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The webmaster is Sue Ingham.

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Non-EWBA Events

Wiltshire green point events

Saturday 6th March/Sunday 7th March

For full details and entry form: 

click here

Devon green point events

Saturday 10th April/Sunday 11th April

For full details and entry form: 

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EWBA Committee Meeting
EWBA Committee Meeting
WBU Newsletter

Newsletter 2020-08

Welcome to East Wales Bridge Association
February Congress
February Congress


To access the online entry form click on this link:

EWBA Restricted Teams
EWBA Restricted Teams
EWBA League 2021
EWBA League 2021

The East Wales Leagues are run by Adrian Trickey. Entries for the 2021 League should be sent to tel: 01446 793779 by 31st January 2021. The fixture schedule will then be published and sent to team captains.
Matches (one per month) will take place from March to July, and will be played on-line for as long as Covid19 restrictions forbid face-to-face play. On-line play will continue to be an option thereafter.

Teams who played in 2019-20 and have already informed the organiser that they wish to play in 2021 do not need to formally re-enter. They will be automatically entered.

New teams are very welcome and will normally start in Division Three. If you are already a League player, or a Club Secretary, please encourage your colleagues to form teams and enter. The League provides friendly, competitive teams bridge - a new and stimulating opportunity for those who play mostly duplicate pairs.



EWBA League Rules

Western League 2021

The 2021 Western League will be played online. The competition will be played on Real Bridge - valuable experience for those who have yet to try it, and very enjoyable.

The remaining dates (all Saturdays) are: 20th February; 13th March; and 17th April. There are two matches on each day, 12 boards per match, making 24 boards in total.

Contact the organisers to indicate your availability.  

The Western League co-ordinator is Richard Welsford (, who also runs the C Team.

The A Team will be selected by Mike Best (

The B Team will be selected by Jason He (

Click here to view 2021 results

2020 Results

Western League Division 1
Western League Division 2
Western League Division 3

WBU News

Welsh Bridge Union News

WBU Tournaments on BBO - starting January 

The WBU will shortly begin online tournaments on Tuesday and Friday afternoons. More information can be found here.


Welsh Cup and Cambria Cup entries

Entries for the Cambria knock-out pivot teams and the Welsh Cup knock-out teams 2021 should be in by 16th Febuary. Initially both events will be played online. Further information can be downloaded here:

Cambria 2021.pdf

Welsh Cup 2021.pdf


Welsh Bridge Union Newsletter

The second issue of the Newsletter can be found here.  Previous issues can be found in the WBU Newsletter box on the left.

East Wales Restricted Pairs

Congratulations to Simon Gould and Brian Quinlan for winning the East Wales Restricted Pairs. Runners up were Keith Edwards and Mike Clarke.

Arthur James & Beatus Cup

Congratulations to Mark Roderick & Mike Best for winning the Arthur James Bowl. Runners up were Sue Ingham & Gwynn Davis.

Winners of the Beatus Cup were Veronica Burrows & Martin Joseph

EWBA Mixed Pairs

Congratulations to Adrian Thomas & Mia Deschepper for winning the EWBA mixed pairs. Runners up were Gwyneth Dew & Steve Martin.

Patrick Jourdain Teams Winners

The winning team in the Patrick Jourdain competition comprised Diane & Filip Kurbalija, Sue Ingham & Gwynn Davis

Second were Maggie Pierce & Aida Aris, Adrian Thomas & Mia Deschepper.

Stan Berger Winners

Congratulations to Sue Ingham & Gwynn Davis for winning the Stan Berger pairs event held on Sunday 6th September. Second were Mrunalini Dewan & Martin David.

EWBA Restricted Pairs
EWBA AGM + Arthur James & Beatus Cup AND Cambria Cup Final
EWBA Mixed Pairs - TBC
Patrick Jourdain Teams
Stan Berger Pairs
Sat 20th Feb 2021
EWBA February Congress
Sun 21st Feb 2021
EWBA February Congress
Thu 25th Mar 2021
EWBA Restricted Teams
online 7pm