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Covid Related Guidelines for Face to Face Sessions

The club has carried out a risk assessment for re-opening which has resulted in the guidelines listed here. However, there is no such thing as ‘zero risk’ with Covid, so only attend the F2F sessions if you are comfortable with these.

(Added by Gillian Leaver, 26 Aug 2021)

Committee Meeting Minutes - 13 April 2022

(Added by Gillian Leaver on 21 Apr 2022).

NEW.  These minutes are available in the members' area of the website. Select and click Members Only Area from the left hand column menu, log in then select Members Only Notices again from the left hand column menu.

Welcome to Wallingford Bridge Club

Please come along and support our new Tuesday face to face evening sessions, with 22 boards and an anticipated finish time of no later than 10.00pm.

All levels of experience are welcome, the only criteria is being able to keep to 15 minute two-board rounds. If you need a partner, please contact Debbie Roberts:

The above format has been selected, not to clash with any of our Club’s online sessions and to fit in with the majority of those who have expressed an interest in returning to face-to-face bridge.

The Committee is trialling these weekly face to face sessions with a review in the autumn. 

Will there be a sustained return to face-to-face evening bridge at Wallingford Bridge Club? Well, that is up to you. If you want the Committee to continue to offer this evening session, we need your attendance.

Colin Jones


New Booking and Paying System from Jan 2022

All bridge sessions no longer need to be pre-booked. For RealBridge Sessions, simply click on the link shown in the table below shortly before the session is due to start. For face-to-face sessions, simply arrive at the club's premises at Roke.

Payment for all sessions is by a direct BACs transfer from your bank account to the Club’s bank accountYou can pay as much as you like at one time and have a credit with the club to use against future sessions. Each session costs £2.50. It is very important that you supply a unique reference using the following:

TM EBUnumber surname

Click here for full details of the payment system.

NEW. The annual subscription (now £5) will also be taken from your regular payments. Further information here.   

(Update by Gillian Leaver, 13 Mar 2022)

Wallingford's Bridge Events

Wallingford Bridge Club now offer eleven bridge sessions each week - with a mixture of face-to-face and online play.

The sessions below are colour coded - 

Blue for sessions designed for new players or players looking for guidance
Green for sessions appropriate for new players but which everyone is welcome to attend
Orange for sessions played at a slightly faster pace
Red for the highest standard sessions including club competitions

Events run Face to Face

2nd Mon of each month 11:00 am - OBA Seniors Competition playing around 30 boards.

Wed 7:00pm                                   -  Section B Pairs playing 16-18 boards.

Thu 1:30pm                                    Duplicate Pairs MPs playing 18-20 boards.

Fri 1:30pm                                      Duplicate Pairs MPs playing 22-24 boards.


Events run Online

Mon 10:00am on RealBridge  -  Duplicate Pairs MPs playing 16-18 boards.

Mon 7:00pm on RealBridge    -  Duplicate Pairs MPs playing 18-20 boards.

Tues 1:45pm on RealBridge   Duplicate Pairs MPs playing 18-20 boards.

Wed 7.00pm on RealBridge    -  Duplicate Pairs MPs playing 20-22 boards.

Thu 7:00pm on Zoom/BBO     -  Supervised Play with David Emerson and Andrew Hones. 

Fri 7.00pm on RealBridge       -  Teams/X-IMPed Pairs/Swiss Pairs playing 21-24 boards.

Sun 2:30pm on RealBridge     Pairs/Teams playing 20-22 boards.


Click here for more information on playing in our RealBridge events and finding a partner

Click here for more information on Online Supervised Play

If you are considering playing on Friday evenings, but are unfamiliar with X-IMPs (the same type of scoring as used for Teams), don't be nervous as the game is still almost exactly the same! There is a simple explanation of some of the tactics for doing well at this type of scoring here.

Section B returns to the Club on Wednesday 18th May at 7.00 pm

From  Carol Pedrick.

This is really exciting news and for many Section B players, it is something that they have been hoping would happen. It does mean, however, that the Section B Real Bridge last session will be on 11th May as it will be replaced by the face to face session at the Club. There will be people who have played on Real Bridge and never played in the Club. Please do give it a try – you might even find it is more enjoyable! Click here for further information.

See you on 18th May.

2021-22 bridge classes
2021-22 bridge classes

Details of this autumns programme can be seen under the Learn to play Bridge Tab. A summary is given below


Beginners  Tuesdays 10-12 noon at the club , 7-9p.m. online

Improvers  Online- Tuesdays 10-12 noon  and 7-9.00p.m

                    At the club Tuesdays 10-12             

There are now face to face lessons in addition to online (which use Zoom and BridgeBaseOnline(BBO). The Tuesday morning sessions at the club are proving the most popular, since people are keen to socialise after Covid, although there are spaces in all classes.

The cost is £100 for each 10 week period(there will be 4 in the year and practice weeks?. Please email Joan Bennett on or call me on 01491 579795 or 07548 782 538 for further information.  Please contact David( or Peter( if I am unavailable.

 Updated 30.11.21


(Added by Gillian Leaver 8 May 2022).

The Club's Annual General Meeting was held on Friday 6th October at Roke. Please log into the the Members only area to view the minutes (click members only notices tab when logged in).  

Face to Face Bridge Sessions - Partners

(Updated by Gillian Leaver 6 Feb 2022).  


There are no hosts at face-to-face events but players looking for a partner can contact the organisers John Bird (Thursdays) or Debbie Roberts (Fridays) to see if they can help (contact details are in the Members Only area of this website).

Wessex League Update

Our Wessex League teams have now all completed the 2021-22 season, once again run online this year.

We entered 5 teams into the main evening league and 1 into the daytime league this season:

The A Team played in Division 2, and won 5 out of their 6 matches, to see them promoted back to Division 1 as Division 2 champions. This is a great achievement and well done to all of the team - Angela Adams, John Boorman, Malcolm Currie, Trevor Dawe, Roger Haycock, Jemma Hewlett, Paula Hopkinson, Colin Jones, Gaye Kyle and Peter Malpass (David Emerson and Andrew Hones played in 1 match).

The B, C and D Teams all played in Division 3. The B Team won 3 out of their 6 matches and only missed out on promotion by 7.2 Victory Points (out of 120 available across the season), finishing 3rd in the table.

The C and D Teams are very closely matched and so it was to prove across the season. Taking each of their 5 matches against the other teams in the division, they have two wins each and there was only a very marginal difference in their scores, so really which ended up above the other came down to the match between the two teams. This was played early on in the season, and was won by the D team, meaning that they finish in 5th place and retain their spot in Division 3, with the C Team finishing in 6th place and unfortunately relegated to Division 4.

The E Team, including quite a few players who were new to playing in the Wessex League, played in Division 4. Like the B team they won 3 of their matches and finished 3rd in the division, a very creditable result for this new team and hopefully they can build on it next year.

The Daytime team consolidated their position of 3rd in Division 1 behind two strong Abingdon teams which they achieved the previous season, but this time won 4 out of their 6 matches as opposed to 3 out of 6 and gave the 2nd placed Abingdon B team a tighter fight. We'll be hoping they can break Abingdon's stronghold on the top places in this league next season.

Overall, a strong season of results for our Wessex League teams and showing excellent promise for next season, whether that will be played online or face-to-face we still don't know. Thank you very much to all the players who have represented the club this year and particularly to the other captains Stuart Fox, Patricia Hones, Peter Dyer and Tom Rogerson. If you are interested in playing teams bridge for the club in the future, please talk to me or any of them about it - the Wessex League covers a wide range of standards of play and there is no need to be an expert player or have any experience of teams play. It would be particularly good to have more teams in the daytime league in future seasons.

(added by David Emerson 23rd March 2022, updated 6th April)

News Web Updates

Please email me (Gillian Leaver) to update this page replacing the [dot] with a full stop and [at] with @


For news archive click here.

Danny Hearty

Membership enquiries


Broadband, Club Phone, & Postcode

The Club's telephone number is 01865 400924. 

Broadband  password for WiFi is 'wallingford'

Berrick and Roke Village Hall postcode is  OX10 6JJ.

Morning RealBridge Pairs
Afternoon F2F Pairs
Substitute X-IMP Pairs
Afternoon F2F Pairs
Open Pairs (RealBridge)
Section B
Afternoon RealBridge Pairs
Morning RealBridge Pairs
Mon 23rd May 2022
Evening RealBridge Pairs
Online 7:00pm
Director: Anna Wright
Tue 24th May 2022
Afternoon RealBridge Pairs
Online 1:45pm
Director: Patricia Hones
Wed 25th May 2022
Mixed Pairs (RealBridge)
Online 7:00pm
Director: Andrew Hones
Wed 25th May 2022
Section B
Clubhouse 7:00pm
Thu 26th May 2022
Afternoon F2F Pairs
1:20pm for 1:30pm
Director: John Bird
Fri 27th May 2022
Afternoon F2F Pairs
1:20pm for 1:30pm
Director: Julian Pettit
Fri 27th May 2022
X-IMPed Pairs
Online 7:00pm
Director: Cliff Hones
Sun 29th May 2022
Afternoon RealBridge Pairs (MP)
Online 2:30pm
Director: Patricia Hones