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Danny Hearty

Membership enquiries


Junior events OBA

This month 4 WBC junior members played in the monthly OBA competition, and all did well without winning. Iris Bennett, Millie and Verity Hallam and Gregor McVie.Will Clennell from Reading School has started the Young Chelsea U26 weekly event- 20T on 22nd January. Not bad for the first night.

Welcome to Wallingford Bridge Club
Wallingford Bridge Club - Club Sessions Suspended

All sessions at the club premises in Roke are currently suspended due to the coronavirus. 

Many thanks to many of our members who are supporting our online bridge sessions.

Membership Renewal 2021
Membership Renewal 2021

Dear Member

The Club's £10 annual Membership fee is due for payment on the 1st April 2021.

This fee covers the period from 1 April 2021 to 31 March 2022.

Please click here for further details on how to pay.

(Added by Gillian Leaver 7th April 2021).

Teams Tamed

We have received a number of requests for a short course on playing Teams Bridge, and the education department are pleased to announce that we will be providing this during the second half of April. These sessions are designed for any club member who wants to know more about playing Teams, whether they have played this form of the game before or not, and aims to answer all your questions about this fun aspect of bridge - a great chance to not just play as a partnership but teamed together with your friends.

The course will be led by David Emerson over three Thursday mornings from 10am - 12pm:

15th April - Teams Bidding and Tactics

22nd April - Cardplay in Teams Bridge (covering both Declarer play and Defence)

29th April - Play session with guidance from experienced players

The first two sessions will be run as Zoom meetings initially with a presentation, followed by some playing time on either Bridge Base Online or RealBridge depending on numbers. The Play session will be run on RealBridge.

The whole course will cost £30, and you can book now at our booking site If there is sufficient interest, it may be possible to add an evening slot covering the same material, if you would be interested in this and you're not able to make daytime sessions please contact David by e-mailing

(David Emerson - 8th April)

Online Wessex League Results

The Wessex League, like all other bridge, has been played online this year and the last match was completed yesterday.

Wallingford entered four teams into the Main League, one in each of the four divisions of the league and their results were as follows - click on the Divisions to see the full results:

A Team - Division 1 - Played 6, Won 2, finished in 7th position out of 7

B Team - Division 2 - Played 6, Won 1, finished in 6th position out of 7

C Team - Division 3 - Played 6, Won 1, finished in 6th position out of 7

D Team - Division 4 - Played 5, Won 3, finished in 2nd position out of 6

The A, B and C teams were all involved in tight battles at the bottom of their divisions, with all three in touching distance of teams above them. The D team produced an excellent season, including an important win against Oxford E which ended up securing the runners-up spot behind Summertown B, who were some way clear at the top of Division 4. Many thanks to everyone who played in the Main League, but particularly well done to the D Team (Peter Dyer (capt), Gerry Bacon, Joan Bennett, Richard Crawford, Roger Elliot, Aine Fox, Diane Mitchell, Jamie Muller, Jane Showering, Sue Waddington, Geoff Ward and Anna Wright).

Wallingford also featured in the Daytime League for the first time, finishing a creditable 3rd out of the 7 teams in Division 1, having won 3 of their 6 matches. Many thanks to all the players who represented the club in the Daytime League.

(David Emerson - 8th April)

Wallingford's Online Pairs Events

From 1st April, Wallingford Bridge Club will be offering ten online bridge sessions each week, and another session run by neighbouring bridge club Phyllis Court Bridge Club which is also open to Wallingford Bridge Club members.

The sessions below are colour coded - 

Blue for sessions designed for new players or players looking for guidance
Green for sessions appropriate for new players but which everyone is welcome to attend
Orange for sessions played at a slightly faster pace
Red for the highest standard sessions including club competitions

Mon 10:00am on RealBridge - Duplicate Pairs MPs playing 16-18 boards.

Mon 2:00pm on BBO             -  Duplicate Pairs MPs playing 18-20 boards.

Mon 7:00pm on RealBridge  -  Duplicate Pairs MPs playing 18-20 boards.

Wed 7:00pm on RealBridge  -  Duplicate Pairs MPs playing 20-22 boards.

Wed 7:30pm on RealBridge  -  Section B Pairs playing 16-18 boards.

Thu 10:00am on Zoom/BBO -  Supervised Play with David Emerson.

Thu 2.00pm on RealBridge   -  Duplicate Pairs MPs playing 18-20 boards.

Thu 7:00pm on Zoom/BBO   -  Supervised Play with David Emerson and Andrew Hones. 

Fri 10:00am on BBO              -  Gentle Duplicate run by Phyllis Ct BC Click to E-mail for info

Fri 2:00pm on RealBridge     -  Duplicate Pairs MPs playing 20-22 boards.

Fri 7.00pm on RealBridge     -  Teams/X-IMPed Pairs/Swiss Pairs playing 21-24 boards. 


Click here for more information on playing in our RealBridge events and finding a partner

Click here for more information on playing in our BBO events and finding a partner

Click here for more information on Online Supervised Play

If you are considering playing on Friday evenings, but are unfamiliar with X-IMPs (the same type of scoring as used for Teams), don't be nervous as the game is still almost exactly the same! There is a simple explanation of some of the tactics for doing well at this type of scoring here.

2020-2021 bridge classes
2020-2021 bridge classes

The online students are proving very loyal. We are still running 3 beginners classes and 3 improvers classes. Some of our students have become brae enough to play in either supervised play or club seesions- well done and keep going. 


Beginners David Emerson Tuesdays 10-12 noon , 2-4.00 p.m and 7-9.00 p.m.

Improvers Peter Dyer  Tuesdays 10-12 noon  and 7-9.00p.m.

                   David Emerson Mondays 2-4.00p.m. 

The lessons use Zoom and BridgeBaseOnline(BBO), with Real Bridge for the fun competition nights 

The cost is £100 for each 10 week period(there will be 4 in the year and practice weeks?. Please email Joan Bennett on or call me on 01491 579795 or 07548 782 538 for further information.  Please contact David( or Peter(


Stuart Fox runs sessions concentrating on card play on Thursday at 12.noon which continue to prove popular. Contact Stuart on or 07730 304 294. £5 per session.

Updated 17.1.21

Teams win for Wallingford

54 teams from the midland counties area competed as Teams of 4 on Saturday 27th March. It was restricted to NGS 9, which is both innovative and fun.

The Wallingford team of Barbara Antrobus, Lyn Arnold, Peter Dyer and Lesley Sixsmith  came 1st of 54. Wow. Details in this link.

Many people view teams with trepidation, but we have been asked to do more training of teams play and are thinking of Thursday morning sessions from 10-12 as David has a time slot then.

There will be more teams events for NGS6 (ish) soon, so join, have a go, and enjoy yourselves in a level playing field. Please contact me on or 07548 782 538 or 01491 579795 on your thoughts or interest

Joan Bennett

31st March 2021

Committee Meeting Minutes - 3 Mar 2021

(Added by Gillian Leaver on 7 Mar 2021). These are available in the members' area of the website. Select and click Members Only Area from the left hand column menu, log in then select Members Only Notices again from the left hand column menu.

Bernard Magee live broadcasts.

Update 19 Jan 2021 by Gillian Leaver.

Bernard Magee made 39 seminars over the first lockdown period and can still be viewed via this link.

Bernard has continued with free Monday seminars available from the same link above. Please also see this short video with details of his subscription service.  

Oxfordshire Congress 12-13 June 2021

The OBA Congress will be held over the weekend 12-13th June 2021. Green Pointed Swiss Pairs & Teams and Friendly Pairs. On RealBridge

Entry forms:  Swiss Pairs  Swiss Teams  Friendly Pairs

Click for: Congress Brochure

(Added by Gllian Leaver, 14 April 2021).

News Web Updates

Please email me (Gillian Leaver) to update this page replacing the [dot] with a full stop and [at] with @


For news archive click here.

Broadband & Club Phone

The Club's telephone number is 01865 400924. 

Broadband  password for WiFi is 'wallingford'

Afternoon Online Pairs (RealBridge)
Online Open Pairs (RealBridge)
Online Section B (RealBridge)
Morning Online Pairs (RealBridge)
Afternoon Online Pairs (BBO)
Monday Evening Online Pairs (RealBridge)
Open Teams (RealBridge)
Afternoon Online Pairs (RealBridge)
Fri 23rd Apr 2021
Relaxed Pairs run by Phyllis Court Bridge Club
Fri 23rd Apr 2021
Afternoon Pairs (RealBridge)
Director: David Emerson
Fri 23rd Apr 2021
X-IMPed Pairs (RealBridge)
Director: Cliff Hones
Mon 26th Apr 2021
Morning Online Pairs (RealBridge)
Director: David Emerson
Mon 26th Apr 2021
Afternoon Online Pairs (BBO)
Director: Patricia Hones
Mon 26th Apr 2021
Monday Evening Online Pairs (RealBridge)
Director: Anna Wright
Wed 28th Apr 2021
Online Mixed Pairs (RealBridge)
Director: Andrew Hones
Wed 28th Apr 2021
Online Section B (RealBridge)
Director: Bill Norman