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Online Bridge

If you would like to give Bridge Club Live a try click here for the basic instructions, around 45 SBC members are active on BCL. A Stafford BCL virtual club runs on Monday afternoons and Friday evenings.  The SSCBA set up a County wide Bridge Base Online virtual club that meets on Wednesday evenings, see here for advice on how to get started with BBO.  A new third option is RealBridge where some EBU and Midlands regional events are now taking place.  Please don't see these as either/or options but rather as different ways of enjoying online bridge which add variety to your game.

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If you know of any member of the club who is unwell please let either Pat Martin or a member of the committee know so that appropriate wishes can be sent on behalf of all members.
The quickest response will be to tell either Pat Martin or any member of the committee at the bridge session then a card can be signed & posted immediately. Alternatively, you can email the secretary.


2022 EBU Master Point Promotions

Club Master (200 MPs)

  • J Palmer

For information source see EBU website.  See also the leader board and SSCBA members NGS scores.

Welcome to Stafford Bridge Club: EBU Affiliated
Check the dates for when bridge on/off 31st May - 13th June

County Show

This year .Bridge is on for Monday 30th May while the show is setting up,

however No bridge

  • Tuesday 31st  May evening session,
  • Wednesday 1st June afternoon session
  • Thursday 2nd June 10 a.m. morning lesson
  • Friday 3rd June 10 a.m. morning lesson
  • Friday 3rd June 4:30 p.m. afternoon lesson

Jubilee Bank Holiday Friday 3rd June - party session?

Please tell Ann (Stafford 822233) if you wish to play on the bank holiday.(at least 12 needed to say yes for the Friday evening session to go ahead). As of 24/5/22 touch and go for numbers.

Motor Caravan Rally: June, 8th - 14th   

No Bridge

  • Thursday 9th June 10 a.m. morning lesson
  • Friday 10th June 10 a.m. morning lesson
  • Friday 10th June 4:30 p.m. afternoon lesson
  • Friday 10th June 7:15 p.m. evening session
  • Monday 13th June 1:30 p.m. afternoon session

the caravan rally organisers are reluctant to allow any SBC vehicles into the showground on the Thursday 9th and Friday 10th and the caravans/motor homes will be on the move on the 13th..  Watch this space to check if anything changes

By kind Invitation when no access to the Stafford Club

Stone Bridge Club invites members of our club to join their duplicate sessions when our premises are unavailable, at their members rate of £3 per session. Click this link to see their session days and times which are different from Stafford session times.  As with need to arrive in good time, good to aim for 15 minutes ahead of the session start time.

County Events

Mixed Pairs, Thursday 9th June

An event for full members of Staffordshire & Shropshire C.B.A, (Click here for the entry form).   Entries to be in by June 3rd. Prizes will be dependent on the number of tables.

SSCBA virtual BBO county on line group at 7 p.m. on Wednesdays 

If you would like to be a member of this “Club” please email the Membership Secretary –  John Withers on, with your real name, your BBO user name (exactly as you print it), EBU number (if you have one), contact telephone number and email address.  (This has to be done also by those players already registered with BBO.)  Only those that have registered with John will be able to take part in the SSCBA Virtual Club Events, please give him a day or two to organise this prior to the event you wish to join and get some practice games on BBO.   Click for information on BBO See also how to indicate your basic system to your oppo through the chat manager, Using Chat Manager in BBO - Bing video. Please also take time to read Paul's comments on Announcing and Alerting on BBO.

AGM on Tuesday 10th May
AGM on Tuesday 10th May

In his Chair's Report, Michael Metcalf commented on the ways in which the covid pandemic had affected the Club. It was not the same Club as it had been before lockdown. Membership had fallen from above 130 to around 90. Since the return to face-to-face bridge, some sessions were struggling to sustain adequate numbers. Currently, the Friday evenings and the Thursday morning teaching sessions were the most buoyant. He thanked the outgoing Committee for their support and hard work in what had been a very challenging time for everyone. Terry Maltby, Club Captain, and Carol Kane, Secretary were thanked for keeping the Club very much alive as an active bridge-playing organisation during lockdown. Steve Lister, Treasurer, was thanked both for his stewardship of our finances, including successful applications for covid-related grants, and also (with Carol) for enabling members to be invoiced by email retrospectively each month and to pay online. Special thanks were conveyed to John Whiteman, House Manager for all the work he had put in during lockdown to oversee the refurbishing of the kitchen, the installing of a ventilation system, and the replacement of overhead lighting, chairs and table covers. Several other members were thanked individually too.

Accounts for the year were presented and accepted; notwithstanding the expenditure on refurbishing, the Club still had ample reserves.

The following persons were elected unopposed for 2022-23: Chair: Michael Metcalf Club Captain and Vice-Chair: Terry Maltby Secretary: Carol Kane Treasurer: Steve Lister Committee Members: Sean Clarke, Janet Drinkwater, John Whiteman.  David Drinkwater would be happy to serve as senior tournament director.

Under any other business, much discussion took place about how to manage small numbers at a session. Some members argued strongly that a three-table session should be run as a teams-of-four event, but others did not wish to see this become a rigid rule. There was much enthusiasm for ensuring that the Shelley competition was re-instated in the Autumn.

After the AGM, some welcome refreshments were provided by David and Janet. This was followed by the regular Tuesday duplicate session, with four tables in play.

Thursday and Friday morning Lessons

Robin's Thursday morning popular lessons for intermediates are going strong and now the Friday morning lessons for improvers have also restarted (19/11/21). The Thursday lessons often take the form of playing hands from a recent club session such that a minimum of 12 pupils is needed for the lesson to be viable. Please contact Robin if you would like to attend so that he can organise an exact number of tables.  Hand show is from Robin's most popular lesson notes, an example of a strong hand that can reverse, hand 2 of the lesson.

Have you a hand to send to Robin for his new new "Agony Uncle" page!  

Robin has produced plenty of material for the website, including one on Splinter bids, Gambling 3NT, CRO, Redoubles, Trial Bids, Jacoby and his all time most read page on McKenny signals and Discards.

Summary of his latest lessons along with some of Steve and Jan's pictures can be seen here with links to the individual lessons.

Beginner's Lessons.

Some interest has been shown in starting a beginner's course.  Please contact Ann (01785 822233) if you would like to join the group,  Fridays at 4:30 p.m.


30th May 2022
Monday SBC Club Event
1:15 for 1:30 at the club
Director: Terry
31st May 2022
County Show Setting up (No Bridge)
1st June 2022
County Show (No Bridge)
Thank you from Dennis

I have received a greetings card from SBC with encouragement and wishes from quite a few members and, being very much appreciated, I would like to sincerely thank members, and the member who organised it.  My regards, Dennis Jackson


Contact Numbers: 

  • 01785 600260 (Chairman),
  • 01785 665020 (Secretary),
  • 01889 801996 (Captain),
  • 01785 246611 (Club, during bridge sessions).

Stafford Bridge Club is located at the back of the Grandstand on the County Showground, ST18 0BD (Ordnance Survey ref:  SJ 958 053).  This "Staffs & Shrops" EBU affiliated club meets regularly throughout the year except during the County Show etc on Tuesday, Thursday & Friday evenings (7:00 for 7:15 p.m.) and Monday & Wednesday afternoons (1:15 for 1:30 p.m.).  In addition the club also holds American Suppers on Saturday evenings usually on the 3rd or 4th Saturday of the winter months (6:45 for 7:00 p.m.), see 'Club Sessions and Times', 'SBC dates' and 'Calendar'.

New Arrangements for Club Sessions

Easing of Covid regulations

In the light of the Prime Minister's surprise announcement that he hoped to bring forward by a month the planned easing of Covid restrictions, your Committee has made the following decisions:

  • Provided the easing of restrictions is confirmed, the Club will no longer require any wearing of masks, from March 1st. However, individual members may wear masks if they wish.
  • Members are requested to continue using hand sanitisers at the Club.
  • Members should not take part in face-to-face sessions if they have covid or some other harmful virus, have tested positive for the coronavirus within the last five days, or are not fully protected by vaccinations and booster(s).
  • As a general principle, members should always have the safety and wellbeing of other members as their prime concern, and should not knowingly put other members at risk by attending face-to-face sessions if they have a harmful viral infection themselves.

Best behaviour at bridge

Committee members are keen to promote a welcoming and friendly atmosphere in Club sessions, within a properly managed and well-behaved regime.   All members should take note again of the principles set out in Best Behaviour at Bridge, including:

  • ensuring that newer players and visitors are welcomed and assisted appropriately
  • avoiding noisy conversation or other disturbance while tables are still in play
  • avoiding ill-tempered exchanges between partners and "inquests" after each hand
  • ensuring as far as possible that the session is not held up by slow play
  • respecting the role of the director of the session

The Committee recognises that etiquette standards at the table may have slipped somewhat during the long period of covid restrictions and online play, and wishes now to remind members formally of what is expected of them in face-to-face bridge at the Club.

12th Feb 2022

In addition BCL are looking to introduce a new virtual club for EBU members as clubs reopen.  See

Bridge Club Live is the online favourite Stafford Bridge Club Members are invited to use to enjoy the on line club activities, to get going click here to see the basics and here for general information.

Friday SBC Club Event
Director: Ann
Monday SBC Club Event
Director: Terry
Friday SBC Club Event
Director: Ann