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Hosts Required

Hosts are required for Wednesdays & Thursdays.

Please see Richard Pocock or email if you are able to host a Wednesday session.

Please see Mike Foss or email if you are able to host a Thursday session.

Wednesday Bridge

Buckland Bridge Club are now running Wednesday afternoon bridge sessions in addition to the Thursday afternoon sessions.

From 14th November the Wednesday bridge sessions will start at 2pm, rather than 2.15pm. The start time for Thursday sessions remains at 2.15pm.

All are welcome with £2.50 table money for both members and non-members.

Host Rota - Wednesday

Host System

The Club operates a Host system, so that any member or visitor, who turns up without a partner, is guaranteed a game.

If the Host is able to play then the Table Money is waived. If there are an odd number of players and the Host is unable to play then he/she will receive a Voucher for a free game at a future date.

Volunteers are needed for the dates marked -- Host Required --.

Please inform Richard Pocock in person or email  if you can fill one of these dates, or wish to change a date already booked.


Wednesday Host Rota


3rd April                  H R

10th April                H R

17th April                Jonathan Grant

24th April                Veronica Burville


1st May                   H R 

8th May                   Barbara Lewin

15th May                 Carrie Crutcher

22nd May                Eveline O'Dwyer

29th May                 Bob Morss


5th June                  H R

12th June                H R

19th June                H R

26th June                Judith Riiser