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Pottage Cup

2017-2018 Pottage Cup Winners :: Eleanor Rice & Stuart Strachan

Pottage Final Qualifiers

The following people have qualified for the Final (16 pairs 45 boards) :: Sunday 14th April 2019 In Romsey 2pm start from the pottage semi final and are expected to play in the final.

Finalists: Please inform Mike Kinsey if you can't make the final so that the reserves can be informed and play in your place.

1 Phil Downham & Mahmood Nurmohamed, 2 Stuart Strachan & Eleanor Rice, 3 Richard & Christine Ray, 4 Gordon Clarke & John Pearson, 5 Jon Stredwick & David Goodlake, 6 Jeremy Baker & Fred Hotchen, 7 Alan Burley & Bill Washington, 8 Michael Yeo & Guy Lawrenson, 9 John Glasscock & Sam Golding, 10 Sula Turpin & Madeline Lawson, 11 Tony Truluck & Stuart Burnett, 12 Ivor Jones & Harry Tuffill, 13 Andy Hughes & Jeremy Dhondy, 14 Jim Norman & Leigh Harding,  15 Ed Ahern & Ian Giles, 16 Andrew Doye & Lilias Lamont.

Then 17 (first reserve) Andrew Bennett & David Hinkin,  18 (second reserve) Gill Weeks & Liz Madeley

The list will be updated should any pairs have to drop out and reserves need to take their place:




For background information, prior to this the following people had qualified for the Pottage semi final and were initially identified by the director of the qualifying heat as wishing to play in the semi-final.:
Hayling Island Heat Qualifiers : Graham Broadbent & Geoff Belding, Jim Norman & Leigh Harding,,Shirley Hewitt & Eileen Walker, Nigel Whiteman & Mike Wooding, Jan Palmer & Betty Milne

Petersfield Heat Qualifiers: Tony Truluck & Stuart Burnett,   Mike kinsey & Owen Leigh,   David Hinkin & Andrew Bennett,  Barry Lucas & Paul Kneen,  Rick Assad & Dennis Adams,  Lilias Lamont & Andrew Doye,   Jenny Ashby & Margaret Stothard.
Titchfield Heat Qualifiers: Mike Fithyan  & John Dakin, Phil Downham & Mahmood Nurmohamed, Gloria Benton & Susan Poole
Andover Heat Qualifiers:  Michael Yeo & Guy Laurenson
Swanmore Heat Qualifiers: Richard & Christine Ray, Dave Goodlake & Jon Stredwick, Tony Page & Helen Kinloch
Newbury Heat Qualifiers: Gordon Clarke &John Pearson, Stuart Strachan&Eleanor Rice,  Bill Washington & Alan Burley, Richard & Judy Bungey, Gill Weeks & Liz Madeley, Brenda &  Frans Vas Nunes
Lymington heat qualifiers: H.Graham & P.Bateman, J.Morrow & P.Lovegrove, M.Webb & R.Kennard, D.Heywood & D.Townsend, J.Wood & S.Boyt, D.Wright & A.Dunworth
Newport heat qualifiers: Sue Harrison & Ian Ralph, John Fryer & Philip Watson
Basingstoke Heat Qualifiers: Chris Kinloch & Ian Climie, John Glasscock & Sam Golding, Mary Lucas & Sandra Ruffell, John Fairhurst & Keith Bennett. John Chandler & Gill Williams
Badger farm heat qualifiers:  Andy Hughes & Jeremy Dhondy, Ian & Clare Fearon, Ivor Jones & harry Tuffill, Jeremy Baker & Fred Hotchen, Bo Deyal & Mike Gwillam, Madeline Lawson & Sula Turpin, Ed Ahearn & Ian Giles
Island heat qualifiers: Margaret Abbott  & Bud Abbott, Susan Kyle & Maggie Convery,  Julia Fauvel & David Beckingham, Penny Carter & Marilyn Barrell

Pottage Dates

The Pottage Cup is the HIWCBA pairs championship.
Clubs: please liase with Mike Kinsey to arrange your club heat.
Pairs: Please encourage your club to enter a heat. Failing that please enter a heat in another club. Clubs have publically declared the following heats that you may enter; Please look to tell clubs in advance that you will be turning up:

Hayling Island, Thurs Nov 8th - complete
Petersfield, Tues Nov 13th - complete
Titchfield, Mon Nov 19th - complete
Andover Monday 26th November - complete
Swanmore Thursday 20th December - complete
Newbury Tues 8th Jan - complete
Lymington Thursday 10th January 2019 - complete
Newport (IoW) Mon 14th Jan - complete
Basingstoke, Fri Jan 25th - complete
Badger  Farm, Tues Feb 5th - complete.
Island (IOW) Wed Feb 13th - complete

Semi-final :: Saturday 23rd March 2019 - complete

Final (16 pairs 45 boards) :: Sunday 14th April 2019 In Romsey 2pm start

NOTE: Semi-Final was a single session event starting at 3pm. This year the event may be run in two sections but then the results will be combined to give one list and the top 16 to qualify for the final

Finalists: Please inform Mike Kinsey if you can't make the final so that the reserves can be informed and play in your place.