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Our own home county association, the Staffs and Shrops Contract Bridge Association, has developed a country-wide online event open to all members of Oswestry Bridge Club: see the News Page for details.  The Border Bridge Club, near Ford, is also developing an online presence (participation by invitation only). 

Data Privacy

Oswestry Bridge Club regards the personal information you supplied on joining the club as private and will not disclose it to any third party. It is only kept for club related matters, such as to help members find to a bridge partner, and is stored in a protected area of the website that is not accessible to the general public.  If you would like this information removed from the club database, please inform a member of the Committee.              (uploaded 21/07/18)

Welcome to Oswestry Bridge Club

....and like the rest of us they can make mistakes.  If you run out of time the software will try to work out how the last few tricks would have been played and calculate a result .  Usually everything is fine, but it doesn't always get it right. For example....

Contract 4S /E

(East on lead)


 a trump  

another trump 


 The software may decide that E will play his last trump(s), followed by a club (or heart) and therefore lose the last trick. However a cross ruff obviously creates two tricks for declarer.  If you think the software has got it wrong make a note of the hand number and at the end of the evening or when you are dummy and have time available, call the director.  When he agrees the software has got it wrong he can over-ride it and correct the result. So when you have an opportunity to do so....

  • click the blue message button (it probably says  lobby  or  table ) and click on  private
  • type the director's user name (vebu207482) into the popup box and click on that
  • type your message with the hand number into the message line and click chat 

The director will be available for 15 minutes or so at the end of the evening to address any such queries.




The club is pleased to be able to support the annual Children in Need SIMs events on Monday 9th and Thursday 12th November, organised as usual by eCATs Bridge.  Usual time, usual place.
We are charging everyone £5 per session to play on each of these nights, but you can donate more if you wish as explained by Rosie when she sent out  the October invoices.  Over the last week there have been significant developments regarding fees and charges. In addition to the EBU waiving its P2P charge, our director, Ken, has made a very generous donation out of his fee and BBO will be halving its standard charge for these events.  In the light of this your £5 entrance now breaks down into an increased donation of  £4 to CiN and £1 to the club. Since £1 is below the breakeven point the club will be subsidising the events from reserves by roughly 50p pp per night.
Last year, with private donations by Members, the Club raised £397 for CiN. Although all of us are all feeling the impact of the covid crisis the consequences for children are such that it is hoped we can be especially generous this year. 
 Don't forget that as a Member you can always invite friends and relatives to join us.  If they don't play on BBO yet, you still have time to help them get started. Thank you in anticipation of your support.

p.s. remember, if partners are required  Pat and Margaret are the people to contact (see Pat's recent bulk email to you).
p.p.s. Because invoices are sent out at the end of the month, and members settle their accounts in different ways, it will be December before the final amount which we raised will become clear.  The organisers, eCATS, have said time lags are normal.

Congratulations and Promotions

In the last six months the club has seen a number of members promoted through the EBU Masterpoints Scheme.  Congratulations are due to.....
March 2020:   Lesley Chew (to County Master) ; Stan Challener (District Master)
April 2020:      Angie Bennett and Peter Smith (both to District Master)  
In May 2020, Oswestry was the first club in Shropshire (and Staffordshire) to get up and running online during the pandemic. Thanks to everyone who through their regular particiption has helped to make this venture successful and well done to those whose gained promotion as well:
July                Flo Baldwin (Area Master)
Aug.              Glen Coldwell and Mary Richards (Club Master);  John Scorer (County Master); Val and Ed Richardson (both to Master); Robert Hunt (Three Star Master)
Sep.              Flo Baldwin (District Master) ; Mike Ingle and Graham Roberts (both to Two Star Master)

Particular attention is drawn to Flo's achievment (she first started to learn bridge less than two years ago) in being promoted twice within as many months and for her sucess in coming second (2/194) in partnership with Judy in the EBU National Handicap Championship Pairs on 4th October 2020.  They were a mere 0.03% behind the national winners.  Congratulations to them both. Are we looking at future Internationals here??

Help the Director!

Please make sure you are not only logged on, but also ONLINE from 6.50pm onwards. If you logon early and leave your device for an extended period BBO will knock you off (i.e. make you offline). Adjusting the software involves changing several steps when the number of online players changes.

Some members leave it until 6.59 - 7.00pm before getting back online again so the director has to make a number of last-minute alterations.  This causes delays and increases the possibility of introducing a setting error.  If you are deleted from the tournament for being offline at 7pm you will have a very unhappy partner.  Don't expect any sympathy. 


OBC Whatsapp Group

Peter set-up a Whatsapp group which members have found very useful for arranging online games with other members of the club.  It is really simple to use. You can join the group by downloading WhatsApp onto your PC, Apple or Android device and then speaking  to Peter on 07808 068  044. In accordance with GDPR regulations he will need a text or email from you agreeing he can use your mobile number and name for OBC WhatsApp group purposes.

Annual General Meeting

Notice form Pat: "The AGM, which should take place in early June, will take place a soon as practicable after the pandemic subsides and the associated restrictions are lifted."

Ian Mellor Club Champion Award 2019
Ian Mellor Club Champion Award 2019

John Davies received the Club Championship trophy from Chairwoman, Pat Ramsay, at the Christmas Party on 7th December which was held at the Cricket Club.


Prize money is awarded to Members if there are at least seven tables based on the handicapped results. Click on  Results, then the event you are interested in, then the Handicap tab.  You must play a minimum of two evenings in the previous twelve weeks to get a handicap or you are given a handicap of zero (so you still have a chance to win).  No player can benefit/be penalised by a handicap greater than +/-6 (Monday session) or +/-10 (Thursday session).

Thu 3rd December 2020
Online Duplicate
Director: Ken Johnston
Mon 7th December 2020
Online Duplicate
Thu 10th December 2020
Online Duplicate
Director: Ken Johnston
Online Duplicate
Director: Ken Johnston
Scorer: Ken Johnston
Online Duplicate
Director: Ken Johnston
Online duplicate
Scorer: Ken Johnston