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OBA Thursday Teams
Director: Patricia Hones
Dawes League: Away v Leicestershire
BBO Pairs League - OVERALL
Director: Stephen Brown
BBO Pairs League - Division 1
BBO Pairs League - Division 2
30th Nov 2023
County Pairs Heat (open to all)
RealBridge 7pm
Director: Patricia Hones TBC
3rd Dec 2023
Swiss Pairs Championship
RealBridge 2pm
Director: Patricia Hones
 RealBridge Login
10th Dec 2023
Dawes League: Away v Staffs
RealBridge 2pm
11th Dec 2023
Seniors Pairs
Roke 11am
Director: Patricia Hones
21st Dec 2023
Thursday Pairs Duplicate
RealBridge 7pm
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Sun 1 Oct 2023        Harwell Cup ü

Thu  5 Oct 2023        Play with an expert ü

Oct 2023 - Apr 2024   Knockout Teams

Sun 5 Nov 2023        Handicap pairs ü

Thu 30 Nov 2023      County Pairs Heat

Sun 3 Dec 2023        Swiss Pairs Championship

Thu   1 Feb 2024       \
Sun   4 Feb 2024       County Pairs Semis
Mon 19 Feb 2024      /
Sun 17 Mar 2024      County Pairs Final

Sun 5 May 2024       Swiss Pairs (Junior Fundraising)

Sun 16 June 2024    Mixed Pairs

Regular monthly events
Regular monthly events

OBA offers three regular monthly events, F2F or online 


     SECOND MONDAY - F2F Seniors Pairs at Roke, 11am, 30-33 boards. Next one: 11th December   JUST TURN UP     LATEST RESULTS      2023/2024 LADDER


     THIRD THURSDAY - Pairs ladder on BBO, with promotion and relegation within three divisions, next one 21st January, 7pm 21-22 boards.      CLICK TO JOIN AS A NEW ENTRANT    New players very welcome   LATEST RESULTS    DIVISIONS FOR NEXT MONTH   Occasionally someone cannot play and a player is looking for a standby player. If you are willing to play to make up numbers, please submit your details here.   LADDER SEP 2023 - MAR 2024


     FOURTH THURSDAY - Teams on RealBridge, next one 28th January, 7pm, 24-25 boards     CLICK TO ENTER 10 DAYS BEFORE EVENT     LAST MONTH'S RESULT


To play in Oxfordshire events (regular monthly events i.e.  Senior Pairs, BBO Pairs Ladder or Thursday Teams) or the occasional Sunday events e.g. Harwell Cup, Handicap Pairs or Mixed Pairs) all players must either be Primary Oxfordshire members or Associate Oxfordshire Members. The committee discussed and decided this recently. 

Oxfordshire welcomes players from other counties and at no cost, we ask you to register for Associate Membership.

To check Primary Oxfordshire membership click: NGS ( - you should see OXF by your name.

[Note the County Pairs and Presidents Cup are only open to Primary OBA Members. All Blue Pointed and the Congress are open to all so no associate membership is required for these events]


WHAT THE OXFORDSHIRE COUNTY ASSOCIATION DOES      (Clicking on the green highlighted words links to the appropriate page)

OBA Blue Pointed Swiss Pairs - 3rd December 2023

Swiss Pairs Championship - 3rd December 2023    (BLUE POINTED)

It's time to enter this very popular competition. This year's Swiss Pairs competition will be held online (RealBridge) on Sunday 3th December 2023. Please be online by 1.45 for a prompt start at 2.00pm.There will be six 6-board matches. Session 1: 2.00pm - 4.15pm, 18 boards, Session 2: 4.45pm - 7.00pm, 18 boards.   Entry Fee: £18 per pair.

PRIZES: to top 10% of pairs playing, using 20% of entry fees.

Chief TD: Patricia Hones          CLICK TO ENTER

Last updated : 19th Nov 2023 07:55 GMT

     THIRD THURSDAY - Pairs on RealBridge, next one 21th December, 7pm, 24-25 boards     CLICK TO ENTER

Last updated : 26th Nov 2023 14:51 GMT
County Pairs 2023 - 2024
County Pairs 2023 - 2024

Oxfordshire is changing the format for 2024 to generate more entries and interest. Any club pairs duplicate (20+ boards, not gentle duplicates or like) in the weeks commencing 19th November, 3rd December or 7th January entitle pairs with 50% or more to play in one of three County Pairs Semifinals.

For players whose clubs do not have a regular pairs duplicate or for pairs unable to play in their own club heats (players should only play in their own club heats) there is a County Heat on Thursday 30th November (RealBridge, cost £3 per player) open to all. PLEASE ENTER IN ADVANCE

Click here to enter one of the semifinals, dates are Thursday 1st February 7pm, Sunday 4th February 2pm, Monday 19th February 7pm (24-26 boards, MPs at National Scale, £4 per player, all on RealBridge). In proportion to players in each semifinal there will be a 10 table final on Sunday 17th March 2pm (38 boards, Green points awarded, £9 per player, again on RealBridge).  

Last updated : 22nd Nov 2023 08:50 GMT
BECOME An OOP or OTT...... a challenge
BECOME An OOP or OTT...... a challenge
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We would like to invite you to do your bit to help Oxfordshire’s bridge community recover its pre-COVID vibrancy. 

There are those amongst you who have been happy to return to face-to-face bridge at your local club and others who prefer to continue their bridge online.  So, play is now understandably split between the two forms of the game. ..........

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Last updated : 10th Jul 2023 13:44 BST
Oxford Junior Bridge Club Autumn 2023
Oxford Junior Bridge Club Autumn 2023
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ARE YOU AGED 8 – 19 YEARS?     Do you like maths, puzzles, quizzes or card games? If so, you might well enjoy bridge!

The Oxford Junior Bridge Club runs every Sunday afternoon 

The Oxford Bridge Club, 147 Banbury Road, OX2 7AN

AUTUMN TERM DATES: 24th September – 10th December 2023, 2.30 – 4.30 p. ..........

..... see more
Last updated : 10th Oct 2023 15:10 BST
RealBridge / Green Point Events

10 December 2023: Swiss Teams. Open to all players. £10 per person, £40 for the team. Organised by the Scottish Bridge Union. BOOKING LINK

10 December: Junior Bridge Festival. Free for all juniors. BOOKING LINK


Midland Counties 9-High - Saturday 2nd December 2023

The Midlands Counties are organising 9-high games during the coming season on : Saturdays 2nd December 2023, 27th January 2024, 2nd March 2024


These all take place on RealBridge and we hope that one of our leading young internationals, Ben Norton, will be able to do a Q&A session for about half an hour immediately after the game.  These sit alongside other restricted-NGS events organised by different counties


The following represented Oxfordshire on 11-12th November 2023; and came 5th in their section just missing out on qualifying for the final. Results  (top four qualify)

Alan Wilson & Nick Smith

Diana Nettleton & Ollie Burgess

Charlie Bucknell & Ewa Wieczorek

Denis Talbot & Kathy Talbot

Robert Procter & Abbey Smith

Handicap Pairs Championship - Sunday 5th November

Well done to Dave Dobson & Linda Allen who win after handicap adjustment    (£24 prize for the pair). see full RESULTS

Original Position Players Match Score Mean NGS Net Place with
Points %   % handicap
2= Dave Dobson & Linda Allen 134 55.83 53,90 1,93 1
4 Geoff Webber & Alan Bryant 132 55.00 54,13 0,87 2
2= Andy King & Irene Holland 134 55.83 55,04 0,79 3
Midland County Match v Staffordshire - 10 December 2023

The Selection Committee has selected the following to represent the county in the match against Shropshire and Staffordshire:


A Team

Alan Wilson and Nick Smith

Chris Wilson and Matthew Covill

Diana Nettleton and Ollie Burgess

Lawrence Wang and Yining Yang


B Team

Abbey Smith and Robert Procter

Christopher Whitehouse and Mary-Ann Sheehy

Denis Talbot and Kathy Talbot

Gillian Lonsdale and Nigel Wilkes


C Team

Alison Withers Green and Robert Gasser

Amr El-Kashef and Martin Illingworth 

Finn Clark and Stuart Forsyth

Liza Furnival and Lorna Swadling


Reserve (please)

Krys Kazmierczak and Sandra Nicholson