Rhiwbina Bridge Club
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Rhiwbina Bridge Club

Rhiwbina Bridge Club meets at Rhiwbina Memorial Hall. Please click here to find out more about the hall.

Mobile Phones

Please would you NOT use your mobile phone at the table during a playing session.

If you must have it on, put it on silent mode - and make/receive any calls in the kitchen area.


NEW - Slam Ladder

We have introduced a Slam Ladder so that you can see how many slams you have bid recently.

Go to 'Competitions' and then 'Slam Ladder' to take a look.

Teams of Four

The teams of four event on the Tuesday 28th January was the annual Dorothy Hughes Cup event.  Congratulations to the team comprising Pam Stacey, Gill O'Keeffe, Arnold Sandrey and David Bonello who won the right to call themselves Rhiwbina team champions for the next 12 months.

The next teams event will be on Tuesday 25th February.  If you need help getting a team together, please talk to a committee member and we will try to assist in finding others in a similar position.  As ever, we would like to have more teams participating in our monthly teams session. 

For those who have not played in a teams format before, you may not be familiar with the subtle differences in scoring.  To be successful in teams, there is less emphasis on squeezing every last trick out of each hand, which will suit some players. On the other hand there is more emphasis on making sure you are in a game contract (or a slam contract) if it is available.  On a hand where you think making a game is a 50/50 chance, go for it, because the other team almost certainly will!  And there is even a little extra psychology in estimating the capabilities of the players on the other team as part of deciding how much risk you are prepared to take on each hand.

60th anniversary party see the News page



Would you like to learn Bridge?

Would you like to learn bridge?  It’s the best card game ever!

If you are interested, please phone 07946 458992.

N.B.  In compliance with GDPR, we will only use your personal contact details for the purposes of running a bridge course and for nothing else.

Competition Results for 2018-19

The competition Winners information for the 2018-19 year has been updated.  Please click on "Competitions" on the left-hand menu to see the year's winners.

Rhiwbina Bridge Club meets at at the following times each week, except over Christmas and a week in January when we play elsewhere:-

Day Time What we play More information Masterpoints?


12:50 pm (for 1:00pm) - 3:15 pm

Duplicate Bridge

A Host system is available.No partner required.

Competitive but relaxed.


Monday 6:45pm (for 7:00pm) - 10:00pm Duplicate Bridge

A Host system is available.No partner required.

Competitive but relaxed.



Last Tues of month Jan. to Nov.

 6:45pm (for 7:00pm) - 10:00pm

Teams of 4

A competitive teams format night.
Each teams nightis a one-off, not part of any
league or ongoing competition.

Wednesday 6:45pm (for 7:00pm) - 10:00pm Duplicate Bridge For those looking for competition. Yes
Thursday 6:45pm (for 7:00pm) - 9:15pm Duplicate Bridge

No Fear Bridge: An entry to club bridge
for Beginners and Improvers.

Friday 6:45pm (for 7:00pm) - 9:30pm Duplicate Bridge


Competitive but relaxed


We are a friendly and welcoming club and particularly welcome improvers from the many classes run throughout Cardiff.  We are affiliated to the WBU.  

We run a full range of club competitions and also organise some social activities, both as club events and in local restaurants. 

Membership costs £20, including the WBU affiliation fee.

Table money is £2.00 and £4.00 for visitors, who are always welcome.

For more details contact our chair Roger Wright 029 2061 5457 or 07811 509490 

Club Events Calendar 2020
Event Date
Doreen Hughes Cup * (Club Teams) Tuesday January 28th 2020
St David's Day Simultaneous Pairs Thursday February 27th 2020
A.G.M. Wednesday May 20th 2020 
Club Mixed Pairs Wednesday 3rd June 2020
Devin's Trophy (Club Handicap Pairs) Thursday July 2nd 2020
Club Captain's Trophy (Individual) Monday July 20th 2020
Nancy Gibbon Trophy (Mixed Pairs Handicap) Wednesday September 9th 2020
Dorothy Foster Cup (Club Pairs) Wednesday October 7th 2020
Celtic Simultaneous Pairs Wednesday December 9th 2020
Christmas Bridge Week Commencing Monday December 14th 2020

**** Members are responsible for organising their own teams ****

N.B Club closed week commencing Jan 22nd - Alternative arrangements will be made

The club in action
The club in action

Listen to the sound of all that thinking!

19th February 2020
Rhiwbina 18:45
20th February 2020
No Fear
Rhiwbina 18:45
21st February 2020
Friday Duplicate
Rhiwbina 18:45
24th February 2020
Afternoon Duplicate
Rhiwbina 12:50
24th February 2020
Rhiwbina 18:45
Afternoon Duplicate
Director: Lynne
Scorer: Lynne
Director: Arthur
Scorer: Dan
Friday Duplicate
Director: dAN
No Fear
Director: Keith
Director: Gill
Scorer: Dave
Director: Kieth
Scorer: Arthur
Afternoon Duplicate
Director: Allan
Scorer: Lynne
Friday Duplicate
Director: DVG
Scorer: DVG