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Pairs League - Overall
Pairs League - Division 1
Pairs League - Division 2
Pairs League - Division 3
Seniors Pairs
Director: Patricia Hones
18th Jul 2024
Pairs League Starting Positions for July
RealBridge 7pm
Director: Stephen Brown
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25th Jul 2024
Thursday Teams
RealBridge 7pm
12th Aug 2024
Seniors Pairs
Roke 11am
15th Aug 2024
Pairs League
RealBridge 7pm
Director: Stephen Brown
17th Aug 2024
OBA Congress Swiss Pairs
Abingdon School
Director: Jonathan Lillycrop
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County Green / Blue Point Events

Malvern Congress (26-27 October 2024) CLICK FOR BROCHURE


ALL ON REALBRIDGE (except congress & Wallingford & Abingdon Swiss)

Sat/Sun 17/18 Aug 2024  Congress (Abingdon F2F)

Wed 4th Sept 2024    Cafe Bridge @ Henley

Sun 29 Sep 2024    BC Swiss Pairs @ Wallingford

Oct 2024 - Apr 2025   President's Cup   President's Plate

Sun 5 Oct 2024        Harwell Cup

Thu  9 Oct 2024 TBC  Play with an expert

Sun 10 Nov 2024        Handicap pairs

Sun 1 Dec 2024        Swiss Pairs Championship

Sun   2 Feb 2025       \
Thu   6 Feb 2025       County Pairs Semis
Mon 17 Feb 2025      /
Sun 9 Mar 2024       BP Swiss Pairs @ Abingdon
Sun 16 Mar 2025     County Pairs Final
Sun 27 Apr 2025       Swiss Pairs (Junior Fundraising)
Sun 15 Jun 2025    Mixed Pairs
Regular monthly events
Regular monthly events

OBA offers three regular monthly events, F2F or online 


     SECOND MONDAY - F2F Seniors Pairs at Roke, 11am, 30-33 boards.   JUST TURN UP    2023/2024 LADDER


     THIRD THURSDAY - Pairs ladder on RealBridge (changed from BBO), with promotion and relegation within three divisions, 7pm 21-22 boards.      CLICK TO JOIN AS A NEW ENTRANT    New players very welcome    Occasionally someone cannot play and a player is looking for a standby player. If you are willing to play to make up numbers, please submit your details here   LADDER   (alert own bids)


     FOURTH THURSDAY - Teams on RealBridge, 7pm, 24-25 boards     CLICK TO ENTER 10 DAYS BEFORE EVENT     (Alerting: partner alerts)

OBA Congress
OBA Green Pointed Congress 2024

The OBA Congress will be held over the weekend 17-18th August 2024, at New Venue: The Pavilion, Abingdon School, Park Road, Abingdon. Green Pointed Swiss Pairs on Saturday and Green Pointed Swiss Teams and 9-High pairs on Sunday.

The entry fees will be £27 per player for Green Pointed events, £8.50 per player for the Friendly Pairs (NGS 9 or below, 24 Boards). 

Please enter / see entries using:  Swiss Pairs,  Swiss TeamsFriendly Pairs  entry forms.   CLICK HERE IF LOOKING FOR TEAM-MATES FOR THE SWISS TEAMS


Abingdon Pavilion

Please note:  Abingdon School is a nut-free zone, (several pupils have severe allergies, so players may not bring any foods containing nuts).  Note also, no smoking on the school premises.