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Welcome to Titchfield Bridge Club
Upcoming competitions

Please see below for notes about the Basingstoke Cup, The Pottage, and the HICKO

1. We are as usual proposing to enter a team for the Basingstoke Cup, players required please. We will only play ftf. Can only play if below Regional Master on the 1 September 2022. Please add names to the form on the Club notice board.

2. If you wish to enter the Pottage Cup, heats date to be confirmed, names on the sheet on the Club notice board please. To qualify for the semi final a score of +50% is required.

3. HICKO competition please go to HIWA website for entry.


Financial Situation Titchfield Bridge Club
 Financial Situation Titchfield Bridge Club
 1. At AGM it was agreed to charge £3/person/session from January 1st 2022 - this was based on a forecast of an average of 6 tables allowing us to break even or a small loss. 2. Year to date we have averaged 5.5 tables - this equates to a loss of in excess of £1000/annum & because mainly of increase in room rate 6.5 tables would be needed to break even. 3. To break even at current table level the charge/session would need to be of the order £3.50/session. 4. To return to an annual subscription which would be of the order of £160+(£80+/half year) we would need to know how many people would be interested to be able to determine actual amount & visitors fee ongoing. 5. The club has sufficient funds to cope with current loss rate for 2+ years. 6. Trustees still to decide what should be our ongoing strategy. 7. As a reminder any unused monies from members who had a £45 surplus not used by 30th June will be absorbed back into TBC funds - this again was agreed at AGM. 8. At the end of June we will issue a list of what personnel owe for attendances for April,May,June 2022 - prompt payment would be appreciated as we are in the process of changing our Bank. 

As we continue to live with COVID and are now in the Flu Season and to be considerate to others if you are feeling unwell or have a cold it would be appreciated if you refrain from attending the club until you have recovered.

Director's Courses

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As soon as any details are know, they shall be published here.

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Sit Out Boards

Following recent incidents when boards have been mis-carded following a sit out, members are requested NOT to remove the cards but to view the hands which are available on the tablet.

Arrival Times

Members are reminded that they must arrive by 6.55 pm at the very latest so that bridge can commence promptly at 7.00 pm.

Thank you 

Welcome to the Titchfield Bridge Club Home Page

Duplicate Bridge is Monday & Wednesday evenings 7.00 - 10.30 pm at The Titchfield Community Centre, Mill Street, Titchfield PO14 4AB.
Visitors are welcome, see Information for details. The club secretary can be contacted by Email here

Titchfield is a village in southern Hampshire, by the River Meon. The village has a history stretching back to the 6th century.
Arrow Switches

 smileysmiley Remember when we have an arrow switch we rotate the boards and tablet anti-clockwise and the previous East move to what was the West (Now North) position. That way all the names are correct.  smileysmiley

Visitors and Guests
Seating arrangements will be finalised by the Director at 6.55pm in readiness for a 7pm start.

If there is an even number of tables the sit-out shall be East-West.If there is an odd number of tables the sit-out shall be North-South. However because of congestion in the room  this may not apply to a  15 table movement.


The Director's decision is final.

10th October 2022
Autumn Simultaneous Pairs
12th October 2022
17th October 2022
Director: Keith Goldie
Scorer: BridgeTab 1
Peter Francis Monday Cup
Director: Keith Goldie
Scorer: BridgeTab 1
Wednesday Cup
Director: Julian Sykes
Scorer: BridgeTab 1