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Welcome to ACBL District 23
Some Glendale Winners
  • Tues - Wed KO
  • Friday Teams Brk
  • Friday Teams Brk
  • Sat KO Brkt 3
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  • Thur-Fri KO
Special Notice for D23 Bridge Clubs

Learn Bridge in A Day?®

District 23 has purchased a license allowing us to give Learn Bridge in a Day? programs throughout the district and will allow units and clubs in the District to use the license at the charge of $20 per program.

The volunteer bridge teachers at the Long Beach Bridge Center have purchased most of the items you need to run a Learn Bridge in a Day program at your bridge club or unit and can supply a teacher to run the program at a nominal charge.  They can also guide you in planning and advertising the program.

This program has been successful throughout the county in bringing in new duplicate bridge players when combined with beginning bridge lessons and playing opportunities. In Long Beach, we had 40 new players attend the program and about half of them signed up for beginning bridge classes.

The Long Beach Bridge Center will be holding another program on July 10, 2016, from 9:45 am to 2:45 pm, lunch included, if you wish to view a presentation.

For more information on using the license or if you plan on attending the Long Beach program contact Sharon Biederman 714 624-3455 or

To learn more about Learn Bridge in a Day, check out these sites and Sharon Biederman's handy pamphet:

LBIAD pamphlet


Whirlwind Bridge

Special Feature

Over the next few months, we will be featuring a regular column entitled "Danny on Duplicate," which can be found on the first button under the Education tab at the left.

A Message from District Director Kevin Lane
A Message from District Director Kevin Lane

Welcome to District 23 of the American Contract Bridge League.  District 23 is one of 25 Districts of the ACBL.  District 23 includes all of Los Angeles County.  The District is divided into nine geographical areas.  They are:  Pomona-Covina; Glendale-Verdugo; Santa Clarita-Antelope Valley, Long Beach; Pasadena-San Gabriel Valley; San Fernando Valley, West Los Angeles, Downey-Whittier, and Torrance-South Bay.  The District is governed by the Association of Los Angeles County Bridge Units (ALACBU).  ALACBU meets three times a year at our local regional tournaments.

Using the features of this site, a person can find out about anything happening with bridge in Los Angeles and throughout the ACBL.  You can find Regional and Sectional tournaments, local bridge clubs, bridge instruction, special events like the Grand National Teams, North American Pairs and Sectional Tournaments at Clubs.  Our award-winning bridge newspaper, The Southern California Bridge News, can also be accessed from this site.

Beverly Hills Has a New Evening Game for Novices (0-99 Points)

Come play and learn

BHBC has added an new evening game for novices (0-99 points) on Thursday evenings, starting January 25. The shortened format game begins at 7:30 pm and ends at 9:45 pm. All players with fewer than 99 masterpoints are invited to play. This game will have a pleasant, relaxed atmosphere, ideal for learning and increasing your skills.

During the evening, novices will play from 15 to 18 hands, allowing for a slightly later start time and an earlier end time -- perfect for avoiding traffic and ideal for bridge players who must work the following day. No partner? No problem. They will find one for you.

The emphasis is on learning for two reasons:

  • Mentors are welcome and encouraged to play with newer players. However, mentor/student pairs are not eligible for masterpoints for that night’s game - a small price to pay for having the benefit of an experienced partner to answer questions and make helpful suggestions.
  • In addition, after the game, our director Leslie Brucker will choose 2 or 3 hands played that evening to discuss. You will have immediate feedback on suggestions for bidding, play and defense on these hands.

How to Sign Up to Play

Call Beverly Hills Bridge Club at (310) 657-6933. Players are asked to sign up in advance each week. (You may even sign up the same day.) If you have signed up and must cancel, please let the club know.  Arrive promptly by 7:30 pm so the game can start on time.

Learn Bridge in a Day?


District 23 is pleased to offer the popular Learn Bridge in a Day?®  workshop. This special class covers the fundamentals of bridge in a fun and engaging way. Participants learn basic bidding, scoring, and play of the cards. The classes are open to the public, and everyone is welcome. No experience is necessary.

The workshop is designed for beginners, those returning to bridge after long absences, social bridge players, and individuals wanting to “test the waters” before committing to formal classes. The one-day session will be followed up by a series of beginner classes and games for everyone who wishes to continue playing the game.

Upcoming Workshops in District 23

For more information:

1. Learn Bridge in a Day? TBA. Contact Nancy Heck (phone: 323 236-2924 or email: at Beverly Hills Bridge Club

2. Contact Laura  (phone: 310 738-5960 or email: at South Bay Bridge Club

3. Contact Sharon Biederman (phone: 714 624-3455 or email: at Long Beach Bridge Center

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