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The KCBA website has information about County events, news and results.

Other Competitions
  Haycocks Cup

The Haycocks Cup is competed for annually by the Farnborough and Beckenham clubs in memory of Norah Haycocks, an active and well respected former member of both clubs who regularly represented the County during the sixties and seventies.  Matches are for teams of eight (selection made by the Club Match Captain) and are played at Farnborough in the 'even' years and at Beckenham in the 'odd' years.


2018/2019:  Farnborough beat Beckenham by 14 IMPs

                   Liz Blande & Mike Rafferty, Bob & Mary Kendall

                   Neil & Jackie Wotherspoon, Marian Hunt & Brad Featherman

2016/2017:  Farnborough beat Beckenham by 19 IMPs

                   Liz Blande & Mike Rafferty, Bob & Mary Kendall

                   Neil & Jackie Wotherspoon, Val Smith & Ken McClements   

2015/2016:  Farnborough beat Beckenham by 47 IMPs

                   Jan Johnson & Graham Clements, Jenny Kerr & Chris Wall

                   Christine Kempton & Peter Hibbins, Richard & Helen Gibbons   

2014/2015:  Farnborough beat Beckenham by 40 IMPs

                   Liz Blande & Mike Rafferty, Bob & Mary Kendall

                   Arthur & Nicki Thomasson, Marian Hunt & Brad Featherman

2013/2014:  Farnborough beat Beckenham by 34 IMPs

                   Mark & Barbara Howarth, Graham & Lyn Foreman      

                   Trish & Vernon Hughes, Jo & David Lightfoot

2012/2013:  Farnborough beat Beckenham by 28 IMPs

                   Chris Wall & Jenny Kerr, Ken McClements & Val Smith     

                   Marian Hunt & Brad Featherman, Mary Kendall & Bob Kendall

2011/2012:  Farnborough beat Beckenham by 47 IMPs

                   Mark & Barbara Howarth, Liz Blande & Mike Rafferty    

                   Jan Johnson & Graham Clements, Mary Kendall & Henry Greenberg  

2010/2011:  Farnborough beat Beckenham by 40 IMPs

                   Richard & Helen Gibbons, Carol Homden & Colin Washbrook

                   Jan Johnson & Graham Clements, David Powell & Christine Kempton

2009/2010:  Farnborough lost to Beckenham by 38 IMPs

                   Stefan Syplywczak & Ewa Hardwick, Jenny Kerr & Barry Brown

                   John Hemington & Jennifer Viles, Val Smith & Ken McClements

2008/2009:  Farnborough lost to Beckenham by 32 IMPs

                   Christine Kempton & Andrew Bateman, Alison & Peter Burt

                   Mary Kendall & John Hemington, Jean & Paul Fishleigh

2007/2008:  Farnborough beat Beckenham by 29 IMPs

             Chris Wall & Christine Kempton, Jan Johnson & Graham Clements

             Mike de Winter & Mary Kendall, Alison & Peter Burt

2006/2007:  Farnborough beat Beckenham by 97 IMPs

             Ted & Moya Nesom, Helen & Richard Gibbons

             Barbara Schultz & Henry Greenberg, Marian Hunt & Brad Featherman

2005/2006:  Farnborough beat Beckenham by 3 IMPs

             Mark & Barbara Howarth, Lyn & Graham Foreman,

             Neil & Jackie Wotherspoon, Liz Blande & Mike Rafferty

2004/2005:  Farnborough beat Beckenham by 11 IMPs

             Ann & Don Mitchell, Trish & Vernon Hughes

             Mary & Bob Kendall, Barbara Schultz & Henry Greenberg

2003/2004:  Farnborough beat Beckenham by 30 IMPs

             Richard & Helen Gibbons, Trish Dean & Vernon Hughes

             Mary Williams & Bob Kendall, Neil & Jackie Wotherspoon

2002/2003:  Farnborough beat Beckenham by 34 IMPs

2001/2002:  Farnborough lost to Beckenham by 37 IMPs

2000/2001:  Farnborough lost to Beckenham by 7 IMPs

  Corbett Cup

County Inter-Club Teams of 8 Competition - Corbett Cup

A three tier inter-club teams of eight Championship which takes the form of a league competition played in three divisions, the ranking of which has been pre-determined from the previous year’s finishing positions.  New teams are admitted to Division III.

          Div I             Corbett Cup

          Div II            Corbett Plate

          Div III           Mitchell Salver

The competition runs over two days in February. 

All players must be members of the club and have played at the club a minimum of 12 times during the previous year (January to December).  The committee has the discretion to waive this provision if the player concerned has been prevented from attending the club due to extenuating circumstances e.g. serious illness or extended period of work abroad.

The winning team of the Corbett Cup - Division I, will be invited to represent Kent in the Garden Cities Trophy.

See KCBA website for winners.


The National Inter-Club knock-out is an EBU teams of four competition open to every Bridge Club in England.  Players must be bona fide members of the club they represent and in the early rounds the draw is regionalised to reduce travelling and encourage mid-week fixtures.  Players must comply with the eligibility criterion as above.

See EBU website for winners.