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4th December 2020
Online Supervised Play
BBO 9.30am
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7th December 2020
Virtual Club Pairs
RealBridge 7.30pm
Director: Phil
Scorer: Phil
Host: John F, Margaret
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Welcome to Basingstoke Bridge Club
Basingstoke Bridge Club Shop

 ♠   ♣  Basingstoke Bridge Club Shop ♠   ♣ 

Our  Store is up and running from 14th November.  You can buy the following items:

1     Account Credit (‘Top up’) – this will give you credits that you can use to pay for any of the items in the Shop – see below .  You can use a Credit or Debit card for this.  Click here to start

2     Event Tickets for RealBridge or Charity Events on BBO, Click here to go to the Event Calendar

3     Teaching Sessions and Teaching materials – Click here

4     Membership renewal or payment for new members – Click here

For Guide on how to use the shop  - Click here

For lessons learned week 1 Click here
For video on how to buy tickets and join a Real Bridge session - Click here


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RealBridge - A near f2f experience

♠   ♣  RealBridge - A sociable experience ♠   ♣ 



Click here for Lessons learned from week 1

Please click here to see RealBridge Guidance Notes.

Last updated : 21st Nov 2020 16:19 GMT

Due to Covid concerns our club has closed for all face to face sessions until further notice

 The club is keen to support members with online bridge.

Please see the calendar for a list of the events running.  Bridge will be run on either BBO or RealBridge.

 Any queries please contact John Glasscock or myself, John Fairhurst.

Bridge for all players

Basingstoke Bridge Club is the largest club in Hampshire and 48th in England (by player sessions) and welcomes all bridge players, from complete beginner to expert. Whilst our current focus is supporting online play - and we have established our own Virtual Club - we have our own premises and licensed bar which will reopen as soon as it is safe to do so..

The Basingstoke Chess club use the premises when open. For information please phone John Shaddick on 01256 469749. There is also a link to their web site -

If you would like to know more about our club, please ring me on 01962 882715 or email me - 

 John Fairhurst  Chairman 

Last updated : 15th Nov 2020 09:54 GMT
Supervised Play

Supervised play sessions are aimed at helping players to develop their confidence with bidding and playing.  These sessions are not a replacement for lessons and it is not intended that new conventions are taught.  The supervisors will help participants get the best of out of the systems that each participant plays.  Each session offers the opportunity to play up to 12 pre-dealt hands with a supervisor giving advice on each of the hands.  

Supervised Play sessions take place every fortnight and will be run on RealBridge but with an option for occasional sessions to be run on BBO for those who are unable to use RealBridge..   If you wish to join a session click on the link next to the appropriate calendar event which will take you to the payment website where you can purchase a ticket for the event.  An email with a link to the RealBridge session will be sent to you.

After the session a set of notes will be available from the website.

Last updated : 14th Nov 2020 22:43 GMT

♠  Teaching at Basingstoke  ♣ 


You are invited to join David Lewis' Improver Class that he is kindly running on a Tuesday evening at 7pm starting on 1st December using Zoom and BBO-


For information on each session click "Teaching"


Please book and pay for a session using these links to the calendar and the shop 

A Zoom link to each session will be sent in the confirmation email.

Last updated : 28th Nov 2020 10:51 GMT
Virtual Pairs

♠   ♣  

These sessions will be run on either BBO, or RealBridge.  To play in BBO sessions, you need to enter your BBO username through the BBO Names link on the website; you only need to do this once. Then for BBO sessions on the day of choice, up to 2 hours before the scheduled start, register on BBO with your partner online at the same time.  (Log on - go to competitive and search for Basingstoke).  You can only register as a partnership.  There is a partnership matching service for Wednesday (Bunny Leonard) and Thursday (Sam Golding).  Sessions cost BB$3 and will be directed by a Basingstoke Director.  More information is provided under the BBO Duplicate link.


For RealBridge sessions click on ‘more info’ on the appropriate event in the calender which will take you to the events section of the shop where you can purchase a place on the event.  The cost is £2 for members and £2.50 for non members.  An email with a link to the RealBridge session will be sent to you.  Please see further information on this website about RealBridge.

Please remember to be polite and tolerant and introduce yourself before you start to play the hands

♠   ♣ 

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