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Host Rotas

A host system is in operation for the Reading Room events on Tuesdays & Thursdays.

Please volunteer to host using 'Contact Us' or sign up at the club.

Check the menu items Host Rota - Tuesday & Host Rota - Thursday for the latest lists of host volunteers.

Tips for Saving Time
  Tips for Saving Time


Tips for Saving Time                                      


1            Prompt Start at 2.15 pm


Please arrive at 2.00 pm. Players arriving at the last minute will be accommodated,but may delay the start.

Please assist with setting up tables and dealing cards.

Please sit down at your table, ready to play, as early as possible. The Tournament Director cannot put out the Table Cards and Board Sets until the number of tables is known. This number is difficult to assess when people are still walking around.



2            Move Between Rounds


In all our table movements, pairs follow each other around the room. At your first table look out for which pair you are following. Tables are always numbered from Table 1 in the North West corner then clockwise around the room.



3            Save Time During Play


If you are using a scorecard and are on lead, then make the lead before writing the contract on the scorecard. There is plenty of time to write down the contract whilst the dummy is being laid out.


North, please fill in the result on the traveller before filling in your own scorecard.


If you can, then plan ahead during the bidding and play, so you are always ready to make the next bid or play the next card without hesitation. This is, of course, much easier said than done, but try your best!


As declarer, if you see that you can make all the remaining tricks, then make a claim. Lay your remaining cards face up on the table and state how you intend to make the play. If there are any outstanding trumps, it is important to state that you are drawing trumps before playing your other master cards. If there is any dispute then the Tournament Director must be called. Play cannot be restarted once a claim has been made.


Save post mortems until all boards at the table have been played.



4            Skipping the Last Board (Taking an Average)


If players at a table can see that they are behind time compared with other tables, then call the Tournament Director before starting the last board. The Director may ask the pairs to take an average on the board. This situation is most likely to occur where the table has been late in starting due to over running the time on the previous round.