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Data Privacy

Oswestry Bridge Club regards the personal information you supplied on joining the club as private and will not disclose it to any third party. It is only kept for club related matters, such as to help members find to a bridge partner, and is stored in a protected area of the website that is not accessible to the general public.  If you would like this information removed from the club database, please inform a member of the Committee.              (uploaded 21/07/18)

Welcome to Oswestry Bridge Club
Face to Face Bridge at the Memorial Hall - Please Be On Time!
Face to Face Bridge at the Memorial Hall - Please Be On Time!




Please be seated at a table by 6.50pm so that play can commence promptly at 7.00pm!

S&SCBA Leagues 2022/23
S&SCBA Leagues 2022/23

Teams of Four are invited to enter the leagues held during the winter months, starting in September. This season the League will be held on line on BBO, which is the most popular platform in our County. 

Click here for the details.

All players have to be members of the S&SCBA, usually through being members of an affiliated club in the county. It is recommended that you have access to reserves for your team.

Entries, to be in by 24th August, to Paul Cutler (07939 977499). Playing instructions, further information and details on how to pay the entry fee will be sent out with the fixture list. 


Heats booked to be held at 3 clubs so far, Eccleshall, Newport and Stafford.  

Visitors (in pairs) are very welcome to join club members in these heats. Please telephone the club contact to register with the organizer and to find out about table money, the starting time and the address of the venue.

Click for more information, here.  

EBU Online Magazine Discovery Issue 2: July 2022

EBU Online Magazine Discovery
Issue 2: July 2022

This month we have the return of the EBU online magazine - Discovery - a publication designed to provide tips and tricks that will help you improve your club bridge scores quickly.

In this issue there are great articles on dealing with auctions when the opposition interfere, how far to push the auction, and some invaluable tips on play – both as a defender and as declarer. The aim is to address the pitfalls which so many players fall into when participating in club bridge. This magazine is clearly not aimed at expert players, though hopefully there will be something of value for all  less-experienced members, whether beginners, novices or intermediate.

Link to the July 2022 issue

(14th Jul 2022)
Every Thursday Face to Face Bridge at the Memorial Hall
Every Thursday Face to Face Bridge at the Memorial Hall

Now that restrictions have all but been removed, we look forward to more members returning to the club in person!

Come along and join us!

Best Behaviour at Bridge
Best Behaviour at Bridge

"Bridge is an extremely enjoyable game. Courteous behaviour is an exceptionally important part of that enjoyment. 

If a player at the table, whether face-to-face or online, behaves in an unacceptable manner, the director should be called immediately."

Please call the Director if you think you may have been affected by bad behaviour.

You will be helping others as well as yourselves.

To read the entire EBU "Best Behaviour at Bridge" code, click on the link below:


If your partner is unavailable, you can use either of the following options to find one:

  1. Put a message on the  Oswestry BC website
  2. Put a message on the club’s WhatsApp group

If you are not aware how to use the Membership Area on the club’s website, the link below provides step-by-step guidance on how to set your password, as well as posting a message that you need a partner for a particular date.

Members Only - SetReset Password.pdf

Should you need additional help, please contact me on:

Help the Director!

Please make sure you are not only logged on, but also ONLINE from 6.50pm onwards. If you logon early and leave your device for an extended period BBO will knock you off (i.e. make you offline). This means that the director has to adjjust the software settings before we can begin

Some members leave it until 6.59 - 7.00pm before getting back online again and the director then has to make a number of last-minute alterations, which causes delays and increases the possibility of introducing an error in the settings.   If you are deleted from the tournament for being offline at 7pm you will have a very unhappy partner.  Don't expect any sympathy. 


OBC Whatsapp Group

Peter set-up a Whatsapp group which members have found very useful for arranging online games with other members of the club.  It is really simple to use. You can join the group by downloading WhatsApp onto your PC, Apple or Android device and then speaking  to Peter on 07808 068  044. In accordance with GDPR regulations he will need a text or email from you agreeing he can use your mobile number and name for OBC WhatsApp group purposes.


The Annual General Meeting of the S&SCBA will be held on Sunday 4th Sept 2022 at 5 pm on ZOOM.

Please send Proposals/Items for the Agenda

and Nominations or Volunteer yourself for the

Management Committee to

Judy Mitchell on

by 21st August 2022.

Dates for your Diary
Tuesday 16th August SSCBA Sim Pairs
Sunday 4th September SSCBA  AGM (on Zoom)
Sunday 11th September Dawes/MCOL first round
Saturday 24th September MCC 9 High No Fear Swiss Pairs
Saturday 29th October MCC 9 High No Fear Swiss Teams
Saturday 26th November MCC 9 High No Fear Swiss Pairs
Friday Jan 6th 2023 MCC Blue Pt Afternoon
Friday Jan 6th 2023 MCC Blue Pt Evening
Saturday Jan 7th 2023 MCC Green Pt
Sunday Jan 8th 2023 MCC Blue Pt
Saturday 22nd April 2023 Shropshire Congress

10 reasons why you should play bridge

10 reasons why you should play bridge

Whether for the health & wellbeing benefits, the social aspects, or the mental challenge, everyone should play bridge.

“Bridge is the most entertaining and intelligent card game the wit of man has so far devised”

W. Somerset Maugham

Did you know?

43.6 percent of all slam contracts fail.

62.7 percent of all bridge players are women.

97.8 percent of all bridge statistics, including these, are made up! wink

Thu 18th August 2022
Face to Face
Memorial Hall 7.00pm
Director: Pat Ramsay
Mon 22nd August 2022
Online Duplicate
Thu 25th August 2022
Face to Face
Memorial Hall 7.00pm
Director: Pat Ramsay
Online Duplicate
Online Duplicate
Face to Face
Director: phr
Scorer: phr