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Keith Healey is now running Friday afternoons as a handicapped duplicate. We are encouraging beginners and improvers to join in. We would also like more experienced players to volunteer their services and, if possible, pair up with an improver - perhaps once or twice a month. 1.30pm START.  Please contact Keith on 01782 460639

Data Protection

A folder outlining club members' privacy rights under the Data Protection Act has been placed alongside the photocopier in the bar.

Welcome to Newcastle-under-Lyme & District B.C.
Tuesday Afternoon Bridge Restart

Tuesday Afternoon sessions will now start on  at 1.15pm  (Please arrive by 1.00pm).

These sessions are ideal for less experienced players and partnerships to enjoy a relaxed atmosphere with a limit of 21 boards.

Individuals without a partner are welcome as are visitors, though these sessions are not suitable for advanced partnerships, i.e. those with a EBU ranking above a 10.

There will be Bridge available on Sunday, 3 July 2022 at 6.30pm subject to sufficient numbers.  Please arrive and sit opposite your partner in good time. Thank you.


The cost is £2.50 per person, per session - paid via a transfer to the club's bank account - for details, please contact Martin at 

The Club is running regular weekly sessions each Sunday, starting at 6.30pm - for members and guests.  Results are posted on the Club website as soon as possible after the event (usually within minutes).  However, there are links below to previous session scores on RealBridge,

26 Julne2022 is:

19 June 2022 is:

12 June 2022 is:

5 June 2022 is:

The Club would like to have and train additional Tournament Directors/Deputy Tournament Directors for RealBridge Sessions.  If you are interested please let Martin know.  His email address is above.

Additional Information Update from RealBridge for those of you using iPad's and other machines (WORTH READING)!
Contacting RealBridge for help RealBridge is very happy to help with technical problems relating to RealBridge.

If you would like help with any of the issues below, please contact them:


    Telephone (UK): 0794 232 2209

    Telephone (non-UK): +44 794 232 2209

If you have a problem during a session, you are also welcome to ring RealBridge.

Telephone support is available 7:00 – 23:00 UK time (GMT).

iPads with iOS 15

The latest release of iOS – version 15 – causes problems when playing on RealBridge. RealBridge have a recommended solution to these problems. If you have iOS 15, please do follow RealBridge’s advice. If you don’t, you are likely to experience freezing or loss of audio during a session.

If you have an iPad with iOS 15, and you have not already updated your iPad as recommended by RealBridge on 8 December, there is a settings change that you should make.

RealBridge are very happy to talk you through the procedure. You can contact them on the number above.

If you are happy to make the changes yourself, please see:

For advanced users:

Step-by-step instructions, with pictures:

If you have an iPad with iOS 15, and you have already updated your iPad as recommended by RealBridge on or after 8 December, we now also recommend that you upgrade to iOS 15.2.  For instructions, see

If you don’t know which version of iOS you have, see , or contact RealBridge for help.

MacBooks and iMacs with Monterey or Safari 15

If you have a Mac that has been upgraded to macOS Monterey, and you use Safari, please see the instructions here:

If you have a Mac that has not been upgraded to macOS Monterey, but does have Safari 15, and you are experiencing freezing or loss of audio, also please see the instructions here:

Lenovo Windows laptops

If you have this specific problem:

  • You have a Lenovo laptop running Windows (not a Chromebook)
  • Other players can see you, but no one can hear you.
  • You can see and hear other players

Please see the solution here:

Lenovo Chromebooks

With some Lenovo Chromebooks, for a small number of people the RealBridge window keeps freezing. We are still investigating this. If you have this problem, please contact

Windows 7

If you have Windows 7, your web browser may say that the RealBridge website is insecure. This is a problem with the security certificate data on your computer. Please contact . We will advise you about how to solve this problem.

Return to playing at the club

Tuesday afternoons - 1.00 for 1.15pm start, cost £2.50

Wednesday evenings - 6.45 for 7pm start, cost £3.00.

Thursday evenings - 6.45 for 7pm start cost £3.00

Friday afternoons 1.15 for 1.30pm start, cost £2.50)

Following the recent government updates for Covid, the mask mandate has been cancelled.

Please only come to the club if you have had your vaccinations (or are exempt) and/or have had a negative covid test in the last 3 days
Please do not attend if you have a cough/cold/flu symptoms, even if not covid

If you need a partner, please email me, and I will do what I can

Not ready to return to the club?  Don't worry, the online sessions will be continuing for a while yet.

NOTE: Covid tests are available free of charge from chemists or via this link:

Bridge Lessons

Lessons for beginners and improvers will start in September

For more information, please contact

Online Virtual Bridge Club

We are running an online virtual club session every Tuesday at 18:30, on BBO -

Please contact Martin if you would like to join us ( and have not played with us before. 

If you have played with us previously, just register to play on the day, anytime from 16:30 to 18:15

We are running a Zoom meeting, aimed at the beginners and improvers but anyone can join, to discuss the interesting hands from the evening.

Starting at 9pm or shortly after (as soon as the BBO session ends), here are the details to join:

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 256 961 3221
Passcode: ncbc123

Newcastle Bridge Club
Newcastle Bridge Club

Newcastle B.C. was founded in 1950.

The current premises is a single storey building owned by the members.

Hot drinks are available from the kitchen and soft drinks from the bar.


Director: MA
Scorer: john bridge
Director: MA
Scorer: john bridge
Sunday Evening Pairs