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2022 (72nd) Congress

7 - 9 January

Bridgebase Online (BBO)

NO FEAR Swiss Teams
NO FEAR SWISS TEAMS for 2021-2022

We now have the schedule for coming months -

All events are on RealBridge and start at 1400 hrs and play about 25 boards.  More details coming.

Midlands No Fear #3 : 6-High Swiss Teams
Midlands No Fear #3 : 6-High Swiss Teams


Open to all players from all counties participating in the Midland Counties Working Group, subject to the average NGS-rating of the two individuals in any pair is at most NGS-6. Entries as teams-of-4 are to be made through your county association.  The cost is £8 per team.

The link you need to click on to access the event is :

When you have logged in (your full name, capitalised nicely, and EBU number - use 0 if you don't know it) - use the SEARCH facility to find the table with your captain's name on it.


1.  There are introductory sessions provided by RealBridge every week; they are advertised on this link.

2.   If there is sufficient demand, we will organise some taster sesions on RealBridge in the days proceeding the event.  If you need that please email   to make arrangements.


  • For logging in, please use your real name and your EBU number. 
  • When you arrive, find a table with your captains' name and your county on it. Sit there.
    • You will not need to move from there - the system will move you when required.
  • We will play five rounds of 5 boards each, and will have a 20 minute break after the third match.
  • We will run simulating face-to-face conditions, so that you are expected to alert/announce your partner's bids just as you would at the table.
  • Please understand that many are not familiar with RealBridge and are out of practice with alerting partners' bids - so be forgiving.
  • If you get disconnected at any point just log back in, but do remember to type your name EXACTLY as you did the first time.
  • If someone gets disconnected, give them a few minutes to recover and get back in before calling the Director.


We will welcome feedback - done best via your county coordinator - on this event and the option for future events of this nature. Do tell us about

  • the format you prefer (pairs, teams, etc)?
  • does the day and time work out OK?
  • how often such events should happen?
  • anything else you can think of .....
Midlands No Fear Swiss Teams
Midlands No Fear Swiss Teams

The Midlands Counties WG plan to run a series of these events - look for the menu item on the left for more details.  Or click here.

Next event is {to be determnined}

Last event : 19th June 2021 - Results

Congratulations to winners:

Ailsa Betts & Vicki Hudson
Lynne Ballinger & Judith Arnold