Face-to-face bridge has restarted on Tues and Fri mornings and 4th Wednesday evenings! Click here for details of our regular bridge sessions.

Upcoming Competitions


Tuesday 8th February at 10am


Thursday 17th February at 7.15pm

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Junior Squad Simultaneous Pairs - Tuesday 8th February, 10am

This is a hybrid session and will run on both RealBridge and face-to-face. Money raised is used to fund the England junior squads. Entry fee £6.00 per player. Click here for more information.

Beck Salver - Club Pairs Competition

Many congratulations to Robert Gasser & Martin Illingworth who have won the club's annual duplicate pairs competition, held on Sunday 23rd January. They will be awarded with the Beck Salver at the AGM. 

Well done also to Peter Litchfield & John Briggs who came second, and Mary-Ann & Tim Sheehy who were third. 

Click here for the full results. 

Playing Bridge at the Clubhouse

We are playing face-to-face (F2F) bridge sessions at the clubhouse on Tuesdays and Fridays at 10am and 4th Wednesday evenings at 7.15pm.

These are hybrid sessions with two sections playing the same set of hands - one section playing at the club, and the other online, on RealBridge.

Additionally, the 1st Thursday evening Learn & Play session of each month will also be at the clubhouse. Click here for more information about Learn & Play sessions

We encourage you to wear a facemask whilst you are on the club premises, though it is not a legal requirement. 

The Trustees also strongly encourage you to take a lateral flow test before coming to the clubhouse. 

For more information about the precautions that we are taking against Covid please click here

For further information and to book your place, please click here

Diana Nettleton

Diana Nettleton, Captain of the OBC A team and OBA County Captain, has been selected to represent England in the forthcoming European mixed pairs championships. To be selected Diana and partner Tom Paske had to play 144 boards in December and come in the top half of entrants. The top half of entrants then played a further 144 boards this last weekend and the top three pairs were selected to play for their country. Diana and Tom will be joined by Frances Hinden and Graham Osborne, and Sarah Bell and Michael Byrne (Michael is also known to many Oxford players as a visiting expert, who is due to give two seminars at OBC on 12 March).

Also doing well in the same trials were OU Bridge Club and former Oxford Bridge Club members Charlie Bucknell and Ewa Wieczorek. They came fourth and therefore missed out on selection by only one place. This is again a phenomenal achievement for the County's younger players - the final qualifying round was full of players with international experience, although Charlie and Ewa can also lay claim to this accomplishment. Commiserations therefore go to Charlie and Ewa - perhaps until the next qualifier.

Slam Bidding Seminars 29th January & 5th February

Peter Litchfield will be running a two-seminar online course (RealBridge and Zoom) on slam bidding on 29th January and 5th February. Finding slams when others don’t will give your Bridge scores a huge boost so don’t miss out on this course to show you how to bid them. Peter will be covering such topics as Jacoby 2NT, splinter bids, cue bidding, Roman Key Card Blackwood and reaching minor suit slams after a 1NT opener – all excellent tools designed to enhance your slam bidding. Click here to join the waiting list.

Michael Byrne Seminars Saturday 12th March

Oxford Bridge School is delighted to present two seminars run by Michael Byrne on Saturday 12th March 2022 at the Bridge club. Many of you will already have been to Michael’s OBS seminars so will know how entertaining and highly enjoyable these sessions are. Michael is a professional player and teacher based in Manchester where he runs his own teaching school, Michael's School of Bridge. He is squad leader of the England Under 20 team that he has captained to two Silver Medals at the World Championships and two Bronzes at the European Championships. He regularly gives coaching to County and National teams and you may also have seen his articles in ‘English Bridge’. We are particularly pleased that Michael is able to join us shortly before he represents England in the Bermuda Bowl, the World Bridge Team Championships being held in Italy a few weeks later.

Booking is now open for his two seminars. The morning session is of interest to intermediate players and will focus on declarer play. The afternoon session will look at opening leads in a new way and is aimed at advanced players (though of course both sessions are open to all). Please click here to book

RealBridge - Audio and Connection issues with iPads and Macs

If you are having trouble with sound or connections on your iPad or Mac when using RealBridge, particularly if you have recently upgraded to iOS 15, this guidance may help you to fix the problem.

Calling all 'Bridge for All' Students!

We hope that you have thoroughly enjoyed your first term of year 1 or year 2 of the new 'Bridge for All' course. Booking is now open for the second term (10 weeks of lessons). The new term starts from Monday 10th January 2022. Classes continue at the same time on the same day of the week as currently. Please click here to book

Year 2 students (especially those who joined in January and are completing their final term) – please do have a think about joining a Learn & Play session, you are more than ready! We play 12 boards in a very relaxed manner and you can ask the teacher/director for help at any time. There are two sessions per week - Wednesday mornings and Thursday evenings. They are all online except for the first Thursday evening of each month which is held face-to-face at the club. It's a great way to practice your Bridge and also get a feel for playing 'proper' duplicate Bridge. Click here for more information and the booking link. 


This is a busy and difficult time for us all.  Our priorities must reflect the need to look after the health and wellbeing of each other and do what we can to avoid spreading the virus.

We have set up a page in the “Members Only” section of the website to help those who are obliged to self-isolate and to enable those who are able and willing to help in some way to register their details and how they can help.  The members only section avoids individuals disclosing personal contact information on an open website. Here is the direct link.

If you have not visited the “Members Only” section before, here’s what you have to do.

Click on the  button in the top right corner of the home page and follow the instructions.

If you are not in one of the “at-risk” categories and your circumstances permit and you feel able, please sign up to help others. Offers of support will be much appreciated by everyone.


♥ Booking is now open for TERM 2 of 'Bridge for All' Year 1 & Year 2 courses. Click for more info and to book


 29th January & 5th Feb – online short course on Slam Bidding by Peter Litchfield

 12th March – Michael Byrne – Declarer Play & Opening Leads

Click here to book

Click here to book your place at a RealBridge session.
Further information on playing on RealBridge is available here.
Gentle Duplicate
Director: Susan F
Scorer: Brian M
Host: Patricia L
Learn and Play
Director: Anne L
Scorer: Anne L
Host: Suzanne L
Learn and Play
Director: Nick W
Scorer: Brian M
Host: Dominique K
Gentle Duplicate
Director: Ian B
Scorer: Ian B
Host: Mike L
Director: Richard S (online)
Scorer: Brian M (online)
Host: Irene H
Morning Pairs - hybrid
RealBridge and clubhouse
Director: Anne L (online); Peter S (F2F)
Scorer: Anne L
Host: Alasdair M (F2F); NaomiB(online)
Fri 28th Jan 2022
Morning Pairs - hybrid
Online and clubhouse 10.00
Director: Kathy T (online); Peter S (F2F)
Scorer: Liza F (online); Phil C (F2F)
Host: Peter Ste (F2F); SueB(online)
 Click for more information
Mon 31st Jan 2022
Morning Pairs
RealBridge 10.00
Director: Matt W
Scorer: Marion
Host: Avis R
 Click for more information
Tue 1st Feb 2022
Morning Pairs - hybrid
RealBridge and clubhouse 10.00
Director: Cliff P (online); Richard S (F2F)
Scorer: Steve F (online); Richard S (F2F)
Host: LindaA(online)
 Click for more information
Wed 2nd Feb 2022
Learn and Play
RealBridge 10.00
Director: Kathy T
Scorer: Steve F
Host: Nick W
 Click for more information
Wed 2nd Feb 2022
Gentle Duplicate
RealBridge 14.00
Director: Viccy F
Scorer: John F
Host: John B
 Click for more information
Wed 2nd Feb 2022
RealBridge 19.15
Director: Martin I
Scorer: Martin I
Host: Not hosted
 Click for more information