Christmas Party and Away Weekend

Club Christmas Party - Thursday 19th December, all SBC members very welcome to come to this fun event. Please help Janet and her team to get the food quantities right by signing up on the list on the notice board if you would like to come sooner rather than later.

Christmas Party

Away weekend 17th - 20th April 2020, click link for information

Away Weekend

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If you know of any member of the club who is unwell please let either Pat Martin or a member of the committee know so that appropriate wishes can be sent on behalf of all members.
The quickest response will be to tell either Pat Martin or any member of the committee at the bridge session then a card can be signed & posted immediately. Alternatively, you can email the secretary.

Please Arrive 15 minutes before play

At all club sessions please arrive at least 15 minutes before play is due to start, 6:45 for 7 p.m. start, 7 for 7:15 start, 1:15 for 1:30 start. If you are running late please ring the club, 01785 246611, to let the scorer know you are on your way so that they can factor you in when setting up the movement and scoring systems.

Welcome to Stafford Bridge Club: EBU Affiliated

See also Events Calendar, Membership Info including Diary dates and general items of interest,  SSCBC County News and EBU News.

Arthur Bloxham Trophy - Wednesday 20th November, 1:15 for 1:30.Arthur Bloxham

Ihe Arthur Bloxham trophy, previously the restricted pairs, will be played on 20th November.  Whilst anyone may take part in this competiton only regular Wednesday players are eligible for the prize.  Holders: Penny and Liz



Second Round of the Shelley - Played on Thursday 14th November

There are now 7 teams taking part this year, originally 8 teams but sadly team one was missing on the opening night, played on 10th October  and have now had to pull out altogether.  The results after 2 rounds including the handicaps are:

Pos Name Oct Nov Total HCap
1 Seymour 29 58 87 -62
2 Woodward -4 54 50 2
3 Eaves 35 -1 34 22
4 Metcalf -26 10 -16 13
5 Hensby 38 -61 -23 14
6 Clarke 9 -73 -64 -26
7 Sleightholme -81 13 -68 37

Holders: Team Davies

Children in Need - Friday 8th, Tuesday 12th and Wednesday 13th November Children in Need Sim Pairs - 9th , 13th and 14th November 2018

The club has entered this event at three of the regular sessions this year.  All donations for Children in Need will be welcome in addition to table money.  Friday got the sessions off to a good start with donations/raffle/bring and buy/plants/cakes etc coming to £103.20 plus Terry's generous donation of £19 (to enter the event) making a total of £122.20 for Children in Need. On Friday top at Stafford were Paul and Linda who came 33rd overall (as at 10 a.m. 13/11/19) out of 883 pairs at 51 clubs in 2 counties.  On Tuesday top at Stafford were Rachael & Alan 63rd overall out of 1421 pairs playing clubs in 3 countries (as at 10 a.m. 13/11/19).  On Wednesday top at Stafford were  Adrienne & Harry coming 266 overall out of 1848 pairs at 110 clubs in 4 countries (as at noon 15/11/2019).

Adrienne sent off a total of £262.40 and has received this message of thanks from ECATs

“What a great total for this year – you will thank all your members for me won’t you ? tell them I think they are wonderful. As are you and the committee for all the work you do getting it together and doing the organisation. Trust me you are appreciated !! With best regards, Anna”

Men's Pairs 28th November 7 p.m. for 7:45 p.m. - Ladies Pairs 1:15 for 1:30 p.m. Monday 2nd December.Ladies' Pairs 2nd December 1:15 for 1:30 - Ladies' Pairs 2nd December 1:15 for 1:30 -

A break with tradition, the Men's and Ladies' pairs are not being played at the same session this year.  The lists are now up on the notice board to sign up for these events. Holders: Kath & Anne, Ivor & Mike

American Supper - Saturday 30th November 6:45 for 7 p.m. start

Fun social event, one partner brings food, the other a prize. Carol and Rose are running this one and a partner is not required. Watch this space, a new event has been slotted into the showground schedule, should not give bridge players a problem as it finishes by 5 p.m. well ahead of the American supper start time.

Bryan Baker Handicapped Pairs Competition - Played 1st November 2019Bryan Baker 2019

With 9 full tables and the holders from 2018 present, club captain Terry, decided to hold the Bryan Baker handicapped pairs competition.  This competition was going to alternate with the Monday session but from 2019 the Monday session is now running the Dash ladder so, also from 2019, the Bryan Baker will be played at a Friday evening session every year.  To win the prize only regular Friday night players (those who have played at least 20 times on a Friday over the last 12 months)) are eligible but anyone, visitors or players from other SBC sessions, may take part.

When the handicapping system, based on NGS ratings, and eligibility taken into account the winners were Ernie & Sandra,  64.43% (60.42 + 4.01) with Jane & Simon 2nd 60.38% (63.10 - 2.72) and Phil and Helena 3rd 56.33% (53.57 + 2.76).  The full results will be on the club notice board.  Well done all, great to have such a good turn out and members were pleased to welcome two visitors to their first Friday night session.  Thank you Terry for organising the event.

Ernie writes "Bryan was a Past Captain at Brocton Golf Club. He was very good friend of mine and I attended Albion Football matches with him". Wonderful that the 2019 winners of the trophy knew Bryan Baker personally.

Club Pairs - Played Thursday 24th October

The club pairs were won by Peter & Dave with second placed pair Anne & Geoff and third Pat A & Michael S.  Thanks to Terry for scoring and directing.

Away Weekend 17th - 20th April 2019

Following the success of last year's away weekend a provisional booking has been made at the same hotel, the  Crabwell Manor Hotel near Chester.  A list is up on the notice board to sign up to show an interest in joining the party, not a firm commitment at this stage.


Andrew Robson - Thursday 31st October 2019Andrew Robson

The seminar took place at Stone House Hotel on Thursday 31st October when Brexit didn't happen!

  • Morning session was on after 1 No Trump – Stayman, Transfers, Landy; Bidding bad hands – when a bad hand becomes very useful. Afternoon Session  was on  listening to the opponents bidding – to find some well-reasoned opening leads; Fourth Suit Forcing – a great convention which is so much more than a stopper-ask.


Lovely to see so many SBC members attending the sessions at this very popular event.

Inter County Dawes Matches


If you wish to be selected for a team in the inter county Dawes matches contact Paul Cutler on 07939 977499.


EBU EBU information

Please keep your contact details, including email address, up to date with the EBU.  If you do not need a printed version of English Bridge magazine please opt out to help reduce costs and waste. Go to, log-in and click 'my details'  under the "account tab" (extreme right) to update your details and preferences'. Please note that by May 2020 you will need to set 'opt in' in 'my details' to continue to recieve a diary.  The default value for all members has been reset to exclude the diary as of August 2019.

Club Management Focus

Click link for Summer 2019 edition - a good read!. 



Contact Numbers: 

  • 01785 600260 (Chairman),
  • 01785 665020 (Secretary),
  • 01889 801996 (Captain),
  • 01785 246611 (Club, during bridge sessions).

Stafford Bridge Club is located at the back of the Grandstand on the County Showground, ST18 0BD (Ordnance Survey ref:  SJ 958 053).  This "Staffs & Shrops" EBU affiliated club meets regularly throughout the year except during the County Show etc on Tuesday, Thursday & Friday evenings (7:00 for 7:15 p.m.) and Monday & Wednesday afternoons (1:15 for 1:30 p.m.).  In addition the club also holds American Suppers on Saturday evenings usually on the 3rd or 4th Saturday of the winter months (6:45 for 7:00 p.m.), see 'Club Sessions and Times', 'SBC dates' and 'Calendar'.

Find a Partner


Members are encouraged to use the web page facility to find a partner, for information on this click here.  To request a partner log on to the "members only" area and follow the instructions.  To see who is already looking for a partner look for "partner?" on the calendar page or list of requests.  Please note these requests page and clicking on partner? show 2 dates, the date when the partner is needed, today or a date in the future (shown in blue above the name), and the date when the request placed on the website, normally a date in the past but could be today (shown in black with no link).  Mike Sheriff (01889 882296) acts as partner broker on a Thursday evening if given enough time to make arrangements.  If anyone has difficulty reaching the member's page please contact the webmaster.

17th November 2019
SSCBA Tollemache Qualifier
18th November 2019
Dash Ladder
1:15 for 1:30 p.m.
Director: Sylvia
19th November 2019
Handicapped Pairs
7 for 7:15 p.m.
Director: Mike S
Host: Peter
20th November 2019
Arthur Bloxham
1:15 for 1:30 p.m.
Director: David
21st November 2019
Thursday Evening
7 for 7:15 p.m.
Director: John
22nd November 2019
Friday Evening
7 for 7:15 p.m.
Director: Ann
Host: Ann
25th November 2019
Dash Ladder
1:15 for 1:30 p.m.
Director: Garry
26th November 2019
Tuesday Evening
7 for 7:15 p.m.
Director: John
27th November 2019
Wednesday Afternoon
1:15 for 1:30 p.m.
Director: Pat
28th November 2019
Men's Pairs
7 for 7:15 p.m.
Director: David
Friday Evening
Director: Terry
Scorer: Terry
Shelley Round 2
Director: David
Scorer: Terry
Director: Adrienne
Scorer: Adrienne