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Thursday Pairs
Director: JR
Scorer: MC
Seniors Pairs
Director: Geoff Nicholas
Scorer: Geoff Nicholas
Thursday Teams
County Squad Training
Thursday X-imped Pairs
29th Aug 2019
Thursday Teams
Oxford BC 19:30
5th Sep 2019
Thursday Teams
Oxford BC 19:30
9th Sep 2019
Seniors Pairs
Wallingford BC 11.00
Director: Geoff Nicholas
12th Sep 2019
Thursday X-imped Pairs
Oxford BC 19:30
14th Sep 2019
Surrey Green Pointed Swiss Pairs
Guildford (Spectrum) 12:00
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You have graduated through lessons and friendly duplicates and are ready for something more competitive.  All our clubs provide regular competitive duplicates.  Choose the “Home” tab at the top of this page and click on either the “Map of Affiliated Clubs” or "Clubs & Duplicate nights" tab on the left to see a listing of all our clubs with details of their regular club sessions.  


You go to some of these sessions and want to improve your scores.  How can you go about this?

There are lots of ways, but here are a number of suggestions:


Read all the bridge articles you can in the newspapers and in English Bridge (The EBU’s quarterly magazine for members).  A number of bridge books are reviewed here - click on “Book Reviews” on the left hand menu.


Find someone with more bridge experience to help you, either by playing with you or by discussing your results.  Whilst at present we have no formal mentoring system in Oxfordshire I am sure that if you speak to your club chairperson they will be able to help you to find someone suitable.

Enter a Pro-Am event.  You will need to keep your eyes open for opportunities at several clubs.  At the time of writing The Menagerie ( runs one about every nine months and Wallingford ( about every three months


Play against better standard opposition and be ready to learn from them.  It would be rare to meet a bridge player who would not be happy to give you constructive advice, but hopefully not until you have asked for it!


Attend a seminar or course on a specific subject.  The following clubs offer seminars or courses from time to time:


ABBEY SMITH BC (at Little Horwood, Bucks) - see website - or e-mail Abbey at  


OXFORD BC - see website  Details of seminars can be found by clicking Seminars at Oxford Bridge Club and courses by clicking Courses at Oxford Bridge Club.


SUMMERTOWN BC - offer seminars (principally for their own members) - see website


WALLINGFORD BC - offer seminars on specific topics - see website