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Welcome to Titchfield Bridge Club
EBU Masters Pairs 2021

EBU Masters Pairs 2021

Lymington will be hosting a heat of the Masters Pairs on 28 February 2021,  on RealBridge. More details and sign up information can be found via their website

The Masters Pairs is a two-session competition exclusively for players below the rank of Regional Master, which includes: Local Masters, Club Masters, Area Masters, District Masters, County Masters, Masters, Advanced Masters, Star Masters, Tournament Masters or Premier Masters


HIWCBA and other Local Events on BBO

HIWCBA and other Local Events on BBO

Bloxsom 2020  (link to flyer (docx))

Candlestick 2021 (link to flyer (doc))

Yuleide 2021 (link to flyer (docx))

A diary of other events taking place can be found in the Word document here: 2020 / 21 Diary

EBU BBO 9 High Tournaments

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Email from Gordon Rainsford, chairman of the EBU

You probably know that we have been running five EBU games on Bridgebase Online (BBO) every day for the last two months and they have been going extremely well, fulfilling a clear need for many of our members in this time of social distancing.

However, we have received feedback that these games are rather strong and can be a bit intimidating for many of our members, so we are going to start a new “9-high relaxed tournament” at 11am every day starting this Monday, May 25th.

  • Like all our other games, these will be 12 boards costing BB$1.50 each. This not only helps support the EBU but also currently puts 1/3 of the money into a fund specially for supporting our affiliated clubs;
  • They will be aimed at less-experienced players and those who have an NGS no higher than a 9;
  • Only Level 2 agreements will be allowed (no multi 2Ds) and we expect that Acol will be the dominant system, although simple five-card majors systems will be allowed;
  • Players who don’t follow the ethos of the games will be asked not to come back – do tell the TD if your opponents fall into this category;
  • “Undos” will be allowed if you mis-click – but they aren’t intended to allow you to change your mind once you have chosen a call or play, just for mis-clicks.

We know that a number of our “virtual clubs” are planning games like this aimed at similar groups of players and if you are lucky enough to belong to such a club we encourage you to support it by choosing to play in their games rather than ours. However, for those of you who don’t belong to such a club, or who want to play at a different time of day, we hope that having this daily game available for you will be a welcome option.

We have information about getting started with BBO on our website. You are strongly advised to buy $BB on the BBO website and not through an app on a smartphone or tablet because Apple and Google add a hefty surcharge to these transactions.

I do hope to see many of you at these games, either next Monday or on subsequent days, but if you have any questions about them do feel free to get back to me.





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Online Bridge Alternative

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For members still wanting their Bridge fix in the absence of any face to face bridge, a number of members have recommended


to fill the gap.

Titchfield can easily arrange sessions - please let Peter Francis know if you are intested

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Director's Courses

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In the autumn, the EBU are proposing to run a Director'Course in Hampshire depending upon the interest shown. If there is any club member who would like to complete this course please let Keith know as soon as possible.

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Recent Seating Incident

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To avoid the recent incidents of players not sitting at the correct table or in the right direction.
Please do not move the tablet on from the 'players seating' page until all players are at the table and in the correct position.
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Sit Out Boards

Following recent incidents when boards have been mis-carded following a sit out, members are requested NOT to remove the cards but to view the hands which are available on the tablet.

Arrival Times

Members are reminded that they must arrive by 6.55 pm at the very latest so that bridge can commence promptly at 7.00 pm.

Thank you 

Welcome to the Titchfield Bridge Club Home Page

Duplicate Bridge is Monday & Wednesday evenings 7.00 - 10.30 pm at The Titchfield Community Centre, Mill Street, Titchfield PO14 4AB.
Visitors are welcome, see Information for details. The club secretary can be contacted by Email here

Titchfield is a village in southern Hampshire, by the River Meon. The village has a history stretching back to the 6th century.
Arrow Switches

 smileysmiley Remember when we have an arrow switch we rotate the boards and tablet anti-clockwise and the previous East move to what was the West (Now North) position. That way all the names are correct.  smileysmiley

Visitors and Guests
Seating arrangements will be finalised by the Director at 6.55pm in readiness for a 7pm start.

If there is an even number of tables the sit-out shall be East-West.If there is an odd number of tables the sit-out shall be North-South. However because of congestion in the room  this may not apply to a  15 table movement.


The Director's decision is final.

1st March 2021
3rd March 2021
8th March 2021
Scorer: liz senior
Scorer: Mike Kinsey
Scorer: Mike Kinsey