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Would you be interested in playing in a BCL Stafford Bridge Club virtual club event? See BCL Newsletter of July 29th that BCL members should have received. Contact Terry or Carol. If you are a BBO fan there is the SSCBA Wednesday evening virtual club event. Play at both? Whatever don't miss your bridge at this difficult time.
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If you know of any member of the club who is unwell please let either Pat Martin or a member of the committee know so that appropriate wishes can be sent on behalf of all members.
The quickest response will be to tell either Pat Martin or any member of the committee at the bridge session then a card can be signed & posted immediately. Alternatively, you can email the secretary.

Membership Info
Message From the Chairman 9th June 2020

We are in the middle of an unprecedented situation, with the Club premises under lockdown and all normal Club activities suspended.     The purpose of this update is to sustain the Club’s links with its members, with such news and information as there is.

The AGM scheduled for May 21st has been postponed to a future date, as yet undetermined.   For the time being Officers and Committee Members will remain in post until a fair and proper election process can be mounted.     The Accounts for the financial year have been seen by the Committee and are ready for adoption and publication, with many thanks to Adrienne and Garry.    A summary of these accounts is posted here, for information.

In a normal year, we would have been collecting the Annual Subscriptions for the new membership year, from April 1st.    We are still many months away from re-opening, and members have already forfeited unusable time from the previous membership year.    It will be a considerable hassle to collect Annual Subs from when we re-open, whenever that is, and our bank balance is healthy.    The Committee has therefore agreed to waive Annual Subs for the new membership year.   Existing membership will simply carry over.  New members will pay Annual Subs in the normal way.

On the bridge front, your Officers took the decision, having explored the possibilities and consulted with others, to select Bridge Club Live (BCL) as the right option for developing a coordinated Club presence in online bridge.     To date, over 40 Club members are registered with BCL.   Club Captain Terry – with much help from Carol – has set up a weekly Teams of Four SBC League online within BCL, involving 36 Club members plus reserves, while several members are also taking part in open sessions either in social bridge or in competitive pairs sessions.    Ann Sleightholme also has established a Friday evening social event.

The Committee is conscious that normal channels of communication and social interaction via our Club have ceased to operate.    For some, this may result in serious isolation as well as in “bridge deprivation” syndrome!   Members are urged to maintain social links wherever possible, and to let Club officers know of any important news concerning Club members which they might come across.

Michael Metcalf
Club Chairman

See also Events Calendar, Membership Info including Diary dates and general items of interest,  SSCBC County News and EBU News.

Mixed Pairs - Thursday 26th March 7 for 7:15 p.m. (Postponed)

A leap year - ladies don't feel shy to ask a partner!  The list to sign up will be going up on the notice board soon.  Holders Beryl & Michael.

American Supper - Saturday 28th March 6:45 for 7 p.m. start. (Postponed)

The last one before September so not to be missed. Fun social event, one partner brings food, the other a prize. John and Ann are running this one and a partner is required.  If you would like to come and have not got a partner lined up already why not try the "Find a Partner" feature on the website.

Membership fees

As the Club is now closed because of Coronavirus we will delay collecting membership fees for the time being, until the situation becomes clearer.

Adrienne Jones, Treasurer

Away Weekend 17th - 20th April 2020

Unfortunately due to the Coronavirus David has had to cancel the away weekend as of 17th March 2020.  More news to follow.

News and Recent Results

Sixth Round of the Shelley played 12 March 2020

Corrected results (14.3.20) after 6 rounds including the handicaps are:

Pos Name Oct Nov Dec Jan Feb Mar Total HCap
1 Woodward -4 54 34 49 -20 18 131 2
2 Seymour 29 58 0 -36 41 -8 84 -62
3 Eaves 35 -1 6 -46 25 -3 16 22
4 Metcalf -26 10 -29 -15 35 22 -3 13
5 Clarke 9 -73 21 32 -15 12 -14 -26
6 Hensby 38 -61 13 24 -51 -19 -82 14
7 Sleightholme -81 13 -19 -8 -15 -22 -132 37

Holders: Team Davies

Paul retires from teaching - Friday 6th March 2020

Now that Terry is back from his cruise Paul has taken a back seat from teaching duties. The class regulars presented Paul with retirement gifts at the coffee break during his final lesson (and provided some excellent cakes). Terry will be taking over the Friday morning class but Terry has already booked a 2021 cruise, Paul may have to come out of retirement then!  Paul would like to see his pupils at club sessions, particularly Monday and Wednesday afternoons and Friday evenings where Paul and Linda play regularly. Read more.

See recent competitions page for past event reports and news page for earlier items of interest.

Forthcoming Events

  • Saturday 25th April - Shropshire Congress, Telford.
  • Thursday 11th June - Mixed Pairs (Wolverhampton)

SSCBA County Championship Pairs (Bearn) -  played Sunday 8th March at Wolverhampton Bridge Club

4 Stafford Bridge Club members took part in this event.  Coming second to Paul Hackett & David Debbage were Stafford members Cath & John who now qualify to play in the national Corwen event in May and will be invited to play in the Edgar Foster Cups in September.  Read more.

SSCBA No Fear Pairs -  played Thursday 27th February at Wolverhampton Bridge Club

A most enjoyable day, 4 pairs of SBC members and visitors took part in the event.  30 boards were played with a Mitchell movement.  Many thanks are due to Jeff Jones for the organisation and directing in addition to those who provided the lunch. Read more.


See also County News page on this site for more information and pictures.

EBU informationEBU

Please keep your contact details, including email address, up to date with the EBU.  If you do not need a printed version of English Bridge magazine please opt out to help reduce costs and waste. Go to, log-in and click 'my details'  under the "account tab" (extreme right) to update your details and preferences. Please note that by May 2020 you will need to set 'opt in' in 'my details' to continue to receive a diary.  The default value for all members has been reset to exclude the diary as of August 2019.  You may ask Carol (who may be able to do it for you at the club), email the EBU membership manager or phone (01296 317201) if you need any help with updating your details.


Club Management Focus

Click link for Winter 2020 edition. - Cafe Bridge, Training Course, Social Media, Club Straified Sim Pairs to name some of the topics covered.

See also EBU News page on this site for more information and pictures, the EBU home page and the EBU members area.  Some advice for bridge clubs and players on the  Coronavirus outbreak.

Dates of Interest (See also calendar page for full list or sessions and those looking for partners.)

Tues 17th March Covid-19 Club Closed, all events cancelled until further notice - watch this space.

Committee Meetings

Committee meeting dates 19/20 scheduled for Wednesday 19th June 2019, 4th or 11th September, 13th November, 29th Jan 2020 and 22nd April following the afternoon bridge session.  If you have concerns that you wish to be brought up at a meeting please contact any member of the committee at least one week (preferably more) prior to the meeting, or email the Secretary or Chairman, so that the item may be added to the meeting Agenda.  It has been proposed to make the minutes available through the website to members only (in addition of course to the existing paper record file in the office).


Following the September 2019 committee meeting the home page has been "decluttered" and members may have to use the tabs on the left hand side to view some items previously on the home page. Is this change an improvement, a step back or unimportant?  Your views matter, can you find what you were looking for?  

Please email contributions for the website, club news, hands etc to  All constructive comment welcome on style, content etc.

Duplicate Bridge Round Timer

Webmaster and son's duplicate bridge round timer available.

Polite Notice.

A number of members sadly have health issues effecting  their immune systems.  Members are politely asked to refrain from playing at the club when suffering from infections. Super clean hands too at all times please to prevent any infection passing via the cards.


Click link to go on to the members only area.  There are tabs at the top of the member's area for the various options open to members, for example:

Need a Partner?


In addition, to the normal method of phoning round for a partner from the "members only" area list of members, members are encouraged to use the web page facility to find a partner. For BridgeWebs easy to follow steps click here and choose the 4.2.2 option which assumes you are starting from the Calendar Month page.  

To request a partner log on to the "members only" area and follow the instructions.  Please only select the contact details (email, landline or mobile) that you are happy for the world to see, you can opt just to have your name displayed.  If you opt just to have your name displayed then anyone interested in contacting you will need to go themselves to the "members only" page to get a contact phone number or email address for you.  Remember to go through the process again to delete your entry once you have successfully found a partner.

To see who is already looking for a partner look for "partner?" on the calendar page or list of requests.  Please note the requests page found when clicking on partner? show 2 dates, the date when the partner is needed, today or a date in the future (shown in blue above the name), and the date when the request placed on the website, normally a date in the past but could be today (shown in black with no link).  

Mike Sheriff (01889 882296) acts as partner broker on a Thursday evening if given enough time to make arrangements.

A partner is not normally needed on a Friday but watch the Calendar page to check if a "host" is listed for the particular Friday of interest.

Read the Minutes?

Check your EBU number?

Check Rankings?


These pages are for club members only who have opted in to the system.  If you, as a member, have difficulty accessing them please contact the webmaster.  When logging in as a member the system will normally bring you into the "Find a Partner" section, the other areas can be seen by clicking the tabs across in the same way that the rankings, scorecards, matrix, travellers, hands appear on a results page.


2020 EBU Master Point Promotions

5 Star Premier Master (30,000 MPs inc 10 Green Points)

  • L Laughlin

1 Star Master (10,000 MPs)

  • Peter Tallon

Master (5,000 MPs)

  • G Sproston

Area Master (500 MPs)

  • R Foster
  • A Singh

Local Master (100 MPs)

  • C Dudley
  • C Russell

For 2018 and earlier entries see website.  See also the leader board.


Your help?

It would be much appreciated if everyone could help in small ways at the start (getting scorecards etc out) and at the end of sessions (loading the dishwasher, checking the windows are closed and the room is tidy) don't leave the director to do everything!

Presently volunteers are requested to act as stand bys on the 2nd and 4th Tuesday of the month, please contact Terry if you are willing to do either of these dates.  Presently the Tuesday host system has had to be suspended due to lack of volunteers.

If you would like to try your hand at scoring or directing please contact Terry Maltby or Michael Metcalf, more volunteers for these duties are always needed.