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New online booking for helping out club roles.

 New Online process for booking roles for club sessions

The club appreciates individuals volunteering to fill the roles of Director, Host and Scorer at each session. We are asking you to support a new system which should give clarity to filling these roles on an ongoing basis.

 Initially for Mondays and Fridays by clicking on "monthly calendar" on the main website and going to a particular month, an individual will be able to select a particular session when they would like to volunteer.

We hope individuals will quickly populate the roles and sessions that meet their particular circumstances.

At the moment Wednesday afternoons and Thursday evenings self manage these sessions.

Specifically at the moment (Mondays and Fridays)

Spare Players are needed for: April 10th, 17th, 24th and May 4th, 11th, 15th, 18th, 22nd, 25th and 29th.

Scorers are needed for: April 10th, 17th, 20th, 24th, 27th and May 1st, 15th, 18th, 25th and 29th

Director, Spare Player and Scorer roles required from the start of June.

If you can help out, please follow the instructions outlined by clicking on "Calendar" link on LHS. A drop down box headed "Online Scoring roles" will appear. Click on this and follow the instructions.

Thank you.

Use the new Car Park
  • Cars Parking
  • Cars Prked neatly
  • New wall outside Club
  • Park here please

Members will have now seen our new extended car park so please use it.

 If you turn round first, it will be easier for you to drive out at the end.

Similarly, if you are blocking people in after arriving last, please leave quickly so that people are waiting for you. (Applies to all of the car park)

Web site read over 131,000 times

We often hear that members don't view the web site and although that may be true of a few of our members last year, the web site was read over 131,000 times and more than any other club in HIOW.

If you are one who does not read it, then give it a go as we do try to keep it up to date with lots of information. (Although of course, if you don't visit the site, you won't read this!!!). 

Club in top 50 clubs in England

We're pleased to announce that the Club is in the top 50 (48th) of all the clubs in England by number of player sessions in the year 2018/19.

A credit to our members and organisers of all our events to achieve this.

Welcome to Basingstoke Bridge Club

Due to virus concerns our club will close to all formal sessions with immediate effect.

 The club is keen to support members with online bridge.

Click for  guidance on the links below to various OnLine bridge portals, namely BridgeClubLive (BCL), BridgeBaseOnline (BBO) and Funbridge. We hope they will prove useful in registering and navigating the sites to continue enjoying bridge under the present unfortunate circumstances. Any queries please contact John Glasscock or myself, John F.

To view Help Documents about accessing BridgeBaseOnline and BridgeClub Live, click on the boxes on the RHS.

Basingstoke has registered as a club within BridgeClub Live (BCL)   Click the link below to go to their website.

Bridge Club Live


EBU update - click below for link to EBU website for more online bridge information


Click below to go to the BridgeBaseOnline (BBO) site. 


Click below to access youtube videos provided by Paul Gibson from Berwick Bridge Club on BBO

YouTube BBO video guides

Click below to access an excellent video on features of BBO you might find useful from Wimbledon Bridge Club

Video on BBO site Navigation


Bridge for all players

Basingstoke Bridge Club is the largest club in Hampshire and 48th in England (by player sessions) and welcomes all bridge players, from complete beginner to expert. We have our own premises and licensed bar.

We play duplicate pairs on Monday, Thursday and Friday evenings starting at 7.30pm. Please be seated at 7.20pm to ensure a prompt start. Alternately the first Monday or Friday of each month is scheduled for teams of four. There is also duplicate bridge on Tuesday and Wednesday afternoons starting at 1.00 pm.

If you think you may be late, phone the club on 01256 541988.

Mondays and Fridays are our main evenings with Thursdays being more relaxed with less experienced players and playing fewer boards.

Table money is £2.00 for members. Visitors and prospective new members are always welcome, (table money £3.00). On most Monday and Friday evenings and Tuesday afternoons there is a host, so any player arriving without a partner can always get a game. However please check the calendar to make sure there is a host on the relevant day. There is always a host on Thursday. There is no host on Wednesday, but please telephone Viv Morris (01256 889946)  and she will try to arrange partners.

All sessions are scored electronically by Bridgemate and printed hand records are available.

A beginners' course (running from September to July) takes place on Tuesday evenings, 7.00 - 10.00. Please contact Chris Kinloch (01264 333175. email ) for more information.

Improvers' sessions with a teaching topic and hands to play simultaneously (1.00pm - 4.30pm) are planned for occasional Friday afternoons and are posted on the web site. Members intending to attend these sessions should contact Chris Kinloch (as above).

Supervised play sessions occur twice a month on Friday mornings from 10.30am- 12.30pm. Please check the web site calendar for the booking form.

The chess club meets on Wednesday evenings. For information please phone John Shaddick on 01256 469749. There is also a link to their web site -

If you would like to know more about our club, please ring me on 01962 882715 or email me - 

 John Fairhurst  Chairman 

Last updated : 22nd Mar 2020 18:48 GMT
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