Events 2019 - 2020

Shelley Teams to be held on 2nd Thursday of each month :- 10th Oct,   14h Nov,  12th Dec,   9th Jan,   13th Feb,   12th March,   9th April.

Dash Trophy handicap ladder to be held on Mondays Oct - April 

Tuesday Handicapped Pairs 1st and 3rd Tuesdays Oct - April

Summer Cup :- During the Summer (will be held when 10 or 14 pairs seated)

Club Pairs:- Thursday 24th October 2019  
Children in Need Sim Pairs:- Friday 8th November 2019  
Children in Need Sim Pairs:- Tuesday 12th November 2019  
Children in Need Sim Pairs:- Wednesday 13th November 2019  
Arthur Bloxham Trophy:- Wednesday afternoon 20st November 2019 (for regular Wednesday players)  
Men's Pairs:- Thursday 28th November 2019  
Ladies' Pairs:- Monday 2nd December 2019  
Club Christmas Party:- Thursday 19th December 2019  
Afternoon Players Christmas Party:- T.B.A.  
Teams of four:- Thursday 27th February 2020  
President's Cup:- T.B.A.  
Mixed Pairs:- Thursday 26th March 2020  
Away weekend:- Friday 17th - Monday 20th April 2020  
A. G. M.:- T.B.A  
Bryan Baker Trophy:- Friday dependent on turn out