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29th Oct Swiss Teams
26th Nov Swiss Pairs
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Swiss Pairs and Swiss Teams taking place on RealBridge, click here for a brochure.  

Shropshire Congress (RealBridge) 22nd April 2023

Sat 22nd April
Green Pointed Swiss Pairs
Further details to follow.

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Welcome to Staffs & Shrops Contract Bridge Association

The first match of the season took place on Sunday 11th September, vs Notts, all three teams won their matches.


Saturday 24th September MCC 9 High No Fear Swiss Pairs cancelled
Thursday 13th October SSCBA league second round
Saturday 29th October MCC 9 High No Fear Swiss Teams
Thursday 10th November SSCBA league third round
Saturday 26th November MCC 9 High No Fear Swiss Pairs
Thursday 8th December SSCBA league fourth round
Friday Jan 6th 2023 MCC Blue Pt Afternoon
Friday Jan 6th 2023 MCC Blue Pt Evening
Saturday Jan 7th 2023 MCC Green Pt
Sunday Jan 8th 2023 MCC Blue Pt
Saturday 22nd April 2023 Shropshire Congress

The timetable for the 2022/23 league season is now out, to see click here,  There are ten teams so 9 matches to be played over the season, normally on the second Thursday of the month,Sept 8th, Oct 13th, Nov 10th, Dec 8th, Jan 12th 2023, Feb 9th, Mar 9th, Apr 13th, May 11th.  Where the date is unable to be met the first avenue should be to look at alternative Thursdays, then alternative midweek evenings making a point NOT to offer only one specific day OR only dates within one calendar week.     By mutual consent matches can be played at alternative times but they shouldn’t be offered.

Nine teams took part in the league 2021/22. James, Keith, Martin and Mike are the winners with 127 VP.  Second, third and fourth places all very close, only separated by 6 VPs.  Paul, David, Geoff and Anne came second with 107 just ahead of John, Tony, Ian and Irene with 105 in third  who were just ahead of Mike, John,  Anthony and Craig with 101 who came fourth.  


19½ tables at 3 clubs, Eccleshall, Newport and Stafford took part.  Overall winners were Paul Barnet & Ruth Timmis playing at Eccleshall with Paul Cutler & Martin Aherne at Stafford second and Anne Seymour & Geoff Davies also at Stafford third (result corrected 15:37 18/08/22). Fourth equal Peter Cartwright & Joanne Mclauchian with Nick Weaver & Anne Hidderley both playing at Eccleshall.  Many thanks to John Withers for collating  the scores and for John Weston, Joan Kershaw and Terry Maltby for the organisation at the partaking clubs.  The  next SSCBA sim pairs on Monday 30th January, time to put the date in your diary.

Staffs & Shrops Online Bridge


Wednesday Evenings 7 p.m.

Regular SSCBA Virtual Bridge Club

SSCBA  set up a virtual “Club” with the help of the EBU and Bridge Base Online (BBO), holding sessions on Wednesday evenings (a traditional County night). The first SSCBA Club on line session was on  Wednesday, 10th June 2020, at 7 p.m. There are still regularly around 7 or 8 tables each week even though some clubs have opened up. Click here for information on how to join the group.

From Online Membership Secretary's Newsletter of 29th November 2021

Robots:  We believe that when we set up the online club on Wednesdays we stipulated that robots would only be used in an emergency:  loss of partner or to complete a full table (BBO can’t cope with half-tables).    No one likes to meet a robot at the table so we have asked our current TD to tweak the rules of our game to exclude starting to play with a robot.    The county has to pay the BBO fees and the P2P fees for stand-in players and robots. 
“Partnership Desk”:    If you are without a partner for the evening, I understand that this site is a place you could try to find one.   Such a partner has to be a member of our club though:  so that means other members have to use that system too.     Alternatively, if you are prepared to play with another person or a robot, the TD might invite you to be part of that standby pair.
Alerts & Explanations:   These are much improved, but don’t forget to add an explanation if you click on Alert.
System cards:   You can complete any number of convention cards, one for each partner, and your opponent can look at yours by clicking on one of the white lines in the blue box at top left.   A shorter version can be completed under Account to the right of the page, and opponents can look at that by clicking your user name.
Names:   How nice and friendly it would be if we had a name for each player rather than a blank.   Someone might greet you by name!   You can presumably delete it if you are playing elsewhere and you want to remain anonymous.

Help Please

Following the recent  upgrade to BridgeWebs version 2.19q and, in order to comply with GDPR,  your webmaster is trying to update the list of members held on this website to agree with the EBU list for SSCBA.  No change is planned for those already registered as members but any members that are either:

  • down as visitors or
  • not on the list

will be set up such that they will have to log on and set the options themselves to indicate what information they are happy for other members to see.  By default - those added will show no information to others.  Normally basics for making contact, email and phone number are helpful. Other options include displaying ranking and personal analysis of results.  All of these can be set on/off as the member wishes.  Comments welcome to the webmaster (who also holds the same position for Stafford so uses the same address for all website mail).  Once the list is correct there are facilities for "find a partner" and Newletters such as John already sends to the online membership.



Pairs Staffs & Shrops
Director: Eddie
Scorer: Eddie
Pairs Staffs & Shrops
Director: Eddie
Scorer: James Carpenter
Pairs Staffs & Shrops
Director: Eddie
Scorer: Eddie
5th October 2022
Pairs Staffs & Shrops
6:30 for 7 p.m.
Director: Eddie
9th October 2022
Midland Counties Online League (Dawes) home vs Warks
online? 2 p.m.
12th October 2022
Pairs Staffs & Shrops
6:30 for 7 p.m.
Director: Eddie
Success Stories

Paul Hackett played in the Rand Cup earning a Bronze medal as part of the Penforld team in the seniors section, see.16th World Bridge Series Wrocław, Poland 19 August – 3 September 2022 (results) and the EBU report.

Nearer home SSCBA members John Hartley and Robin Adey came 8th in the Bedfordshire green pointed Swiss Pairs played on Saturday 3rd September 2022 with 92 VPs.  Paul Cutler and Colin Draper not far behind them.

Very well done all.


Welcome to Staffordshire and Shropshire Contract Bridge Association (S&SCBA). The area covered by the Association ranges from the Welsh border in the West to Burton on Trent in the East, Newcastle under Lyme in the North to Ludlow in the South. Our objectives are to promote duplicate bridge in the counties, to encourage inter-club, etc., competitions and to employ the funds in the best interests of the game.

The County has teams of eight entered in the Midland League (Dawes, Porter and Markham) and annually enters a team in the EBU Tollemache competition. The Midlands league covers Derbyshire, Gloucestershire, Leicestershire, Nottinghamshire, Oxfordshire, Warwickshire, Worcestershire in addition to ourselves. The County also participates in the Edgar Foster Cups and Midland Teams Challenge Bowl, events for the six counties of Derbyshire, Gloucestershire, Herefordshire, Warwickshire, Worcestershire and ourselves.

During the winter months teams of four league matches for County members are held on the second Wednesday of the month, and there is also a team of four knock-out competition.  Inter Club Sim Pairs are run regularly, and, various pairs competition events are held annually.

County clubs affiliated to the EBU are BarlastonBorder, Eccleshall, Nantwich, Newcastle, Newport, Oswestry, StaffordTettenhallWolverhampton and Wrekin.  Wolverhampton Bridge Club became the playing headquarters of S&SCBA in December 2013.

BridgeWebs Release 2.19q

As of 3rd August 2022 this website has moved on to release 2.19q, click here to see "what is new".  The most noticeable change is to the way the results may be viewed with an option to view in the "classic" style or the "2022" style.    There are other features introduced in release 2.19p - should we make use of them on this site?