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Online is here to stay.

Face to face has returned and needs your support.

Bridge 2 Building Your Skills
  Using these materials


You are welcome to use Bridge For Pleasure material to learn bridge.
All the files should be easy to download by right-clicking on the title, choosing "save link as" and putting them in a directory that suits you.

If you are learning bridge, do read them, especially the notes, glossaries, quizzes and quiz answers. Do consider signing up for No Fear Bridge, a fabulous learning web site. You can sign up for a free trial on the home page. If you are learning with a teacher, they may have a link for an extended free trial. There is a list of NFB registered teachers on the NFB web site.

You are welcome to use this material to teach bridge.
Download, copy, use and distribute any of this material free of charge. A credit would be nice, but is not essential. Particularly for you there are lesson plans, hands and follow up text to edit and send to your learners. There are hands designed to illustrate the lesson topic. The follow up text contains suggestions for emails to learners after lessons including exercises on No Fear Bridge. You can edit these out. However, do check out No Fear Bridge and consider registering as a teacher.
There are PBN files in many lessons that can be used to deal physical boards, or to be uploaded to sites like RealBridge for online lessons or practice. There are commentary files describing how the hands might be played and their learning points. There are deal pdf files with the details of the hands. Playing hands associated with the topic really helps learning. 

The materials are being revised and added to all the time. Updates are listed on the update page. Please send comments and suggestions.

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