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If you are interested in joining us, would like to discuss teaching or have any other questions please contact our Club Chairman, at

20th May 2024
Virtual Round Robin (COMP)
RealBridge 7.15pm
Director: Phil Brown
Scorer: Phil
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20th May 2024
Boost your Bridge - Play and Learn
Maydene 7.15pm
Director: Heather
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21st May 2024
9 High Teams (COMP)
RealBridge 7.15pm
Director: Robbie Burns
Scorer: Robbie
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Welcome to Basingstoke Bridge Club
Welcome to Basingstoke Bridge Club
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Basingstoke Bridge club was founded in 1966 by Harold Foster and is the largest bridge club in Hampshire with a thriving membership of over 200.  We are located in our own premises at Maydene, Sherborne Rd, Basingstoke. 

We have members of all ages and abilities. ..........

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Last updated : 13th Dec 2023 16:31 GMT
Winners of Season 10 of the Social League

    Well done to Keith Bennett, Phil Brown, John Fairhurst, Andy Fry and Madeline Lawson who are the winners of the 10th Social League. 

Last updated : 15th May 2024 17:52 BST
New survey launched for additional Face to Face Session


The committee would like your views on whether or not you would like an additional Face to Face Session and if so on what days.


Please click here for more details and to complete the survey.

Last updated : 5th May 2024 09:35 BST
Who has increased their NGS score the most this month?
Who has increased their NGS score the most this month?

Who has increased their NGS score the most in April?  The top 4 people this month are:

Ann Walden, Mike Robinson, Vera Watts & Macushla Stewart

Well done everyone!

Last updated : 1st May 2024 06:36 BST
Training Courses
Training Courses

The next term of the Beginner Course starts on Wednesday 10th April 2024 at the clubhouse.  The club continues to run the Improvers Course also at the clubhouse on Saturday mornings.

We are currently offering a new beginners class starting Saturday 21st September and a new Improvers course also in September (date tbc).

Please click here to go to our new Training website for more information.


Last updated : 14th May 2024 16:01 BST
New Feature - Hand of the Week

The bidding for this one is complex, as will be discussed later.

Note that played in hearts by South, there are 10 tricks available, just losing a spade, a heart and a diamond. On a black suit lead, declarer can unblock the A, ruff a spade over to dummy, discard J on K and gather in 12 tricks. Defenders can save a trick by leading diamonds, or somewhat luckily two tricks by leading a heart honour as there is then no spade ruff and no access to dummy for the diamond discard.

Played in spades by South, apparently there is one more trick available, because a trump lead will not prevent a heart ruff.

In practice, bidding game eluded all 8 NS pairs, so let’s consider the bidding. Those with only one strong bid in their system (2, forcing to game) are going to struggle here as the South hand has ‘only’ 9 winners (3 spades, 5 hearts and a club would be a reasonable estimate) and maybe is not quite a 2 opener.

Those playing Benji have two strong opening bids: 2 eventually to show 8 playing tricks in hearts, and 2 as the really strong game forcing one. But Benji 2 bids are recommended really for single suiters, as it may be difficult to show the second suit later.

So a lot of players are forced by their system to open 1, as there will always be another round when they can catch up, surely. Well no, actually, as 1 was passed out at 5 of the 8 tables.

There are drawbacks to having only one strong bid or of reserving Benji 2 bids for single suiters. Even if someone else bids and you then try to catch up, partner will never quite believe you had 9 winners yet opened only at the 1-level.



So, what about 2♣-2-2♥-2NT-3♠-3NT-4? North keeps the bidding alive with 2NT rather than pass, and game is reached.

Last updated : 14th May 2024 17:44 BST
Supervised Play
Supervised Play

Supervised play sessions are aimed at helping players to develop their confidence with bidding and playing.  Each session offers the opportunity to play up to 12 pre-dealt hands with a supervisor giving advice on each of the hands.  The events take place fortnightly on a Wednesday evening starting at 7pm.

Click on the calendar event to book.

For more details please contact David Lewis, Charmaine Hoey or Barbara Seymour.

Last updated : 28th Feb 2024 22:22 GMT
Events coming up



Some exciting events coming up in the next few weeks:

Fund Raising event at Chute Pavilion on Saturday 1st June - opportunity to hear the newly formed Club Band and to have a cream tea - please click on Calendar event to buy a ticket

Mollie Simmons Swiss Pairs at clubhouse on Wednesday 5th June - please click on calendar event for more information and to register to attend.  We are asking people to bring a food item for the lunch.


Last updated : 19th May 2024 10:48 BST
Bridge & Chips 22nd May
Bridge & Chips 22nd May

             The next Bridge & Chips will be held at the Jekyll & Hyde Pub A33, Hartley Westpall, RG27 0AX on Wednesday 22nd May

Cost is £11.50

The booking form will open on Wednesday 8th May at 9am. You will need to book as a pair and provide your menu choices when booking.  When available the booking form can be accessed from the calendar event ‘more info’ link


Last updated : 17th May 2024 14:57 BST
Exciting event on 1st June


Fund Raising Event for the Club Expansion/Refurbishment project to be held at the Chute Pavilion in Sherborne St John on Saturday 1st June starting at 2pm.

Cream Tea with entertainment from the 'Basingstoke Bridge Club Band' interspersed with Line Dancing led by an experienced caller and a Demonstration of Argentine Tango by one of the band members and her partner.

This is the first chance that the club have had to hear the newly formed club band and singers since they had to cancel the Xmas event, so book your tickets now.   Friends, partners and family are welcome - no bridge.

Simply click on the 'More Info' box on the Calendar Event.

Exciting event on 1st June
Last updated : 14th May 2024 17:55 BST
Competitions 2024

Details of the 2024 Competitions have now been published.  Please click here for the full list.

The next stand alone competition will be the Foster Individual on Friday 17th May.  This was very popular last year.  You draw for your first partner and play 2 or 3 boards with that partner.  After that you will partner everyone else in the room and play against everyone else at the same time.  There is usually a break in between.

The Monthly Designated Pairs Session Competitions are marked on the calendar with (COMP) after the session name.

Please click here for all the information about each competition.

Last updated : 6th May 2024 15:11 BST
How are we doing with SLAM bidding?

How are we doing with SLAM bidding?   In April we bid 92 slams and made 55%.  Our lowest score so far this year

Top Point scorers are:

Marian Rudd - 6 points, Madeline Lawson & David Youll with 5 points and John Binks with 4 points

Well done everyone!

Last updated : 1st May 2024 06:19 BST

Did you know that the club has its own WhatsApp Chat group?  WhatsApp is a free messaging and video calling app that works on most phones. If you are interested in joining the group please email John Fairhurst on, providing details of your mobile number. 

Last updated : 18th Apr 2024 10:33 BST
Club Holiday Abroad 2-9 October 2024

Following on from the success of our first holiday abroad last year the club are again offering members the opportunity to enjoy some sunshine and bridge, this time in Cyprus.

The hotel will be the Constantinou Bros Athena, 2.5km from Paphos Harbour.  Prices will be £1,489 pp sharing or £1,754 for a single.  Deposit £100.  Balance due 10 July 2024.  These prices include return flights, transfers in resort, accommodation on a half board basis, coach to and from Basingstoke and 20 kilos of checked baggage.  However prices are subject to change depending upon flight costs.

If you are interested please register on the club website by clicking here.   Then you must go and book direct with the travel agent by phoning Kate or Rob at Thames Valley Travel on 0118 9341312.  Registering on the website alone does not book you a place on the holiday.


Last updated : 13th Mar 2024 08:02 GMT