Playing a mixture of face-to-face and online bridge. Check the calendar for details. Click here for details of our regular bridge sessions.

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Club Stratified Sim Pairs

Thur 7th Mar, 7.15pm

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  A warm welcome to members, newcomers, students and visitors
Friday evening cross-Imp pairs

We're playing cross-Imped pairs at the club this coming Friday evening, 1st March, at 7.15pm. This session will only run if at least 3 full tables have booked and paid by 6pm on Thursday 29th February. 

So if you'd like to play, please book in advance via this link.

Note that this session is not hosted, so you'll need to arrange a partner in advance. If you'd like to play, but don't have a partner, please email Liza who will try to match you up with someone.  

Club Stratified Simultaneous Pairs - Thurs 7th March

We are running a heat of the Club Stratified Simultaneous Pairs on Thursday 7th March, at 7.15pm, on RealBridge. 

This event replaces the 9-High Pairs that are normally held on Thursday evenings. There are no restrictions as to who may play - ie it is open to all players of all abilities. We will play 20 boards.

For more information on how the stratification works, please click here

To go directly to the bookings page, please click here

John Deech Challenge Pairs

Don't forget that this coming Wednesday evening it's the John Deech Challenge Pairs. This competition is played on 4th Wednesday evenings between September and May and is aimed at both experienced and less experienced players. There are cash prizes on the night, and at the end of the season, plus a trophy for the winner. Click here for further details.  There are free refreshments - wine, beer, soft drinks and nibbles - so come along and join us for a convivial evening of bridge, plus the chance to win a prize! 

Many thanks to John, who is continuing to fund this competition. 

Mixed Pairs Competition Winners
Mixed Pairs Competition Winners


Many congratulations to Jackie Fairclough & Graham Orsmond, who have won the club's Mixed Pairs competition, played on Wednesday 21st February. They receive the Winnie Ling trophy.

Second were Lorna Swadling & Peter Randall, and third were Chris Adams & Viccy Fleming, so very well done to them too. 

Congratulations also to Chris & Matteo Pesce, visitors from the States, who won the session, but who were playing without standing in the competition. 

Click here for the full results.

Dust up your Defence

We defend twice as often as playing a contract. Learning how to stop our opponents making their contract is an important part of the game.

Steven Bliss is an experienced teacher and bridge player who will skilfully guide you in ways to improve your defence and help you understand techniques used by your opponents.

This course will help beginners as well as more experienced players. For more information and to book a place click here.

Playing Bridge at the Clubhouse

We are playing face-to-face (F2F) bridge at the clubhouse on the following days:

Monday mornings:  this is a hybrid session with two sections playing the same set of hands - one section playing at the club, and the other on RealBridge.

Tuesday mornings:  this is a Gentle Duplicate session with restrictions on experienced partnerships.

Wednesday evenings: duplicate pairs on 2nd to 5th Wednesdays. Teams sessions on 1st Wednesdays are online, but will be moving face-to-face from Wed 3rd April.

Thursday evening Supervised Play sessions are at the clubhouse and must be prebooked. Click here for more information about Supervised Play sessions

Friday mornings: this is a hybrid session with two sections playing the same set of hands - one section playing at the club, and the other on RealBridge.

Friday evenings: cross-Imp pairs on 1st Friday evenings only. Must be booked in advance. Not hosted. 

As always please check the calendar for details. There's no need to prebook club F2F sessions with the exception of 1st Friday evenings and Thursday evening Supervised Play.

All sessions (except 1st Friday evenings) are hosted, so you can come along without a partner. Visitors are very welcome. 

RealBridge - Audio and Video problems

If you are having trouble with sound or video on your iPad or other device when using RealBridge, this guidance may help you to fix the problem.

Social Bridge

Social Bridge

♥  Saturday afternoons 2.30pm F2F for anyone wanting to play social bridge in a relaxed atmosphere 

Sessions start again 6th January 2024

♥  Click here for more information
♥  No need to book - just come along!


♥ Dust up your DefenceRefresher of techniques to improve your defence with Steven Bliss. Click here to book.


Bridge for All Courses

Year 1 Monday afternoons click here
Year 2 Monday evenings click here
Year 2 Tuesday afternoons click here
Year 1 Tuesday evenings click here


Bucknell Bridge


♥  BucknellBridge - training courses at OBC

♥  BucknellBridge - tips on bidding and play

Playing Bridge Online
Click here to book your place at a RealBridge session (& Fri evening X-Imp pairs)
Further information on playing on RealBridge is available here.
Morning Pairs - hybrid
Clubhouse and RealBridge
Director: Martin (F2F); Viccy (online)
Scorer: RVAF
Host: Amr E-K (online); Peter Schr (F2F)
Morning Pairs - hybrid
Clubhouse and RealBridge
Director: Peter Sh (F2F); Peter L (online)
Scorer: Anne L
Host: Cyril B (online); Erika S (F2F)
Supervised Play
Bridge Club
Director: CB
Scorer: IAB
Host: Ian B
9-High Pairs
Director: Matt
Scorer: Brian
Host: Jackie A
Supervised Play
Director: Kathy T
Scorer: SMF
Host: Nick W
Gentle Duplicate
Director: Steve
Scorer: Steve
Host: Adele B
Tue 27th Feb 2024
Gentle Duplicate
Clubhouse 10.00
Director: Peter Sh
Scorer: Diana E C
Host: Judith R
 More Info
Wed 28th Feb 2024
Supervised Play
RealBridge 10.00
Director: Nick W
Scorer: Anne L
Host: TBC
 More Info
Wed 28th Feb 2024
Gentle Duplicate
RealBridge 14.00
Director: Viccy
Scorer: Viccy
Host: Ann L
 More Info
Wed 28th Feb 2024
John Deech Challenge Pairs
Clubhouse 19:15
Director: Richard
Scorer: Liza
Host: Chris A
 More Info
Thu 29th Feb 2024
Supervised Play
Bridge Club 19.15
Director: Anne L
Scorer: Anne L
Host: Steph B
 More Info
Thu 29th Feb 2024
9-High Pairs
RealBridge 19.15
Director: Brian
Scorer: Brian
Host: Louise V
 More Info