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Welcome to BridgeClubUK

There will be a session, Tuesday afternoon 19th October - sit-down 14:00 hrs. More details on a Comment board thread, click here.

The normal Tuesday morning 19th October will also be running - sit-down 11:00 hrs


A UK online bridge club affiliated to the EBU – powered by BridgeClubLive .


To provide EBU MatchPointed online bridge tournament facilities, including a full results system with uploaded Master Points to the EBU just like a physical F2F Club. For the tournaments, you MUST be a registered member of the EBU.


The Costs for each Approved Tournament  is £1.00 consisting of 2 parts:

  1. Payment of the EBU UMS 'Pay2Play' Fee.
  2. The Service charge by BridgeClubLive in providing the Platform, for uploading the results to the EBU and administering all the payment processing on behalf of BridgeClubUK.  

This fee will be  taken from your Social or FULL Membership Fee by way of a Debit of a few days/session off the playing period of your current membership. This is processed at the end of each month. No hassle, no invoice, nothing to pay and no action on your part!  You will of course have to renew your membership slightly earlier, depending on how many sessions you played in the past month,


Our tournaments will provide 3 SESSIONS a day, initially starting at 1100, (12 board/session)  and 1400, 1900 (18 boards/sessions) UK time each day – minimum of 3 tables and using the tried and tested, special type of Howell tournament movement.

Room opens on the hour to allow seating time – play starts 15 mins after the hour. Just roll up with your partner and play! Just click the Button TOP RIGHT on this page to enter the room. (You MUST be already logged in to the BridgeClubLive website, with an active subscription)


Simple to play – Sit with your partner and let the server do the rest. Audio/Video available. Comprehensive Results and Master Points uploaded daily to the EBU and fully included.

Click the Button Link above to enter the Playing Area

Rooms open at :-

11:00 (12 boards)
14:00 (18 boards)
19:00 (18 boards)
EBU-AM Beginners/Improvers (12 boards)
Scorer: Bridge Club Live
Scorer: Bridge Club Live
Scorer: Bridge Club Live
Scorer: Bridge Club Live
Scorer: Bridge Club Live
Scorer: Bridge Club Live
Scorer: Bridge Club Live
Scorer: Bridge Club Live
Scorer: Bridge Club Live