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Junior Bridge - spring term 2023


Click here for further information about the Oxford Junior Bridge Club's sessions.

Bridge Education in Oxford

Oxford Bridge Club runs a comprehensive bridge education programme under the banner of Oxford Bridge School. Courses are available at all levels, from beginners to more experienced players. Further details are on their website.  

Risk Assessment

Click here to read the Club's risk assessment.


Wessex League 2022-23

We are fielding two teams in the main league (playing online) again this winter.  The A-team is captained by Howard, the B-team by Roger.  For match results and reports click on Wessex League on the lefthand side of this page.  This winter we are also fielding a team in the daytime league (also playing online), captained by Sandra.

Welcome to Summertown Bridge Club!
Summer bridge

Your committee met recently to discuss our bridge over the next few months.  As you know, we have one more RealBridge session on a Monday evening (27th March), and then the following three months will be face-to-face at Maison Francaise.  Special thanks go to Cliff who has directed many of our online sessions at no cost to the club.

To encourage you to come along and join us face-to-face, we are starting the three months with drinks and nibbles before bridge on Monday 3rd April.  The bridge session will be free for members as a reward for your loyalty, but we still ask you to register online as usual to give us an idea of numbers.  Non-members are welcome, but we ask that they register online and pay for a non-member ticket.

We need those of you who can do so to volunteer one evening when you are prepared to host.  Please let Erika Syba ( know what dates you can manage.

The start of full-time face-to-face means that we have decided to stop issuing weekly bridge bulletins.  These are simply too difficult to write when one can't see all the bidding and play, as is possible for online sessions.  I personally have greatly enjoyed these bulletins, and I hope you have too.  Special thanks to Sandra for organising them, and to the team of bulletin writers: Sandra & Krys, Steven, Cliff, Roger and James.

A few of you do not feel able to return to F2F, and some of you like a mixture of F2F and online.  Although we won't be offering an online option ourselves over the summer, we have been in contact with Banbury Bridge Club, which meets online on a Thursday evening, and they are very happy to welcome additional players.  We encourage you to consider playing there: here is a link to their website

You simply click on the link on the website to play, and they collect table money at a later date.

Here is another date for your diary: on Monday 5th June we will be holding our AGM at Maison Francaise at 7 pm, followed by the Midsummer Pairs Competition for the Bygott Trophy.  Papers for the AGM will follow in due course.

Erica 17.3.23

Bridge next Monday

Bridge on 27th March is online on RealBridge.

Here is the link to register and pay

Bridge Bulletin

Another chilly week - and even more so where we happen to be this week, which is Liverpool (revisiting some haunts of my childhood). My photo gallery tells me that this time last year, we had frogspawn in the pond. I haven't actually been out to check, but I very much doubt it will be there just yet ...

Anyway, nine pairs braved the cold last night to play at Maison Francaise, including some new members and a few others who haven't been with us for a while - all very welcome. Congratulations to the Lintotts who won with an excellent score of just over 66%, well ahead of Adrian and Peter in second place, and Holly and Zahir in third.

This week's Bulletin has been written by Krys and myself and we hope you enjoy our comments on some of the hands where it was (or in one case, wasn't!) possible to bid and make a slam.

Next week we will be at Maison Francaise again, followed by one more Monday on RealBridge at the end of the month.

Sandra 14.3.23

Masterpoint Leaderboard for 2022

Congratulations to SBC members who featured in the EBU's Masterpoint Annual Leaderboard for 2022.

In the overall Oxfordshire list, Mary-Ann Sheehy was fourth.

In category 1 (Life Masters and above) Mary-Ann was 3rd in the county.

In category 2 (National & Premier National Masters), Peter Finbow came 3rd and Rita Todd 10th in the county.

In category 3 (Regional & Premier Regional Masters) Irene Holland was 6th in the county.

There is also a club leaderboard for 2022, headed by Sandra (she won more masterpoints at Summertown club events than anyone else), closely followed by Krys.  Moira was 3rd.

Well done all!

Winter Ladder Winner

The Winter Ladder has just finished and it's very well done to Sandra who has won the ladder: the average of her ten best scores was 62%.  Erica was second with 61.27%.  Krys was third with 60.62%.  Congratulations to all!

To see the full results click on 'Competitions' on the left-hand side of the Club website's homepage.

To qualify for the ladder you have to be a Club Member and to have played at least ten times during the season (September to February).


Master Point Promotions

There is one Summertown member listed in the EBU's January round of Master Point Promotions

Howard Arnes - 2 Star Premier Regional Master

Well done Howard!

Face-to-face Club Pairs
Director: Diuane
Scorer: Roger
Host: Erika Syba
Face-to-face Club Pairs
Director: Holly
Scorer: Erica
Host: Clodagh Jakubovics
RealBridge Online Club Pairs
Director: Cliff Pavelin
Face-to-face Club Pairs
Director: Diane
Scorer: Roger
Host: Steph Bliss
RealBridge Online Club Pairs
Director: Cliff Pavelin
Face-to-face Club Pairs
Director: Steven
Scorer: Erica
Host: Sandra Nicholson
Mon 27th Mar 2023
RealBridge Online Club Pairs
7.00 pm
Director: Cliff Pavelin
Mon 3rd Apr 2023
Face-to-face Club Pairs and drinks
7.00 pm
Director: Erica Sheppard
Scorer: Erica/Roger
Mon 10th Apr 2023
Face-to-face Club Pairs
7.30 pm
Director: Holly Kilpatrick
Scorer: Erica
Host: Roger Heath-Brown
Mon 17th Apr 2023
Face-to-face Club Pairs
7.30 pm
Director: Steven Bliss
Scorer: Roger
Host: Paul Stevenson
Mon 24th Apr 2023
Face-to-face Club Pairs
7.30 pm
Director: Diane Coe
Host: Steven Bliss
Mon 1st May 2023
Face-to-face Club Pairs
7.30 pm
Director: Erica Sheppard
Scorer: Erica/Roger