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Western League results

Updated committee meeting agenda


Selection Tollemach team

Results Western League

EWBA Committee Meeting
EWBA Committee Meeting

The next committee meeting will take place in Cardiff Bridge Club on Thursday 3rd October at 3pm. All clubs are invited to send a representative to attend the meeting.

The agenda for the meeting can be downloaded here.

WBU Master Points

Master Points by Name - Updated Aug 2018
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Welcome to the EWBA web site.
Patrick Jourdain Teams
Patrick Jourdain Teams


Entry forms can be downloaded here: Multiple entry forms 2019.pdf

EWBA Mixed Pairs
EWBA Mixed Pairs

Entry forms can be downloaded here: Multiple entry forms 2019.pdf

Tollemache Team Selection

The team selected to represent East Wales in the Tollemache cup, the inter-county championship for teams of eight organised by the EBU, comprises of:


Susan Ingham & Gwynn Davies (captain)

Gilly Clench & David Birt

Chris Rochelle & Simon Gottschalk

Liz Atkinson & Geoff Evans

Mia Deschepper & Adrian Thomas


The qualifying round will take place in Daventry on 16-17 November 2019.

We wish our team the best of luck!

EWBA Restricted Teams
EWBA Restricted Teams
EWBA Congress

EWBA Congress

8-9 February 2020

Multiple Teams

Saturday qualifier and two Sunday finals

for the

Liz Commins Trophy

Entry form can be downloaded here.

EWBA League 2019

The 2019-2020 EWBA League season is now under way. We are delighted that three new teams have joined, bringing the total number of teams to 19. We wish them all an enjoyable season.

Find below the fixture lists for all divisions:

EWBA League Div 1 Fixture List 2019-2020

EWBA League Div 2 Fixture List 2019-2020

EWBA League Div 3 Fixture List 2019-20

Further info:

EWBA League Results Report 2019-2020

EWBA League Rules

For more information, please contact
Adrian Trickey

Fixtures for 2019/2020

Many thanks to Steve Webb for organising the Western League for many years!

The new Western League co-ordinator is now Richard Welsford (, who will also organise the C Team.

The A Team will be selected by Mike Best ( and the B Team by Jason He (


Versus Place Date Result Players




A-team: won 20-0

B-team : lost 3-17

C-team: lost 1-19

A: Tony Ratcliffe & Julian Pottage, Susan Ingham & Gwynn Davies

B: Tim Barsby & Steve Webb, Kath Fewster & Bill Parkinson

C:Jacob Collins & Ron Thompson, Keith Edwards & Mike Clarke, Jo Copping & Chris Forbes, Sarah Penny & Arthur Matheston




A-team: won 14-6

B-team: lost 8-12

C-team: won 12-8

A: Tony Ratcliffe & Julian Pottage, Kevin Maddox & Mike Best

B: Marion Shewell & Peter Smith, Kath Fewster & Bill Parkinson

C: Enid Snelgrove & Alan Snelgrove, Keith Edwards & Mike Clarke


Ross-on-Wye 29/09/2019




C: Sheila Montgomery & Ray Mardon, John Dewsnap & Iain Brisbane





















Western League Division 1
Western League Division 2
Western League Division 3

Stan Berger Winners
Stan Berger Winners

The Stan Berger, played in Cardiff on Sunday 8th September, was won by Tim Barsby & Steve Webb, with Sarah Amos & Geoff Evans coming second and Mia Deschepper & Trevor Towers third. Congratulations to all!

Women's Weekend 31st Aug - 1st Sept
Women's Weekend 31st Aug - 1st Sept

The Women's Weekend, which took place in the New House Hotel in Cardiff, was a great success. The number of participants has been rising every year and there is a good reason for this. It is not only an enjoyable and relaxed bridge competition, with a pairs event on Saturday and teams on Sunday, but it is also a very pleasant social gathering. On Saturday evening, the organiser Gilly had managed to rent an entire restaurant, just for the bridge crowd, where they were served an excellent meal. It was great to see most women joining in the outing and many of them gathered at Maggie's later that evening for further discussion (of bridge of course!). Before relaxing on Saturday evening, Sally Brock ran a group session discussing all the boards played that day. Many thanks to Gilly Clench who did a marvellous job in organising this event virtually single-handed.

Winners August Congress Swiss Teams
Winners August Congress Swiss Teams
Winners August Congress Swiss Pairs
Winners August Congress Swiss Pairs
Claret Jug Winners - Old Hall, Cowbridge
Claret Jug Winners - Old Hall, Cowbridge

Congratulations to Mrs Rita Williams and Mrs Ann Miller for winner the Claret Jug 2019 for Old Hall, Cowbridge.

Teams of Eight Final
Teams of Eight Final

The Teams of Eight final was held in Crossgates on Sunday 16th June. Winners were the Cardiff Red team with Aida Aris & Sue Ingham, Nalini Dewan & Jason He, Gwynn Davis & Chris Rochelle and Tim Barsby & Steve Webb. Helen Houston was playing in the qualifying round. Congratulations to all!

Full results can be found here.

Perry Shield, Spickett Bowl & President's cup

The three events took place in Whitchurch, Cardiff, on Saturday 1st & Sunday 2nd June. The Perry Shield was won by our East Wales team, comprising of  Filip Kurbalija (Captain) & Tony Ratcliff, Mike Best & Mark Roderick and Sue Ingham & Gwynn Davis. The East Wales team taking part in the Spickett, Maggie Pierce (Captain) & Ceri Pierce, Sarah Amos & Mrunalini Dewan and Helen Houston & Mia Deschepper, were second. Our team in the President's Cup, Keith Edwards & Mike Clarke, Sarah Penny & Arthur Matheson and Veronica Burroughs & Martin Joseph were also second. Congratulations to all!

Also many thanks to Helen Houston for organising a 1st class buffet! 

EWBA AGM & Arthur James

The Arthur James Pairs took place on Sunday 28th April in Gwent Bridge Academy. It made for a very enjoyable day with a fabulous buffet at lunchtime, prepared by Helen Houston with the help of several other players. Many thanks for this wonderful effort!

The AGM took place after lunch. Minutes of the meeting will follow. Prizes were awarded to the winners of the various EWBA competitions during the past year. This year the Victor Ludorum price went joinly to Susan Ingham and Gwynn Davies. This price is awarded to the individual with the highest score when the results of the Arthur James Bowl, the Mixed Pairs, the Stan Berger and the Patrick Jourdain are combined.

The Arthur James was won by Susan Ingham & Gwynn Davies with 62.35%. Joint second were Chris Rochelle & Simon Gottshalk and Tim Barsby & Steve Webb with 57.29%. The Beatus cup was awarded to Margaret Harrop & Anna O'Brian. Full results can be found here:

Arthur James Combined results

Arthur James Session One results

Arthur James Session Two results

Winners Arthur James Pairs

Susan Ingham & Gwynn Davies

Winners Arthur James Pairs
Winners Beatus Cup

Margaret Harrop & Anna O'Brian

Winners Beatus Cup
EWBA Restricted Pairs
EWBA Restricted Pairs

Congratulations to Mike Clarke & Guy Thomas for winning the EWB Restricted Pairs with an impressive 68.90% in Cardiff Bridge Club on Monday 8th April. Please click here for full results.

EWBA Mixed Pairs
EWBA Mixed Pairs

Winners of the EWBA Mixed Pairs, played in Gwent Bridge Academy on Sunday 7th April, were Glena Roberts & Liam Sheridan with 57.84%. In close second were Mike Best & Mia Deschepper with 57.60%. Many congratulations! Please click here for full results.

Claret Jug Winners - Gwent
Claret Jug Winners - Gwent

Congratulations to Kate Walker and John Walker for winning the Claret Jug for Gwent 2019!

Champion of Champions 17th March

Congratulations to Tony Ratcliff and Julian Pottage for becoming the Welsh Champion of Champions, scoring 67.69%. They were representing the West Wales club Bridgend. Two East Wales pairs came in the top six: Rob Charlesworth and Tony Haworth were (Pencoed) 2nd with 62.35% and Mike Pownall and Mia Deschepper (Cardiff) came 3rd with 59.78%. This new event was a great success. All participants very much enjoyed it and are keen for it to take place again. We hope that every East Wales club will be able to send their champions next year.

Full results can be found here.

Cardiff Blue win the East Wales qualifier for the WBU Teams of 8

Click on "latest results" above for full details.


WBU Mixed Pairs 24 Feb 2019

Congratulations to Eric Cummings and Ceri Pierce, the overall winners with 63.15%. They also won the East Wales Section. Other successful East Wales pairs included Liz Atkinson and Chris Rochelle (4th overall  with 60.59%) and Joy Secular and John Salisbury (6th with 59.4%). Click on the Mixed Pairs Result lower down this column for the full East Wales results.

Claret Jug Winners - Barrivale
Claret Jug Winners - Barrivale

Congratulations to Noelle Bond and Dave Thomas for winning the Claret Jug for Barrivale 2019!


EWBA Congress Swiss Teams Feb 2019
EWBA Congress Swiss Teams Feb 2019

WBU President Sarah Amos presented the winners, Alex Maddocks, Warner Solomon, Jim Grant and Stefan Lindfors with the splendid Liz Commins Crystal Bowl. They won the Saturday Swiss as well as the overall event. The Sunday Swiss winners were Mike Best, Philip Felman, Kevin Maddox and Tony Howarth, pictured below. For all the Congress results, click on the link to Winter Congress in the Results sectiom, below.

Claret Jug Winners - Cardiff

Claret Jug Winners - Crickhowell

WBU Graded Masters

WBU Graded Masters Pairs

Congratulations to Filip and Diane Kurbalija for winning Section 1 of the Graded Masters.

The final results for all divisions can be found here

Cambria and Welsh Cup Results

The Welsh and Cambria Cup Results are now updated on the WBU Bridgewebs site below

Good luck to the South Area players who are still in the game.

Stan Berger Session Combined
Women's Teams
Women's Pairs
EWBA Summer Congress Teams
Lysaught Institute, Newport
EWBA and WWBA Swiss Pairs
Sat 28th Sep 2019
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Cardiff Bridge Club 3pm
Sat 9th Nov 2019
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Tollemache Qualifier
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EWBA Congress
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Teams of 8 Heat
Gwent Bridge Academy
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Arthur James & AGM
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