Rhiwbina Bridge Club
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As you are probably aware, the club's annual subscriptions are normally due to be paid during April.

However, because of coronavirus, we have decided to postpone the payment until we know exactly when the club will be reopening.

Stay safe and enjoy the online bridge!

Rhiwbina Bridge Club

Welcome to the web site of Rhiwbina Bridge Club.  We meet at Rhiwbina Memorial Hall.
Please click here to find out more about the hall.

Convention Cards in Stepbridge

Stepbridge has a useful feature that allows you to set up a Convention Card.  This allows other players to see what conventions you play.  It is considered polite in the world of Stepbridge to have a convention card that accurately represents your bidding techniques.  It takes a few minutes, so we recommend that you do this some time before you next play on Stepbridge.

To set up your convention card in Stepbridge you need to log-on and then from the menu choose "Club.....Identity".  This will open a new window where your convention card settings can be entered.

The easiest way to set up a card is to click the Choose... button at the bottom of the screen.  You will then see a list of the systems that Stepbridge has built-in: Benji-acol, SAYC and Standard English Acol.  If you click on one of those, you will see a summary of what the system contains.  If you find one that accurately represents your bidding system completely, then you can just click the Choose button at the bottom and that convention card will become the one people see when they look at your details online.

It's more likely that you will find one that is close to what you do, but not exactly right.  In that case, choose the one that is closest and click the Copy button.  You will be given a chance to give the copy a name that is meaningful to you, for example "Joe and Vera's System".  Once you have done that, the copy will appear on your list under that name.  You can then choose that copy to be your active Convenion Card.

The final step then is to Edit the convention card so that it matches your actual bidding system.  For example, both the Benji and Acol cards provided by Stepbridge include Splinter bids as part of the system but these are not widely used amongst Rhiwbina members.  To make changes, click the Edit button.  A new screen will open up where you can make changes to the details.  It's in a very structured format so you will have to find the right area to make the changes that you need to make.  For example, if you don't use Splinter bids, go down to the "Other Conventions" section and remove the text from there that relates to Splinters.

As an aide memoire, here are some conventions cards completed in the more familiar format for Basic Acol and Benji Acol.

How to stay Connected when playing Online

Some club members have been experiencing the problem of regularly losing connection while playing bridge online (whether BBO or Stepbridge).  This may be due to the configuration of your device.  Keith has provided some instructions on how to check this and adjust the relevant configuration setting.  So if you are suffering from regular disconnects from online bridge, please take a look by clicking HERE and see if this fixes the problem for you.

Revised Stepbridge Online Bridge Schedule


Starting 20th July 2020

When What Where on Stepbridge TD
Monday 19:00 Club Duplicate TN Rhiwbina Bridge Club Gill
Wednesday 14:00 Relaxed Duplicate TN Rhiwbina Bridge Club Keith
Thursday 19:00 No Fear Duplicate TN Rhiwbina Bridge Club Arthur
Friday 14:00 Relaxed Duplicate TN Rhiwbina Bridge Club Keith
  • League and Team games will be announced later

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Keeping you safe.

Playing Bridge at a social distance.

We are preparing a detailed risk assessment.

Ready for when you are ready to return.



The first of the Leagues to be set up all those weeks ago was won by Gill O Keefe and and Steve Jenkins.


Unsurprisingly they declined the prize.....A swim with salt water crocs.

The next Monday League starting Monday 13th July is fully subscribed.

Quiz of the Week #1
Quiz of the Week #1

East-West play Red suit transfers



1. How should East reply to West’s 1NT opening bid?   A: 2 

2. Assuming West transfers what is East’s second bid?    A: 2NT 

3. How should West reply to that bid?     A: 3

The club in action
The club in action

Listen to the sound of all that thinking!

Stepbridge Tournament 15/07/2020

The club held its first tournament on Stepbridge.  It was a Swiss Pairs event with 7 rounds of three boards.  Due to time constraints the final round was not played.  The top three pairs were:

  Player Score
1. PeterFi - PaulaM 64.34%
2. JohannaH - Brynley 63.19%
3. Dennis - RoLi 62.75%
Rhiwbina Success

In the online WBU Tournament for 50 pairs held 8th July 2020

Gill & Steve were 5th - 58.66%

Carol & Gwyn were 7th 57.69%