.

Contact Webmaster

Please email the webmaster with any news, comments and pictures to be included on the website.

Club Blue Point Events

Subject to obtaining an EBU licence clubs are entitled to hold 2 blue pointed events per year, 3 blue points are equivalent to 1 green point.