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Midland Counties Events 2021

The six counties involved have agreed dates for the two events as follows: 
Midland Counties Challenge Bowl (2 teams of 4 from each county) will be held on RealBridge on Sunday, 27th June.  Qualifying teams are the winners of the league and the runners up in the Staffs Cup (supplemented by others if necessary).
Edgar Foster Cups (4 pairs from each county) to be held on Sunday 19th September (either F2F or on RealBridge).  Qualifying pairs come from the Championship Pairs – preferably those who will not be playing in the Corwen in June.

Non-SSCBA events

Oxfordshire Congress

Saturday 12th June:  Swiss Pairs 
Sunday 13th June:  Swiss Teams
Sunday 13th June:  Friendly Pairs
Please click here to enter online or here to download an entry form. 

LLANDUDNO Pairs Weekend

Saturday 10th July: GP Pairs
Sunday 11th July: GP Pairs
Please click here to download an entry form. 

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Shropshire Congress
8th Jun 2021 17:54 BST
Shropshire Congress
The Shropshire Congress

The Congress takes place annually during the spring. For further information contact Judy Mitchell either on 01743 235374 or by email

Recent results from the Congress:




24-04-2021 GP Swiss Pairs Richard Illingworth & Glyn Meredith
25-04-2021 GP Swiss Teams

Paul Littlewood & Fiona Littlewood and Derek Oram & Celia Oram





Event Cancelled
Due to Covid
27-04-2019 GP Swiss Pairs Giles & Gabriel Ip
28-04-2019 GP Swiss Teams

=1 Sheila Shea & Edward Jones, Wyn Williams & Margaret Barnes

=1 Giles & Gabriel Ip, John Dakin & Eddie Lucioni



28-04-2018 GP Swiss Pairs Mike Rawlins & Naomi Gibbs (from Hertfordshire)
29-04-2018 GP Swiss Teams

Jeff & Ann Wilkins
Michael Tomlinson & Linda (from Lancashire)



22-04-2017 GP Swiss Pairs Jason Hackett & Adrian Kenworthy
23-04-2017 GP Swiss Teams

Jill Mumford & Arni Anidjar-Romain
Aleksandar Lishkov & John Dakin

16-04-2016 GP Swiss Pairs Barry & Beth Wennell (from Llandudno)
17-04-2016 GP Swiss Teams

Darren Evetts & Margaret Wort
Martin Jones & Alastair Gidman (mainly from Birmingham)

11-04-2015 GP Swiss Pairs John Currie & Rodney Lighton
12-04-2015 GP Swiss Teams

Ed Levy & Ollie Burgess
Dan Crofts & Gary Hyett

26-04-2014 GP Swiss Pairs Stuart Matthews & Mark Weeks
27-04-2014 GP Swiss Teams Dan Crofts & Gary Hyett
Barbara Hackett & Ed Levy
20-04-2013 GP Swiss Pairs Degsy Williams & Grahame Weir
21-04-2013 GP Swiss Teams Liz Commins & David Stevenson
Dave & Jean Keen
21-04-2012 GP Swiss Pairs David Stevenson & Liz Commins
22-04-2012 GP Swiss Teams Keith Shuttleworth & Brian Nicholls
Roger Bowles & John Waller
07-05-2011 GP Swiss Pairs Paul & Jason Hackett
08-05-2011 GP Swiss Teams Dan Crofts & Gary Hyett
Lawrence Haynes & Trevor Thrower
17-04-2010 Swiss Pairs

Ross Harper & Paul Hackett
Sue Woodcock & Nick Woodcock

18-04-2010 Swiss Teams Tim Chanter, Helen Wildsmith, Sue Taylor, Chris Taylor