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Want to learn more from your results?

♠   Information on Session Results  ♣ 

John G has created an Information document to help you get more detail from your results.  Please click here to view.

Welcome to Basingstoke Bridge Club
Opportunity to learn Bridge

♠  Do you know of anyone interested in learning to play bridge?  ♣ 

The club will be offering a free Taster Session on a Saturday 15th April with an opportunity to then join the next Beginner's Class.

Please click here to enter details of anyone who may be interested.

Last updated : 17th Mar 2023 16:42 GMT
New Payment System - NOW LIVE
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♠  Exciting changes on how you pay for events and how you book social lounge, teams for 8 players and practice hand sessions  ♣ 


From 1st March 2023 you will no longer need to go to the shop to buy a ticket for an online event or pay to play at the club.  Instead charges for the events will be entered into the Attendance Module of Bridgewebs, once the results are uploaded. ..........

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Last updated : 15th Mar 2023 22:32 GMT
Exciting new facility within RealBridge

♠   Exciting new Facility within RealBridge  ♣ 

RealBridge has introduced Double Dummy Solver.  This allows you to:

  • See the double-dummy effect of playing any card at any point in the play
  • Analyse alternative lines of play
  • Analyse the play in alternative contracts

These features can be used by any player on boards that you have played and on boards that other people have played.  A very comprehensive page on how this works is available.

Click here for link to go to the page on RealBridge website.

Last updated : 21st Mar 2023 08:42 GMT
2023 Club Teams Competition

♠   2023 Club Team Competitions  ♣ 

The club will be running a Round Robins Team Competition and a 9 High Teams Competition from January to October. 

The competitions will be won by the team with the best aggregate score over 6 events.

Please click here to register your team for the Round Robins Teams Competition.  You only need to do this once.

Please click here to register your team for the 9 High Teams Competition  You only need to do this once.


Last updated : 21st Mar 2023 08:41 GMT
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Bridge for all players

Basingstoke Bridge Club is the largest club in Hampshire and 48th in England (by player sessions) and welcomes all bridge players, from complete beginner to expert. It runs an active teaching and development programme as well as sessions aimed at different levels of bridge.  More information is available through the 'Teaching at Basingstoke Bridge Club' section on the left hand menu. ..........

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Last updated : 18th Feb 2023 17:05 GMT
Teaching Programme at Basingstoke Bridge Club

♠   ♣  Teaching Programme for 2022/23 ♠   ♣


The Bridge Teaching Programme for 2022/23 has now been published including a

new Fast Track Weekend course

Please click here for flyer

Please click here for further information

Last updated : 13th Mar 2023 08:36 GMT
RealBridge Support
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♠   ♣  Having problems with RealBridge? ♠   ♣ 

If you have difficulties with RealBridge you can phone their support line which is 0794 232 2209.  Support is available from 7am to 11pm.

If you use an IPad please ensure that you read and follow the advice issued by RealBridge even if you are currently not experiencing any difficulties with your Ipad.  Please click here to see the document. ..........

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Last updated : 22nd Mar 2023 23:48 GMT
Competitions 2023

♠  Competitions 2023  ♣      

The next Competition is the Intermediate Pairs which will be held on Tuesday 9th & 16th  May.

This competition is restricted to members with an EBU ranking of under Regional Master. This is a duplicate pairs competition run on two consecutive weeks. Anyone can play and win as normally on the night, but only those who are eligible can win the trophy. Less experienced players are encouraged to enter. The Neville Jackson Trophy has been reassigned to this competition in recent years. Neville directed the less formal Chicago bridge on Tuesdays for years and was also a club treasurer.

Want to know all of the Competitions the club is running this year?    

Please click here for information.

Last updated : 26th Mar 2023 08:20 BST
NGS Scores

♠    NGS Scores   ♣

Who has increased their NGS score the most in February?  The top 3 people this month are:

Nick Mock

Iain Climie

Ann Morrow

Well done everyone!

Last updated : 2nd Mar 2023 06:44 GMT

♠    How well are we doing with bidding and making Slams?   ♣

In February we bid 105 Slams and made 66%.  

This month's top scorers are:

John Glasscock & Sam Golding with 6 points

John Fairhurst with 5 points

Lindsay McDougall, Graham Ledger, Jane Rutherford and Marian Rudd with 4 points

Well done everyone!

Note that there has been a change to the scoring this year.  3 pts for a Grand Slam, 1 pt for a Small Slam and -1pt for bidding but not making any slams.

Last updated : 4th Mar 2023 06:40 GMT
Tuesday Eve '9 High' Weekly Session
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♠   '9 High' Session   ♣ 

Following the success of the first 9 HIGH TEAM EVENT this will continue every month.  See Calendar for further details.

The 9-high session is aimed at less experienced players and shortly we will be using this session to introduce those currently in the beginner classes to duplicate bridge. ..........

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Last updated : 18th Feb 2023 17:03 GMT
Venture with Milton Keynes Bridge Club

♠   ♣  Venture with Milton Keynes ♠   ♣

Friday night venture with Milton Keynes Bridge Club.

As always click on the RealBridge link on the calendar event to play.


Last updated : 2nd Mar 2023 06:53 GMT
Face to Face Sessions
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♠    Face to Face Sessions and Covid   ♣ 

We have decided that we will set ..........

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Last updated : 18th Feb 2023 17:07 GMT

♠   ♣  WhatsApp ♠   ♣ 

Did you know that the club has its own WhatsApp Chat group?  WhatsApp is a free messaging and video calling app that works on most phones. If you are interested in joining the group please email John Fairhurst on, providing details of your mobile number. 

Last updated : 2nd Feb 2023 01:47 GMT
Supervised Play

Supervised play sessions are aimed at helping players to develop their confidence with bidding and playing.  These sessions are not a replacement for lessons and it is not intended that new conventions are taught.  The supervisors will help participants get the best out of the systems that each participant plays.  Each session offers the opportunity to play up to 12 pre-dealt hands with a supervisor giving advice on each of the hands.  

Currently we are not offering Supervised Play 

Last updated : 18th Jan 2023 10:36 GMT