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until further notice

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Welcome to Let's Play Bridge Kelowna

******** IMPORTANT NOTICE *******

In an effort to ensure the health and safety of  bridge members the ACBL has encouraged clubs to cancel their games until the situation changes or more information becomes available on COVID - 19. As per the recommendations, the LPBC will follow suit. All club games will be cancelled effective  March 17th until further notice. 

The Board wishes you and your loved ones continued health and safety during this challenging time for our community and our LPBC family. 

Mary Meenagh




We play a variety of regular and tournament games each week. Please click left on Calendar for the type of game that is scheduled from our 'Club Calendar' - in the meantime here is our weekly game schedule - please note that you can reach the Club by phone 15 minutes before a game. Please call the game director at 250-317-9320 if you will be late.


Monday - Open MP - 6:30 pm

Tuesday - 0 - 299 MP - 6:30 pm

Wednesday - Open MP - 12:30 pm

Friday - 0 - 49 MP - 9:30am *new time

Friday - Open MP - 12:30 pm



What's New?

Our Laurent Coquet Tournament was a great success!


Check out our new Lesson Note section (listed under the Education section)


Upcoming Lessons
Level 1 Defence
Level 1 Play of the Hand
Level 2 Defence
Level 2 Play of the Hand
(dates and times to be determined)




Parkinson Senior Centre Games
Parkinson Senior Centre Games

We are excited to be able to collaborate with Parkinson Senior Society to ensure that people who want to play on Saturday's have access to the improvements we have been able to introduce at our club. We hope to see members of Let’s Play Bridge Club participating in the Saturday game at Parkinson's. Please note that you will need to purchase a membership in Parkinson Senior Society in order to play in the Saturday game.  An annual membership costs $15 and can be purchased at the game.  The game fee is $5 per player.

Members Only Directory

We encourage all members to sign up in order to access the "Members Only" section (click on above tab). Members can access the membership directory online as well as leave messages on the message board or change their personal information. Members will need to set up a password on their first login. Please click here for instructions.

Casual Game for Newer Players

Join us Monday afternoons
1:00 - 3:00pm  $5.00

Players may ask questions, receive assistance in bidding and refer to notes. A partner is not required.

Friday morning 0-49 Game for Newer and Beginning Players

Our Friday morning game has changed and is now for players with 0 to 49 master points. The game will be stratified so that those players with more than 20 points will be in the A stratification.  Players with less than 20 points will be able to compete in the A stratification and will also be able to compete for masterpoints in the B stratifcation. A partner is not required. 

April 6, 2020
Casual Game (non ACBL)
April 6, 2020
Open MP
April 7, 2020
Open Club Championship
Director: Bud Craig
Parkinson Open MP
Director: Jan Byers
0 - 49 MP
Director: Wendy Webb