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Membership forms are available which help the club comply with its obligations under the new Data Protection Regulations. If you have not yet taken the opportunity to sign one there are copies available on club nights - please do ask the Director for one. If playing as a visitor there are separate, simpler forms available - one for those who are already EBU members and another for those who are not.
In the event that you decline to sign the new form, but continue to play at the club anyway, your agreement to the contents of the form will be inferred. 
Oxfordshire Bridge Association

A link to the OBA website is

News Page

This page has information and news of interest to the members. For a full list of forthcoming events, see "Calendar" on the menu and for a list of results see "Results".

  Members News
Friday Bridge
Please note that our friendly Friday evening Duplicate sessions for less experienced players, with expert tuition on hand for guidance, only takes place when sufficient people register their interest in playing on any particular Friday. So - if you are interested in taking part please make sure you register your interest with Tina Hollick on in order to ensure that you are on the email circulation list, and then let her know you will be attending in response to her notifications of playing dates.
Last updated : 15th Apr 2013 12:40 BST



  1. Either North or South should be responsible for entering the contract and lead into the Bridgemate.
  2. It is recommended that this is done before play of the hand commences but not if the person responsible is on lead.
  3. At the end of the hand the Person Responsible should promptly enter the result and press OK.
  4. He/she should then hand the Bridgemate to whosoever of East or West is nominated by that pair to check the Bridgemate entry.
  5. That Person, and it does not matter whether it is East or West, should check the result and, if satisfied that is correct, should then turn the Bridgemate to face the rest of the table and, only then, press the agree button at the top.
  6. If not agreeing the Bridgemate should be passed politely back to whoever input the result with an explanation of what is wrong.
  7. On pressing the agree button, the only announcement that should be made by the player checking and agreeing the result is the %age score for North/South, i.e. ‘So much % to North/South’, AND THAT IS ALL.
  8. The OK button may then be pressed to check other scores, but again ONLY such that all other parties may inspect them if they wish.
  9. Finally, the Bridgemate should be passed back to North or South.
Last updated : 8th Oct 2015 17:54 BST

Privacy Notice for Blewbury Bridge Club

What personal data does Blewbury Bridge Club collect, and what is it used for­­­?

Who is your data shared with?

Where does this data come from?

How is your data stored?

Who is responsible for ensuring compliance with the relevant laws and regulations?

Who has access to your data?

What is the legal basis for collecting this data?

How you can check what data we have about you?

Does Blewbury Bridge Club collect any “special” data?

How can you ask for data to be removed, limited or corrected?

How long we keep your data for, and why?

What happens if a member dies?

Can you download your data to use it elsewhere?




What personal data does Blewbury Bridge Club collect?

The data we routinely collect includes members’ names, addresses and email addresses. We collect this data directly from our members when they join the club.

For some of our members we may have additional information such as committee memberships, teaching qualifications, DBS checks done with the member’s knowledge and permission, or tournament director roles. We may also keep information relating to disciplinary matters and sanctions.

We collect the scores from games you play, which are displayed on our results pages and used in maintaining the EBU’s National Grading Scheme (NGS) and the Master Point scheme. They will also be displayed on the club noticeboard.

What is this personal data used for?

We use members’ data for the administration of your membership; the communication of information, and the organisation of events. We provide your data to the English Bridge Union (EBU) for their use as explained in the section below.


Who is your data shared with?

Your membership data is passed on to the EBU, of which you become a member when you join Blewbury Bridge Club. The EBU shares data with its associated charity, English Bridge Education and Development (EBED), since it shares offices and data systems with them, and also with Oxfordshire or any other county that you may have nominated as your county of allegiance.

Information from your results is also passed on to the EBU for use in its master point and NGS schemes and, unless you have chosen to have your NGS grade kept private, this may also be used for stratification and handicap purposes.

Some of your data will be available for use by Bridgewebs acting as a Data Processor on our behalf. They are not free to pass this on to other organisations that are not connected with Blewbury Bridge Club.

Your personal data is not passed on by us to organisations other than those indicated above, whether or not connected with bridge.



Where does this data come from?

Data for most of our members comes from them when they join Blewbury Bridge Club or when they update their information either directly or via their EBU record.

The information held by the EBU may be updated by your club if you have given it permission to change your record. You can change this permission on My EBU by going to Account -> My Details.

If you are a direct member of the EBU, you will instead have provided your personal data directly to us when you joined Blewbury Bridge Club, or when you updated your record with us.

Scoring data comes directly from the results of the club games in which you play.


How is your data stored?

This information is mainly stored in digital form on computers and in the form of written documents stored at the home address of the Membership Secretary. We use Bridgewebs as our data processor for this purpose. Any information that is stored remotely is stored in compliance with the GDPR.


Who is responsible for ensuring compliance with the relevant laws and regulations?

Under the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) we do not have a statutory requirement to have a Data Protection Officer. The person who is responsible for ensuring Blewbury Bridge Club discharges its obligations under the GDPR is Hilary Strang.


Who has access to your data?

Members of the committee of Blewbury Bridge Club have access to members’ data in order for them to carry out their legitimate tasks for the organisations.



What is the legal basis for collecting this data?

Blewbury Bridge Club collects personal data that is necessary for the purposes of its legitimate interests as a membership organisation and participant in an internationally recognised and regulated, competitive mind sport.

For some data, such as that relating to financial matters, the basis for its collection and retention is to comply with our legal obligations.

Similarly, personnel data is kept in compliance with our legal obligations.


How you can check what data we have about you?

If you want to see the basic membership data we hold about you, you should contact Hilary Strang.

You can contact us with a “Subject Access Request” if you want to ask us to provide you with any other information we hold about you. If you are interested in any particular aspects, specifying them will help us to provide you with what you need quickly and efficiently. We are required to provide this to you within one month.

There is not usually a fee for this, though we can charge a reasonable fee based on the administrative cost of providing the information if a request is manifestly unfounded or excessive, or for requests for further copies of the same information.


Does Blewbury Bridge Club collect any “special” data?

The GDPR refers to sensitive personal data as “special categories of personal data”.  

We do not record any such special data of these categories, the only data we record relates to the disabilities of members who have explicitly requested it to be recorded for the purpose of giving them stationary positions in our competitions (which we aim to do wherever feasible). If you wish to change this data on your record you can do so at any time by contacting Hilary Strang.

How can you ask for data to be removed, limited or corrected?

There are various ways in which you can limit how your data is used.

·         If you wish you could become an “anonymous” member. This would involve you having a pseudonym with an EBU number under which you would play. If you do this however, you would not be able to access any EBU membership benefits such as the magazine or playing in EBU tournaments.

·         You could maintain your club membership with your correct name but with limited contact details. However, we do need to have at least one method of contacting you. You could for example simply maintain an up-to-date email address, but of course this would limit what we and the EBU are able to provide you with in the way of written information, so you would not be able to get English Bridge in printed form or any other benefits that require a mailing address.

·         You do not need to provide us with your date of birth unless you wish to enter age-limited (junior or seniors) events or gain concessions based on age.

·         If you do not want your NGS grade to be public, you may choose for it to be kept private. You can change this option as often as you wish.

·         You may choose not to appear in master point promotions lists.

·         You may choose not to receive information emails from Blewbury Bridge Club (we do not send any out on behalf of other organisations).

·         Any of these options can be implemented for your club membership by contacting Hilary Strang.

·         Any of these options can be implemented for your EBU membership by logging on to My EBU, going to Account –> My Details and editing your record there, either to correct erroneous data or to delete information you do not wish us to have. If you need any assistance with this you may contact the Office Manager



How long we keep your data for, and why?

We normally keep members’ data after they resign or their membership lapses in case they later wish to re-join. However, we will delete any former member’s contact details entirely on request.

Since underlying statistical data, like scores from bridge games, continues to be necessary in relation to the purpose for which it was originally collected and processed, results from events used for the NGS are not deleted by Blewbury Bridge Club or the EBU although they will no longer be attributed to a player who does not want their data to be kept.

Historical ranking lists and prize lists are required for archiving purposes and names cannot be removed from them.

Other data, such as that relating to accounting or personnel matters, is kept for the legally required period.


What happens if a member dies?

We normally keep members’ information after they die. If requested by their next-of-kin to delete it we will do so on the same basis as when requested to remove data by a former member.


Can you download your data to use it elsewhere?

Your session data that is held by the EBU can be downloaded as a csv spreadsheet. You can do this by logging on to My EBU and in your Sessions list, clicking on “Download as CSV”. To access data held by Blewbury Bridge Club contact Hilary Strang.


Last updated : 4th May 2018 15:47 BST



Constitution and Rules


Name and Objectives

1. The name of the Club shall be The Blewbury Bridge Club.

The objects of the club are:

  1. To promote and further interest in the playing of Contract Bridge.
  2. To promote the mutual acquaintance of and social intercourse amongst its members.



2. The membership of the club will comprise Ordinary Members who have paid their annual subscription in the manner provided for in these rules.


3. Only fully paid up Ordinary Members shall be entitled to attend and vote at the meeting of the Club.



4. Any Ordinary Member shall be entitled to introduce guests to the Club except previous Members who have been asked to resign by the Committee.


Club Management

5. The affairs of the Club shall be under the management of a Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer and four Committee members who shall be elected at the Annual General Meeting, all to hold office for the ensuing year.  Nominations for election to the Committee may be made verbally before or at the Annual General Meeting.


6. The members shall vote for the candidates at the Annual General Meeting and those with the majority of the votes shall be elected and shall be advised accordingly by the Secretary within one week of the meeting.  In the event of a tie between candidates a further vote shall be taken for the candidates in that tie.


7. The Committee shall meet at least twice a year and shall be responsible for the general management of the club, in particular:


a) to authorise such expenditure of Club funds as they may deem necessary;

b) to consider the amount of the annual subscription, entrance fee, table money, visitors’ fees, match fees and any other charges they may deem necessary and to propose changes to be placed before a General Meeting;

c) to co-opt Members to fill casual vacancies on the Committee until the next General Meeting;

d) to take whatever disciplinary action over members they may deem necessary;

e) to appoint Sub-Committees for the general running of the Club;

f) to wind up the Club (ref. Clause 26).


8. The Committee shall have power to enter into contracts, leases and other financial commitments on behalf of the Club within available funds.  Commitments which would cause an excess over these funds shall not be entered into without the approval of the Members at a General Meeting.


9. At Committee meetings three members shall constitute a quorum.  Should there be no quorum present the meeting shall be adjourned to a date to be agreed upon by the Committee members.  In the absence of the Chairman the members present shall elect one of their number as Chairman of the Meeting.


Annual General Meeting

10. The Club’s financial year shall run from 1st September to 31st. August.  As soon as practicable, and in any event not more than three calendar months after the end of the financial year, there shall be a meeting of Members to be known as the Annual General Meeting under the direction of the Club Chairman for the purpose of transacting the following business:


a. to receive the Secretary’s and Chairman’s reports;

b. to receive and approve the Annual Accounts;

c. to consider proposals submitted for inclusion on the Agenda;

d. to elect a Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer and Committee Members for the following year;

e. to conduct any relevant business.


At least fourteen clear days’ notice of the date of the meeting shall be given by display on the Club notice board.


11. In the absence of the Club Chairman the members present shall elect from their number a Chairman of the said meeting only.  (This rule shall also apply to an Extraordinary General Meeting).


Extraordinary General Meeting

12. An Extraordinary General Meeting may be convened by the Committee at any time or by any ten Ordinary Members upon giving notice in writing to the Secretary, signed by all of them and clearly  stating the purpose of the Meeting.  The Secretary shall then arrange for the Meeting to be held within one calendar month of the date of receipt of the requisition and shall give Members not less than seven clear days’ notice of the date, time and purpose of the meeting in the same manner as prescribed for an Annual General Meeting.  The business of the meeting shall be confined to the discussion of the matter for which the meeting was called.



13. At all Annual or Extraordinary General Meetings each Ordinary Member present shall have one vote only, except that in the event of an equality of voting the Chairman of the meeting shall be entitled to a second or casting vote.


Secretary and Treasurer

14. The Secretary shall be responsible, under the direction of and with the help of the Committee, for all the business of the Club and shall conduct all correspondence, send due notice of all meetings to the Members concerned and keep all Members informed of all matters of interest to them.  The Secretary shall maintain the following records:


a. Register of Members

b. Minutes of all meetings

c. Files of correspondence



15. The Treasurer shall be responsible for all monies paid to the Club, for making all necessary payments as authorised by the Committee and obtaining vouchers therefore so far as is practicable. The Treasurer shall keep an account of all transactions, shall produce such accounts for inspection as required at any Committee meeting and shall deposit all monies received in such Bank or Banks as the Committee may authorise.  The accounts shall be audited annually.


Bank, etc. Signing Powers, Investments

16. All payments out of Bank, etc., accounts shall be signed by the Treasurer or the Secretary.  It shall be the Secretary’s responsibility for advising Banks etc., when a change in this office takes place and or forwarding specimen signatures to them as required.


17. Surplus monies shall be invested in Stocks, Shares, Property, etc. only with the approval of Members at a General Meeting.  Between General Meetings the Committee may authorise the transfer of surplus funds to interest-earning bank, etc., accounts as considered necessary.


Annual Subscriptions and Table Money

18. The Annual Subscriptions to the Club shall be payable in advance within one month of the commencement of the playing year (1st November).  Any Member who has not paid his/her subscription twenty-eight days after it has become due shall be considered in arrear and if it not paid within a further twenty-eight days shall cease to be a Member.  No Member in arrear shall be permitted to use the Club.  However, in cases of special hardship the Committee may, at their discretion, excuse payment of such Member’s subscription for such period as they think fit and the Member shall not during such period forfeit the privileges of membership.


19. Changes in the subscription shall be made only by resolution and approval at a General Meeting.  Any alteration in fixing the amount to be paid as table money shall be left to the discretion of the Committee.


20. New members joining within the last 3 months of the playing year (Aug, Sep, Oct) will be required to pay the full annual subscription which will cover their membership for 15 months, i.e. they will not have to renew until 1 November the following year providing the annual subscription is not increased. In that event they will be asked to pay the difference at 1 Nov in the current year.


Responsibilities of the Club and Members

21. The Club shall not be responsible for any damage, loss or injury sustained by any person whilst on the Club premises or engaged in any of the Club’s activities nor shall any person have any claim against the Club or the Committee (including the officers) for any action taken in accordance with the Club Rules.


22. The Committee may require any Member to make good any damage or loss caused by his/her actions or neglect to any property for which the Club is responsible.


Disciplinary Action

23. Should any Member have any cause for complaint against another Member he/she shall communicate this in writing to the Secretary for submission to the Committee.  After such enquiry as may be necessary the Committee shall take such action as they deem fit, provided that a Member may be required to resign from the Club only by a two-thirds majority of the whole Committee and only after he/she has been given ample opportunity to answer the charges against him/her.


Notice of Alterations to Constitution and Rules

24. A copy of the Constitution and Rules and all alterations thereto shall be affixed to the Club Notice Board and shall be binding on all Members. 


25. The Constitution and Rules shall be altered only by a majority of at least two-thirds of the Members present at a General Meeting.  Written notice of intention to proposed alteration and particulars of the proposed alteration(s) shall be given to the Secretary (for inclusion in the agenda) not later than twenty-one days prior to the Meeting.


Winding Up

26.  In the event of it being necessary to wind up the Club the Committee shall be empowered, after approval by the Members at a General Meeting, to take whatever action may be necessary to realise the assets of the Club and to distribute any surplus proceeds, after payment of all debts, amongst the Members entitled thereto in such equitable proportion as the Committee may decide.


Last updated : 18th May 2018 15:52 BST



  1. Playing Discipline. Please do not make suggestions/complaints in a loud voice from the table – direct any such issues quietly through the Director. Please do not make directing decisions or try to sort problems out unless you are the Director for the evening. Leave such issues to the Director, whatever you think – if you are at the table where a decision is made it is always possible to ask a question at the appropriate moment but you must respect the Director’s decision and not seek to do his/her job yourself.
  2. PLEASE PASS ON YOUR BOARDS WHEN YOU ARE MOVING.  Please place boards in correct order before passing them on and find out where they should go – don’t just leave them anywhere.
  3. Would the person due to make the opening lead PLEASE lead BEFORE writing down the contract in their score card, or indeed putting away their bidding cards.
  4. Please ensure you wash up and dry your own cups in a timely fashion.
  5. Dummy to pass on bottom board when their table is finishing late
  6. Help to set up from 7pm is always welcome.
  7. Also at the end in packing things away. 
  8. Please report to the club by 7.20pm.
  9. PLEASE be considerate when other tables are still in play and keep conversation, particularly conversation about the cards played, to a minimum and at a LOW VOLUME. 
  10. Let your opponents know your basic bidding system when you sit down, unless you have a convention card or are playing standard Acol.
  11. Keep a scorecard.

Last updated : 17th Feb 2020 17:34 GMT

Tom Le Cren Cup - Stephen Quinn

Marjorie Le Cren Cup - Shirley Moore

Pari Parsu Cup - Richard Brodie and Michael Allen

Blewbury Bridge Club Cup - Diane Bell

Roy East Cup - Fiona Jack and Jane Lennox

The Bird Salver - Dermot Paddon and Diane Bell

Shield for the Most Improved Player - 

Last updated : 30th Sep 2020 18:52 BST

Minutes of Annual General Meeting held online by Zoom meeting on Thursday 8 October 2020

This meeting was held online by Zoom Meeting.  The following notes and discussion points were circulated in advance to form the basis of the meeting.  Additional comments and decisions taken have been inserted in text boxes. 

Members Attending: Michael Allen, Jill Allen, Diane Bell, Richard Brodie, Sarah Donne, Bob Downey, June Downey, David Hollick, Andy King, Astrid Van Maanan, Ian Van Maanan, Pres Wells, June Wells, Jean White

Agenda Item

  1. Apologies

Hilary Strang, Terry Ward, Shiv Datt, David Long, Dermot Paddon

  1. Minutes of AGM 08/10/19
    1. Any alterations?
    2. Proposal/second and vote to accept

Proposal to accept the Minutes - Proposed: David Hollick, Seconded: Pres Wells.  Meeting agreed.

  1. Matters Arising
    1. Item 4 – recruitment. Ken Angus did a good job spreading advertising literature around the area with the help of some volunteers. It seems to have produced a new influx of players to the club.
    2. The Richard Bird Salver was awarded for the first time and presented at the last Christmas Party.
    3. A format for a new competition with a cup provided by Alan and Meg Prior, named the Marples Cup, has been agreed for less experienced players, and to help encourage Friday night Novices to play on a Thursday. Proposal currently with the Priors for approval, but clearly this competition may not start for some time to come.
    4. Item 5 - Alternative venues during Hall Refurbishment – as you know the school was used but now suspended due to Covid-19.
    5. Item 11 – Improvers’ course suspended due to Covid-19
    6. Item 16(a) – results now up-to-date on the EBU website.
  2. Chairman’s report and Future Plans
    1. Playing venues
      1. As you will all be aware, at the beginning of the calendar year we moved out of the Vale Room to allow refurbishment of the Village Hall and started using a room in the school next door, with tables, chairs and crockery from the Village Hall.
      2. The laptop and boards for an individual session are brought to the venue for each session – otherwise stored at Granary House. A case to allow easier transport of the boards was purchased. Also, an additional set of boards to allow separate sets in each week for each of the 3 playing sessions – Tuesday, Thursday and Friday Novices.
      3. Playing equipment such as Bridgemates, cloths, etc., are kept in the large suitcase which is currently still in the school.

Suitcase has been retrieved and is now with Michael Allen at Granary House.

      1. The dealing machine, boards and other equipment are stored at Granary House.
      2. We are not going to be able to ensure players’ safety, including the provision of a satisfactory Risk Assessment and insurance, for live sessions until, probably, a vaccine is widely available.
      3. A ‘Virtual Club’ has now been established on Bridge Base Online to run on Tuesday evenings, with sessions planned to commence on Thursday evenings on 15th October. There are 4 directors – Michael Allen, Richard Brodie, Dermot Paddon and Diane Bell.
      4. It may be possible to run Novices sessions similarly on a Friday evening with the addition of Zoom to allow social interaction and discussion of the hands. There is also a new EBU platform called RealBridge which may be worth evaluating.
      5. In the short/medium term then, the ongoing Funbridge sessions on Tuesday and Thursday evenings have been extended to run from 10.30am to 10.30pm – so allowing maximum flexibility for those wishing to take part in those sessions.

A third Funbridge session has been added on Fridays, again from 10.30 to 22.30

      1. For the future, it seems unlikely that we will be back to physical play in the next 6 months. We will just have to make decisions as circumstances change.
    1. Teaching
      1. Some of the 2019 set of new learners have joined the club and were playing in the Novices sessions on Friday evenings.
      2. A new group commenced weekly lessons in January at Granary House. Of course, Covid has put paid to physical lessons, but lesson notes have continued to be issued to some of the students who wished to receive them. This is now complete.
      3. Clearly, though, they have not been able to practice play, except by making their own arrangements. So, the Chairman is hoping to continue lessons with a few students on BBO, and using Whats App or Zoom simultaneously.
    2. The School
      1. It will not now be necessary to recommence physical sessions in the school.
      2. The Village Hall Committee require all the tables, chairs and crockery to be returned to the Village Hall. A working party will be needed to carry this out – the Secretary is co-ordinating a plan for this with the Chairman of the Village Hall
      3. At the same time the club’s suitcase and some tea, coffee, etc., will need to be returned to Granary House for storage.

Thanks to all who have helped during these difficult times, both in helping set up for our sessions at the school, and then more recently in our ‘Virtual’ world, and to the Directors who have volunteered to run the sessions on BBO.

Many others have also helped in other ways – our thanks to you all.

  1. Village Hall Refurbishment
    1. At present the Hall Refurbishment Project is more or less complete, with some final snagging and one or two additional tasks yet to complete.
    2. A lockable Bridge Club Cupboard has been provided to a design supplied by us.
    3. The Chairman secured an £800 grant from Oxfordshire Bridge Association towards the cost of the new cupboard – already received by the Hall Refurbishment Fund.
    4. Just over £100 has also been donated from the proceeds of Novices’ lessons held at the Chairman’s house.
    5. In total, including the OBA grant, the Club has been responsible for generating approximately £14.5k of funding for the Hall Refurbishment.

We have been told that our contribution amounts to roughly one-tenth of the total village contribution, (i.e. the total of all other clubs and individuals).  An impressive effort, with thanks to all.

    1. It is unlikely that the club will start using the Vale Room again in the near future.

  1. Treasurer’s Report

The final accounts have been circulated by email (audited by Malcolm Cochrane)

The Treasurer reports as follows

    1. Firstly, the club is in a secure financial position with £11,738.66  in our bank account.
      This total now includes the amount that was in a dormant savings account that has  been transferred into the current account for administrative reasons.

During the active period of the club this financial year both income and expenditure were comparable to previous years with no exceptional items occurring.

With respect to the Blewbury Hall refurbishment fund £1035 was raised during the time we continued to play in the vale room. A final amount, including this amount and that brought forward, to a total of £7753 was given, by cheque, to the hall committee.

    1. It has been agreed that, as the local BBO Directors are limited in number and have quite a demanding role to play, without being able to take part in the sessions they are directing themselves, they should be remunerated at a rate of £5 per session.
    2. As on-line sessions have now commenced, funds for the club have started to be generated again.
    3. Proposal required to accept the Accounts for the 2019/2020 year.

The Chairman thanked Colin for this report and for the work he puts in for the club.  Proposal to accept the final audited accounts made by Pres Wells, seconded by Andy King.  Accepted by the members present.  No dissenters.

  1. Team Captain’s Report

Dermot Paddon reports as follows

    1. Following our success in 2017-18 in getting promoted to Division 2 of the Wessex League, and staying there the following year, we will return to division 3 in 2020-21.  We did though complete all our matches well before Covid-19 struck last winter.  This year, for the first time the matches are to be played online which at least removes the need for travelling in the dark and cold and also the usual home/away is irrelevant other than potentially for captains in setting up matches on the night.  At the time of writing no matches have been arranged as we are waiting to see how they will operate on BBO.

Thanks to Dermot for organising the Team.

  1. Election of Officers and Committee
    1. In view of the demanding and challenging times currently facing the club, the Chairman is delighted to report that all existing Officers and Committee Members have agreed to continue to serve for the next year.
    2. Thanks to them all for their contributions.

The meeting was asked to re-elect the existing committee and officers en masse.  Proposed: David Hollick, seconded: Diane Bell.  All in agreement, no dissenters.

  1. Subscriptions and Table Money.
    1. It has been decided to suspend collection of annual membership fees until the start of the 2021/2022 playing year, assuming we have resumed physical sessions by then.
    2. Table money generated from the BBO sessions, of $3 per player, is split with 60% coming to the club. From our share we need to pay the EBU and County P2P fee, other one-off registration fees, and the Directors. Also possible incidental expenses.

  1. Competitions/trophies
    1. All competitions have, naturally, been suspended for the current playing year. Just over 4 months of results have accumulated prior to the suspension.
    2. Results from on-line sessions are now being uploaded to the website and will appear in the Ladder results, but insufficient results will be generated by the end of October for annual cups to be awarded.
    3. In the event that physical play resumes by the Spring of next year, The Committee plans that the 2019/20 results be amalgamated with the results from Spring 2021 to the end of the 2021 playing year for the awarding of Cups.
    4. If, however, the suspension of physical play lasts into the summer period, it may be necessary to abandon the competitions for the 2020/21 year entirely and re-start in the new playing year in November 2021.
    5. For the meantime, it is not necessary for existing cupholders to return their cups.

  1. Publicity and Recruitment.
    1. See note 3 (a) above.
    2. A new group of learners commenced lessons at Granary House on Monday evenings in January. These were, of course, suspended in March, but lesson notes have continued to be issued to some of the participants with feedback given on quiz questions, etc.
    3. It may be possible to instigate playing sessions for these learners through BBO.
    4. There are no plans at present to start any new teaching.

  1. Club Equipment

At present the suitcase containing the Bridgemates, bidding boxes, table cloths, Bridgemate server, etc. has been removed from the school and is now with the chairman.  The school was unable to locate the bag containing our refreshments and crockery, this may come to light and they will no doubt let us know.  The tables and chairs brought over from the Hall are still in the school but it is hoped they will be moved back to the hall sometime this month.

We will not now need to use the school premises again – on the resumption of physical play we should be able to take up residence in the refurbished Vale Room.

The dealing machine, laptop, printer, boards and other spare consumables are also stored at Granary House.

  1. Website
    1. Not much activity. Monthly Funbridge averages for both Tuesday/Thursday evenings combined, and Novices on Fridays are posted on the website.
    2. A copy of the Blewbury Bulletin monthly entry is also included.
    3. Results from club sessions on BBO are now being regularly uploaded to the website and also and submitted to the EBU.

  1. Future dates
    1. 2020 AGM – 7pm Thursday October 8th on Zoom
    2. 2020 Christmas Party – cancelled
    3. 2021 AGM – Tuesday October 5th, hopefully live in the Vale Room ahead of a bridge session
    4. 2021 Christmas Party – Sunday December 12th, 5 for 5.30, Village Hall (we hope!)

  1. Any Other Business.
    1. Bob Downey:


A few years ago, I voted to discontinue the practice of offering a prize to the worthy winners of our competitions. I have since regretted that vote as I now think that this has taken away some of the celebrity for the winners at the Xmas Party.  I think that in this terrible year for the club, it may be an idea to re-instate this at a suitable time. Additionally, reasonably-priced personalised items are now available online to be awarded to the winners. I am thinking inscribed Glass tankards, Whiskey glasses, Champagne glasses, or something like this, as a commemorative gift.

Information from earlier minutes not made available at this meeting: The practice mentioned above was the awarding of a keepsake cup to be retained by the winner. This was abandoned by a narrow vote at the 2013 AGM but was discussed again the following year, the suggestion then being the awarding of some kind of keepsake.  After soliciting the membership by email as to whether they wanted it reinstated and if so, what kind of keepsake they would consider appropriate the responses overall were against re-instatement and the committee took the matter no further.

This year’s proposal (15a) was circulated to the membership in advance and we had one member register his disagreement.

This meeting discussed the merits of this proposal and there was no strong disagreement from members present.  A vote by show of hands showed a majority in favour.  Bob will look at possible ‘awards’ and liaise with the committee for further discussion.

    1. Bob Downey:


I have always liked the ‘Honour Boards’ at Golf Clubs and in fact at Wallingford Bridge Club. This shows the history of the club and I certainly would have been delighted if I had done enough to earn a mention. At this time, when we hopefully will soon be playing bridge in the new room, I am wondering if members would find this interesting, and if so, permission could be sorted to set this up for our Club?

The Chairman has had a brief chat with the hall refurbishment committee who would not like permanent club notices of any kind on the walls.  We could use the inside of the doors on our storage cupboard but we are already planning to put our notice board there.   Bob suggested the idea of an online virtual honours board which could then record the winners of the various competitions from the start of the club.  Richard Brodie will see what he can come up with.

In general, the idea of a virtual honours board has merit, it makes our history public.  Proposal to investigate what we could do with this made by David Hollick, seconded by Colin Field and carried by the meeting.

    1. Bob Downey: Could we use card payments for table money when the club is back in the Vale Room? 

Colin would prefer to retain the present arrangement. We may have to change to an online account and he would rather not.

    1. Diane Bell: A recent problem on a BBO session prompted this question about the  ‘undo’ function during bidding.

MA thought this was something that the Directors will want to agree among themselves but in principle, yes, providing the director has been called and has deemed it appropriate.

    1. What outgoings does the club have in the present financial year

CF: We’ve paid £42 for the Wessex League team to be able to play BBO sessions. The other outgoings have been mentioned earlier: the £5 per session to the director of each BBO session.  We are still paying P2P money to the EBU but not directly.  Individuals pay their fee in advance to the BBO to play, BBO  keeps one-third and two-thirds goes to the EBU who deduct and keep the P2P fee.  We get the balance. 

A vote of thanks was proposed by Ian and seconded by Bob Downey in recognition of the work done by the Chairman and committee which has kept the bridge club alive during the relocation time at the school and then during the lockdown period.  In addition thanks to the 4 directors taking on the role for the online BBO sessions and Dermot and Diane for their work for the club’s team in the Wessex League.

Meeting closed at 20.05. 

Note: We had a question at the start of the meeting as to whether the number attending constituted a quorum.  I checked afterwards, and there is no quorum requirement for a General Meeting only at Committee Meetings when we need to have a minimum of 3 committee

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MARCH 2020
I have decided that, faced with the impending threat of a rapidly increasing Coronavirus epidemic, we should temporarily suspend all playing sessions of Blewbury Bridge Club immediately. There are also good reasons why we should not wait for Government Advice before acting.
A bridge Club, despite being a relatively small social gathering, has particularly critical issues when faced with such a virus.
1) The age profile of the members is such that a significant proportion can be defined as 'at risk' of serious illness/death. Quite a number may well have underlying health issues which seems to be an important consideration.
2) It is impossible to maintain 'social distancing'. Not only do we come close to each other when moving about the room, but we sit barely a metre from each other. The room is also, as you will be aware, quite cramped, which exacerbates our contact with each other. Furthermore, the biggest risk of passing on a virus is the manner of our activity - we all handle the boards and many sets of cards, which are a prime candidate for carrying germs.
3) We are playing in a school. It seems that children are less at risk from this virus than older people, but they will, undoubtedly, be spreading germs on hard surfaces all over the school. So increasing the risk to our members. 
The available evidence is that we are about 2 weeks behind Italy - even if we only experience 50% of Italy's problems it will cause great difficulties. It is reported that the Government is drawing up recommendations that the elderly avoid public gatherings. As I mentioned above, I believe bridge club activities hold particular additional hazards not faced by normal public gatherings.
The government is delaying issuing more draconian measures because of the economic impact - they are not thinking of the elderly as the first priority. I think we must do that. Also bear in mind that this is different to seasonal flu - there is no inoculation and the hidden incubation period/ease of spread makes it very dangerous.
For these reasons I am taking immediate action. I trust you will all support this difficult decision.
I will keep you informed of developments.
With no sign of an imminent return to normal life the club will continue to be closed for face-to-face play. However, a Virtual Blewbury Club has recently been created on Bridge Base online, with club sessions on Tuesday and Thiursday evenings. We also have dedicated club sessions on Funbridge, 10.30am-1030pm Tuesdays and Thursdays, with a similar Novices session on Fridays. 
Last updated : 13th Oct 2020 10:45 BST
  June Bulletin Entry

It seems my comments about a cautious approach to a return to F2F bridge last month may have been quite prescient, given the surge in cases of the 'Indian Variant'. Ongoing monitoring of the national and international situation is the key.

It also seems that any bridge movement of players around a room with the intention of holding some sort of meaningful duplicate bridge session will not be in accordance with the current 'Rule of Six' Regulations. Even if not a legally enforceable provision, this could still provide difficulties in providing insurance cover for club officials and officers in the event that we went ahead with bridge sessions, even with the use of protection such as plastic screens, disciplined movement in the room, etc.

So, we will wait to see what change to the Regulations might be announced later in June.

Last updated : 18th May 2021 12:07 BST