Members Questionnaire Concerning Reopening of Stafford Bridge Club


Q1 Do you intend to renew your membership of SBC when the premises are reopened?

1. Yes   2. No   3. Unsure  

Q2. If you answered yes or unsure when would you expect to return to playing at the club

1. As soon as club reopens   2. When you feel safe to do so  


Q3.  When reopened, which sessions are you most likely to attend regularly?

1.  Monday afternoon  
2.  Tuesday evening  
3.  Wednesday afternoon  
4.  Thursday evening  
5.  Friday evening  
6.  Thursday lessons  
7.  Friday lessons  


Q4. Would you like to see a continuation of a Club virtual session on BCL?

a) yes  
b) no  
c) maybe  

Q5. If your answer is yes/maybe to Question 4 which day /time would you prefer.



Q6. Other than the American suppers are there any other activities that you would like to see offered by the club or any other comments you would like to make.