Face-to-face bridge restarted on 27th August! We also continue to run our online club programme.

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Playing Bridge at the Clubhouse

NEW: we will start playing at the club house on Tuesday mornings with effect from Tuesday 5th October!   

This is in addition to the face-to-face (F2F) bridge sessions taking place on Fridays at 10am.

Both of these are hybrid sessions with two sections playing the same set of hands - one section playing at the club, and the other online, on RealBridge.

We will introduce additional F2F sessions as and when we can, depending on the level of support and availability of directors and scorers. 

For further information and to book your place, please click here

Saturday Seminars are Taking Place at the Club

Our two remaining Saturday Seminars on 23rd October (Stephen Bliss' Playing with the Odds) and 27th November (Robert Procter's Keeping it Tight in Defence) will now be held face to face at Oxford Bridge Club. Those who have already booked will already have been informed of this. Spaces are still available so please do book - it's a great opportunity to improve your bidding and card play.  To book your place, please click here.

New Monthly Online Teams Session on Friday Evenings

We are introducing a new monthly online teams session on the 3rd Friday of the month, with the first session taking place on Friday 15th October. This will be played on RealBridge. 

This session is open to players of all abilities. If you would like some help finding team mates, please email us and we'll do our best to help. 

Here's a link to the bookings page for the first session

Thursday Evening Learn & Play Moves to the Club One Evening a Month

NEW: Thursday evening Learn & Play will be moving to the club on the FIRST Thursday evening of each month. 

The first session at the club will be Thursday 7th October at 7.15pm. Club sessions will then be held on Thursday 4th November and Thursday 2nd December. The remaining Thursday sessions will be online as they currently are. We will see how popular the club sessions are and, if necessary, move more online sessions back to the club. If you're interested please book your place via the website in advance and support the club sessions. 

To book your place, please click here.

Meltzer/Rubber Bridge Knockout Competition 2021-2022

The Meltzer competition is switching back to it's original format as a rubber bridge knockout competition, and is now open to entries. The competition will run from October 2021 to May 2022.

As it involves only four players at a time there should be minimal risk of transmission of Covid, and we're hoping that most people will be happy to play matches at home or on the club premises (please note that the club probably won't be open every day). Those who prefer to play online may do so, but we ask you to use rubber bridge scoring. 

Entry fee: £2.50 per player. Closing date for entries: Friday 30th September. 

For further information and the entry form please click here. 

EBED Autumn Simultaneous Pairs Competition - Winners

Many congratulations to Susan Fletcher and Carol Hall who have won the EBED (English Bridge Education & Development) Autumn Simultaneous Pairs competition at Oxford Bridge Club.

Susan Fletcher Carol Hall

Thanks to all who played in the competition. Money raised goes to promote the development of Bridge nationally. To see how you've done compared to others across the country who played the same boards, visit the EBU website here

Click here to download the commentary for the hands played.  

Changes to our online sessions

Monday morning and Wednesday evening sessions will be moving from BBO to RealBridge in late September.  We are giving you plenty of notice of the switch so that you can avoid being left with an unused surplus of BB$. If you still have some left over, they can be spent on BBO sessions run by other clubs, or by the EBU, or they can be transferred to another player.  

Now that we have all got used to playing online we are going to increase the number of boards played to 20 (from 18) on Monday and Friday mornings and Wednesday evenings, with effect from the week beginning 30th August. 

These changes will help to facilitate the gradual introduction of face-to-face sessions over the next weeks and months. 

New Beginner Courses

Do you know anyone who wants to learn to play Bridge? If so, then please encourage them to join our classes for beginners which start at the end of September. These 'Bridge for All' courses have been developed by the EBU and are based on the Acol bidding system. There will be two online and two face-to-face options (one of each for year 1 and year 2 courses). 

Most of our students come to us through the website or through personal recommendation so your spreading the word and encouragement means a lot. Please do mention the classes to your friends, family, neighbours and colleagues. They can find more information on this website by clicking on the ‘Learn to Play Bridge’ box in the top right hand corner. 


This is a busy and difficult time for us all.  Our priorities must reflect the need to look after the health and wellbeing of each other and do what we can to avoid spreading the virus.

We have set up a page in the “Members Only” section of the website to help those who are obliged to self-isolate and to enable those who are able and willing to help in some way to register their details and how they can help.  The members only section avoids individuals disclosing personal contact information on an open website. Here is the direct link.

If you have not visited the “Members Only” section before, here’s what you have to do.

Click on the  button in the top right corner of the home page and follow the instructions.

If you are not in one of the “at-risk” categories and your circumstances permit and you feel able, please sign up to help others. Offers of support will be much appreciated by everyone.


♥ Booking open for new 'Bridge for All' Year 1 and Year 2 courses. Click for more info on courses and to book


 23rd October & 27th November at Oxford Bridge Club

Click here to book

Click here to book your place at a RealBridge session.
Further information on playing on RealBridge is available here.
Morning Pairs - hybrid
RealBridge and clubhouse
Director: Kathy T (online); Martin I (F2F)
Scorer: Liza Furnival
Host: Paul W (online). Martin I (F2F)
Gentle Duplicate
Director: Susan F
Scorer: Brian M
Host: Pam P
Learn and Play
Director: Christine B
Scorer: Steve F
Host: Suzanne Litchfield
Learn and Play
Director: Viccy F
Scorer: John F
Host: Nick Wedd
Gentle Duplicate
Director: Ian B
Scorer: Ian B
Host: Sue S
Evening Pairs
Director: Richard S
Scorer: BrianM
Mon 27th Sep 2021
Morning Pairs
BBO 10.00
Director: Chris D
Scorer: Marion
Tue 28th Sep 2021
Morning Pairs
RealBridge 10.00
Director: Cliff P
Scorer: Brian M
Host: RonaldG
 Click for more information
Wed 29th Sep 2021
Learn and Play
RealBridge 10.00
Director: Liza F
Scorer: Liza F
Host: Sandra Tipper
 Click for more information
Wed 29th Sep 2021
Gentle Duplicate
RealBridge 14.00
Director: Viccy F
Scorer: John F
Host: Kathy G
 Click for more information
Wed 29th Sep 2021
Evening Pairs
BBO 19.15
Director: Martin I
Scorer: Martin I
Thu 30th Sep 2021
Gentle Duplicate
RealBridge 19.15
Director: Anne L
Scorer: Anne L
Host: Rose S
 Click for more information