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Hosts & Event Booking

A host system is in operation for the Reading Room events on Thursdays.

Please volunteer to host by e-mail using: or sign up at the club.

The host system for Tuesday events at the Reading Room is presently suspended.

Single players please e-mail Robin at: and he will attempt to find you a partner.

Welcome to Buckland Bridge Club

   Buckland Bridge Events  

From the week commencing 11th April 2022, the shedule of events will be:

 Tuesday & Thursday 

Face-to-face bridge at the Buckland Reading Room, starting at 2.15pm.

 Tuesday & Wednesday 

Online on BBO starting at 2pm.


All Buckland events are EBU affiliated. EBU Master Points will be awarded to the top placed pairs.

From August 2022 it is no longer necessary for pairs to pre-book for the Tuesday & Thursday events at the Reading Room. Just turn up and play.

The host system has been re-instated for the Thursday events at the Reading Room from 15th Sept 2022. It is no longer necessary to pre-arrange a partner for Thursdays. For single players a partner will be found for you on the day.

For the Tuesday events at the Reading Room, single players please e-mail Robin at and he will attempt to find you a partner. A single player who turns up at the Reading Room without a partner is likely to be turned away.

The wearing of face masks is recommended but not compulsory.


17th Sept 2022

The Buckland Bridge Club (Archive Information)

Welcome to the Buckland (Surrey) Bridge Club. We are a small, friendly club, designed originally for novices but now catering for more experienced players as well.

We meet on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons in the Buckland Reading Room (Village Hall), pictured here.  It is in the Old Road 60 yards from the Buckland village shop.  We play duplicate bridge sessions of 21 boards.  The table money is £2.50, for members and visitors. Please arrive by 2.00pm on both days for play to start at 2.15pm.

We welcome visitors, pairs or single players, but as the club is limited to a maximum of 12 tables, there is the possibility that we cannot accommodate everyone who wishes to play.

Visitors need to be aware of the local regulations that operate at the club. Please check under the Information menu on this page.


The Buckland Bridge Club (Archive Information)
Other Information
Other Information

We are affiliated to the English Bridge Union (Club no. 418633), and issue Master Points for all our events. The aim of the club is always to try and maintain a welcoming and friendly atmosphere and our Tournament Directors will use their discretion in the interests of achieving this aim.


The Buckland Bridge Club now uses pre-dealt hands for all duplicate events. Click on your pair names in the ranking list to view the hands and to see how you performed on each board.

Buckland Bridge Thursday F2F
Director: Robin Hoare
Scorer: Jonathan Grant
#15976 Pairs Buckland Wednesday Duplicate
Scorer: Geoff Woodcock
#11577 Pairs Buckland Tuesday Duplicate
Scorer: Geoff Woodcock
Buckland Bridge Tuesday F2F.
Director: Robin Hoare
Scorer: Jonathan Grant