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Danny Hearty
Tel: 01491 839 926

Junior members

In the August OBA event, Millie and Verity Hallam, 2 of our newer members came second. The September event is on 19th at 4.00.p.m.

Welcome to Wallingford Bridge Club
Wallingford Bridge Club - Club Sessions Suspended

All sessions at the club are currently suspended due to the coronavirus. 

Many thanks to many of our members who are supporting our online bridge sessions.

Happy Birthday Graham

(Added by Gillian Leaver, 2 Oct 2020)

Our club President Graham Rayner very recently had his 90th birthday. Hearty congratuations from all of us Graham!   

New Club Secretary - Message from the Chairman

Added by Gillian Leaver, 26 September 2020.

Jayne Watney who has been Club Secretary for many years has resigned. She has also played a key role in organising Monday mornings bridge sessions and will be sadly missed. We offer her our warmest congratulations on the excellent work she has done and all the very best wishes for the future. 

It is a pleasure to report that Danny Hearty will now take on the role of Club Secretary .


Autumn 2020 bridge classes

We, as a club, feel really extremely proud of the way in which we have risen to the challenge of Covid. After all, you learn to play bridge so that you can play cards and socialise, and life is different- for now. Our lessons have proved so popular- yes, even though we cannot play cards- that we have had to open more classes. There are now 3 beginners classes and 4 improvers classes.


This years lessons started on Tuesday 8th September, and  the amended timings, days and tutors are as follows:-

Beginners David Emerson Tuesdays 10-12 noon , 2-4.00 p.m and 7-9.00 p.m.

Improvers Peter Dyer  Tuesdays 10-12 noon  and 7-9.00p.m.

                   David Emerson Mondays 2-4.00p.m.(starting 21st September) and Thursdays 10-12noon(starting 1st October)

The lessons use Zoom, which everyone has had to learn during lockdown, BridgeBaseOnline(BBO), and NoFearBridge(NFB). Worry not. We will teach you how to use these. The BBO and NFB allow you to 'play bridge' with fellow classmates, which will make it feel  more real. We are limiting the sizes of the classes so that everyone enjoys them more, and have had to increase the number of groups as shown above

The cost is £100 for each 10 week period(there will be 4 in the year and practice weeks?. Please email Joan Bennett on or call me on 01491 579795 or 07548 782 538 for further information.  Please contact David( or Peter( if you cannot reach me.


Stuart Fox is running sessions concentrating on card play on Thursday at 12.15p.m.- a fascinating, but frequently neglected topic- from which everyone can benefit. How often have you wondered why other people made more tricks than you did? He is also continuing his bidding workshops on Thursdays at 11.00.a.m. You may come to either or both. Contact Stuart on or 07730 304 294. £5 per session.


David Emerson is running a session each Thursday evening from 7-9 p.m. to which all students and club members are welcome. The timing of this should help those students who work. Sessions must be booked in advance at If you have any questions or queries contact David on

Updated 17.9.2020

Wallingford Bridge Club are now offering five online bridge sessions each week, and another session run by neighbouring bridge club Phyllis Court Bridge Club which is now also open to Wallingford Bridge Club members.


Monday at 2:00pm       -    Duplicate Pairs MPs (modified Level 2), playing 18 boards.

Tuesday at 2:00pm      -     Gentle Duplicate (for inexperienced players) playing 12 or 14 boards.

Wednesday at 7:00pm  -    Duplicate Pairs MPs (Level 4), playing 18-20 boards.

Thursday at 2.00pm     -    Duplicate Pairs MPs (modified Level 2), playing 18 boards.

Friday at 10:00am       -    Gentle Duplicate (for inexperienced players) playing 12 or 14 boards. This session is run by Phyllis Court Bridge Club, who are kindly opening it to Wallingford Bridge Club members as well. 

Friday at 7.00pm          -   Pairs,  X-IMPs (Teams scoring) (Level 4), playing 21-24 boards.


Other feedback has suggested that one thing putting off some members from playing online is not having a partner. BBO has a fantastic way of dealing with this, as each tournament has a Partnership Desk which is open for 2 hours before every event for people looking for a partner. Full step-by-step instructions for using this feature are available by clicking at the top of this News Item. Unfortunately we do not currently have enough volunteers to be able to provide a host for any of our sessions after the end of the current trial period on the 1st of July. 

If you are considering playing on Friday evenings, but are unfamiliar with X-IMPs (the same type of scoring as used for Teams), don't be nervous as the game is still almost exactly the same! There is a simple explanation of some of the tactics for doing well at this type of scoring here.

Each session lasts for around two to two and a half hours. The entry fee for all tournaments is BB$3.  Masterpoints will be awarded, and the sessions will count towards NGS. BBO's Robot players will be used to make up a half table when necessary.  Instructions for playing in one of the club's online duplicates can be found here.
If you haven't played on BBO before, click on BBO Buddy if you would like some help getting started. 
Have a look at the useful 'how to' videos in the Online Bridge area of this website.

Bernard Magee live broadcasts.

Update 9 Sept 2020 by Gillian Leaver.

Bernard Magee made 39 seminars over the lockdown period and can still be viewed via this link.

Bernards has continued with free Monday seminars available from the same link above. Please also see this short video with details of his subscription service.  

Committee Meeting Minutes - 15 Jan 2020

These are available in the members' area of the website. Select and click Members Only Area from the left hand column menu, log in then select Members Only Notices again from the left hand column menu.

News Web Updates

Please email me (Gillian Leaver) to update this page replacing the [dot] with a full stop and [at] with @


For news archive click here.

Broadband & Club Phone

The Club's telephone number is 01865 400924. 

Broadband  password for WiFi is 'wallingford'

Online Bridge (Mod level 2)
Online X-IMPed Pairs (Level 4)
Online Bridge (Mod level 2)
Online Pairs (Mod Level 4)
Online Bridge (Mod level 2)
Online X-IMPed Pairs (Level 4)
Online Pairs (Mod level 2)
Online Pairs (Mod Level 4)
Wed 21st Oct 2020
Online Pairs (Mod Level 4)
Thu 22nd Oct 2020
Online Bridge (Mod level 2)
Fri 23rd Oct 2020
Online X-IMPed Pairs (Level 4)
Fri 23rd Oct 2020
Gentle Pairs run by Phyllis Court Bridge Club
Mon 26th Oct 2020
Online Bridge (Mod level 2)
Tue 27th Oct 2020
Online Gentle Bridge
Wed 28th Oct 2020
Online Pairs (Mod Level 4)
Thu 29th Oct 2020
Online Bridge (Mod level 2)