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Past Tournaments
Some Glendale Winners
  • Tues - Wed KO
  • Friday Teams Brk
  • Friday Teams Brk
  • Sat KO Brkt 3
  • Sat Swiaa
  • Thur-Fri KO
Woodland Hills Regional, February 2015

Monday - Tuesday

Mon aft 299er pairs


New Life Master


Mon aft AB pairs


Mon Ev 299er pairs


Mon Ev AB Pairs


Mon Ev Swiss


Tue Ev Swiss


Tue AB Pairs


Wednesday - Thursday

Wednesday speaker Mark Itabashi


Robert Chui Memorial Open Pairs (not available: Mike Spero)




Wednesday Gold Rush pairs


Abraham Lincoln KO  Bracket 2


Thomas Jefferson KO Bracket 2


Wed Ev Swiss and tie 1st  Thur two session Swiss (not available: Alexander Kolesnik,  Rick Roeder)


Abraham Lincoln KO Bracket I  and tie 1st  Thur two session Swiss


Thur IMP pairs  



New Life Master 


Friday speaker Jordan Chordorow


Gold Rush Pairs


Gold Rush Pairs


Mini-McKinney 1st (Peter Gelfand) and
2nd (Om Chokriwala) 500-1000 category



Saturday Gold Rush


Saturday Compact KO bracket 3


Saturday Compact KO bracket 2


Saturday Eve Swiss


Saturday Gold Rush



Sunday fast pairs


Sunday Swiss Flight A


Sunday Swiss Flight B bracket 1


Sunday Swiss Flight B bracket 2