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The webmaster is Paul Cunningham.

If you have any suggestions or material for the website please contact Paul on

EWBA Committee Meeting
EWBA Committee Meeting

The next EWBA meeting is scheduled for : Friday 26th April at 10.30 am on Zoom



Upcoming non-EWBA events

The EWBA has been invited to send a team to an inter-county Teams of Eight competition run by the Merseyside & Cheshire Bridge Association. The competition will be held on RealBridge on the 6th/7th July. The entry fee is £162 per team.  

For further information and entry forms please contact David Stevenson at




WBU Newsletter





Welcome to East Wales Bridge Association
Perry Shield, Spickett Bowl and President’s Cup 2024

The Perry Shield, Spickett Bowl and President’s Cup 2024 will be hosted by the WWBA and is being held at the Halliwell Centre , Carmarthen on the 13th and 14th July.

The EWBA is looking for pairs to represent the Area in the Perry (Open) and Spickett (Ladies).

Please could interested pairs contact Jennifer Wardell by Wednesday, 24th April


One of the EWBA clubs will be asked if they can provide a Team to represent the Area in the President’s Cup.

EWBA League and Knock-out NEW SEASON 2023-24
EWBA League and Knock-out NEW SEASON 2023-24

New Organiser
The East Wales League and Knock-out competitions are now run by David Smith:
♠   ♣ 
Matches should preferably be played Face-to-Face wherever possible.
♠   ♣ 
The 2023/24 teams are as follows
Division 1 Division 2 Division 3

Archway (Chepstow)

One Off In a Laydown 

Cardiff All Stars


Bedwas on Tour

Royal Bulawayo

Rhiwbina Diamonds

Rhiwbina Ruffnecks

Newport Dragons


Chepstow Chancers

Penarth Menagerie


A Bridge Too Far

Ace of Clubs

The Allsorts


Chepstow Archers

Brecon Bees




To see the names of captains, their contact numbers and team members click here. Updated 22/09/2023

To see the fixtures for Division 1 click here.

To see the fixtures for Division 2 click here.

To see the fixtures for Division 3 click here.


For the EWBA Team Rules - please click here  


League Results


Click here for latest results - Updated March 21st

Knock-out - Results and next round oppenent

The the schedule for the next round of this years Knockout Tournament is below.


2023 - 2024 Knockout Schedule of Matches  Updated 05/02/2024

Tollemache Cup - EWBA Team narrowly miss the finals

The EWBA narrowly missed qualifying for the final of the Tollemache Cup.

Qualification went to the top 4 teams in each of the two sections played.  EWBA team missed out by just 4 VP's and despite winning/drawing more matches than the 3rd and 4th placed teams.

The squad was. 

Aida Aris & Mark RoderickMike Best & Kevin Maddox,

Gilly Clench & Dave BirtGwynn Davis & Sue Ingham,

Richard Plackett & Adrian Thomas and Julian Pottage & Tony Ratcliff


The qualifiers were held on REALBRIDGE 

♠   ♣  The full Qualifier Results can be on the EBU Results pages here ♠   ♣ 

Western League - NEW SEASON 2023-24

Western League Bridge

The Western League is made up of 8 counties, Avon, Cornwall, Devon, Dorset, Herefordshire, Somerset, Wiltshire and East Wales.

We play 7 matches, roughly once a month from September to April.

We play online on Realbridge on a Saturday from 2pm-5.30pm, playing 24 boards, made up of two stanzas of 12 boards each

the match dates are :

  ♠   ♣ 

September 30th : Avon v East Wales

November 4th : Devon v East Wales

December 2nd : East Wales v Somerset

January 13th : East Wales v Wiltshire

February 3rd : Cornwall v East Wales

March 16th : Herefordshire v East Wales

April 6th : East Wales v Dorset


We enter 3 teams, an A, B and C team. Each has a criteria for selection, but the C team is the starting point and you and your partner need to be below Premier Regional Master (50 greens).

It is a friendly and enjoyable way of spending a Saturday afternoon and whilst reasonably competitive, offers a good start for regular club players if they haven’t experienced team competition before. You can earn green points or parts of green points for each match you win.

We would welcome new pairs to put themselves forward to join us.

We will try and ensure that each pair plays at least one game in the season, but if we are inundated with new pairs, this may need to be spread over a couple of seasons

If you and your partner would like to put your names forward to play in the C team, please send your details, name, email address, phone number, club and ranking to Richard Welsford, (

Pairs who are interested in playing in the A or B team in the league should contact Mike Best.  Both are keen to attract new recruits. 

The Western League co-ordinator is Richard Welsford (, who also runs the C Team.

The A and B Teams are selected by Mike Best (

♠   ♣  


For A Division standings click here.

For B Division standings click here.

For C Division standings click here.

EWBA Club Representatives
EWBA Club Representatives

Club Representatives – In accordance with the constitution, EWBA affiliated clubs are reminded to nominate a representative(s) to represent their club on the EWBA committee – all such representatives have full voting rights and all major decisions and communications will involve nominated club representatives.

Clubs are entitiled to nominate one representative for every 50 club members.

Please email the EWBA Secretary to update your club's reps details

4th European Winter Games - Winners

Richard wins the European Winter Games

EWBA's very own Richard Plackett playing for 'Team Orca' has won the prestigious  Les Etincelles Cup played in Tignes, France. Richard and his team won by 131-86 imps in the semi-final.

The match was broadcast on BBO VuGraph and you can see the match via the Vugraph Archive on BBO.  


team Orca - Erik Berg, Peter Crouch, Richard Plackett, Mikael Rimstedt, Espen Erichsen, Ola Rimstedt

Team Orca - Erik Berg, Peter Crouch, Richard Plackett, Mikael Rimstedt, Espen Erichsen, Ola Rimstedt

For those without a BBO account you can see the hand records HERE

URGENT - Junior Bridge
URGENT - Junior Bridge

Urgent - Junior Bridge

In 30 years there may be few people left to play bridge against in Wales, as we are an aging population with hardly enough youngsters to field a Junior Team.  This has GOT to change, so please help if you possibly can.

Volunteers to help mentor or coach new young players needed.

Can you let me know if you are able to help in any way please.  It is time to give something back.  02920 615245 / 07877 460847


Western League - Concluding week
The results for the East Wales teams Western League match against Dorset on Saturday 6th April shown below, with a loss in each division.
Congratulations to all the players who have played in the A Team - who won Division A.
♠   ♣ 

A Team: David Birt, Gilly Clench, Kevin Maddox, Tony Haworth Lost 5-15 (36-62)

B Team: Richard Stevenson, Greg Howell, Debbie Richards, Simon Richards Lost 1-19 (26-87)

C Team: Iain Brisbane, John Dewsnap, Michael Jones, Richard Welsford Lost 6-14 (48-67)

♠   ♣ 
Crickhowell Claret Jug

Congratulations to Phil Reid and Ann Jeremiah winners of the EWBA Claret Jug for Crickhowell

Crickhowell Claret Jug
Brecon Claret Jug

Congratulations to Andy Fryer and Tony Davies, winners of the Brecon Club's Claret Jug competition for 2024.

Brecon Claret Jug
EWBA Claret Jug - Gwent Bridge Academy

Congratulations to Martin David and Steve Webb, winners of the EWBA Claret Jug for the Gwent Bridge Academy.

EWBA Claret Jug - Gwent Bridge Academy
Abergavenny Claret Jug

Congratulations to Iain Brisbane and John Dewsnap, winners of the 2024 Abergavenny Claret Jug.

Abergavenny Claret Jug
February Congress - Swiss Teams Winners
February Congress - Swiss Teams Winners

Congratulation to Mia Deschepper, Richard Plackett, Julian Pottage and Tony Ratcliff, winners of the EWBA Swiss Teams.

Full results can be seen HERE

February Congress - Swiss Pairs Winners
February Congress - Swiss Pairs Winners

Congratulations to the winners of the EWBA February Congress Swiss Pairs - Cathy Smith & Andrew Smith.

Results  of the event can be found HERE

EWBA Mixed Pairs Winners
EWBA Mixed Pairs Winners

Congratulations to Gwynn Davis and Susan Ingham, winners of the EWBA Mixed Pairs tournament held on 10th December at Cardiff Bridge Club.

Full results can be found HERE.

Midland Counties - Flitch Winners
Midland Counties - Flitch Winners

Congratulations to Simon and Debbie Richards who won the Flitch title at the recent Midland Counties Congress on 7th January.

Stan Berger Winners
Stan Berger Winners

Congratulations to Vida Halford and Glyn Williams, winners of the Green Pointed - Stan Berger Pairs held at Gwent Bridge Academy on the 3rd September 2023.

{ Apologies to Vida and Glyn for not publishing the result sooner - Webmaster }

Full results HERE

Patrick Jourdain Teams - Winners
Patrick Jourdain Teams - Winners

Congratulations to Gwynn Davies & Susan Ingham, Paul Cunningham Sophie Cunningham, winners of the Green Pointed - Patrick Jourdain Teams event held at Cardiff Bridge Club on Sunday 1st October.

The runners up were : Patrick ShieldsRichard Chamberlain, David McAndrew & Maggie Pierce.

Thanks to everyone involved in making it such an enjoyable event.

Full results HERE

Barrivale Claret Jug 2023
Barrivale Claret Jug 2023

Congratulations to Chris Jones and Moira Currie, winners of this years EWBA claret jug for Barrivale Bridge Club.

Perry Shield, Spickett Bowl and Presidents Cup Winners
Perry Shield, Spickett Bowl and Presidents Cup Winners

The Perry, Spickett and Presidents Cup competitions were held at the Gwent Bridge Academy on 8th & 9th July.  The winning teams were presented with their trophies by WBU President Gilly Clench.

Perry Shield won by East Wales: Gwynn Davis, Sue Ingham,  Paul Denning, Diane Kurbalija, Ceri Pierce, Tim Rees

Spickett Bowl won by North Wales: Suzy Lawson, Joan Murray, Loretta Murphy, Mollie Evans(not pictured)

President's Cup won by Rhiwbina: Pam Stacey, Gillian O'Keefe, David Bonello, Bernadine O'Beirne and not pictured John Gracey and Cath Simpson.

Thanks to everyone involved in making it such an enjoyable competition.

Arthur James & Beatus Cup winners
Arthur James & Beatus Cup winners

Congratulation to Mike Best and Kevin Maddox (above) winners of the Arthur James trophy, held at Cardiff Bridge Club on Sunday 14th May.

Mike Clarke & Guy Thomas were the winners of the Beatus Cup.

Full results can viewed on the Cardiff Bridge Club website - here

EWBA Mixed Pairs Result

Congratulations to Gwynn Davis and Sue Ingham for winning the EWBA mixed pairs event held on Sunday 11th December.

Full results of the competition can be seen here.

East Wales Congress Swiss Teams

Congratulations to Richard Lingham & Vivienne Mably, Ann Slee & Graham Hoare, winners of the East Wales Congress Swiss Teams. Full result below. 

East Wales Congress Swiss Teams
East Wales Congress Swiss Pairs

Congratulations to Richard Plackett & Mia Deschepper, winners of the East Wales Congress Swiss Pairs.  Full result below. 

East Wales Congress Swiss Pairs
EWBA Pair Victory in Eastbourne
EWBA Pair Victory in Eastbourne

Congratulations to Richard Plackett and Mia Deschepper on winning the Swiss Pairs Championshiop at the EBU's summer festival of Bridge at Eastbourne.

The pairs event was played over two days and attracted a very strong feild making the victory all the more amazing.

Final results here

Claret Jug Winners
Claret Jug Winners

Congratulations to Phil Reed and Ann Jeremiah, winners of this year's Claret Jug competition at Crickhowell Bridge Club.

WBU Teams of 8 finals
WBU Teams of 8 finals

Congratulations to Penarth + for winning the final of the WBU Teams of 8 

The winning team comprised Mike Tedd & John SalisburyAdrian Trickey & Simon Brindle, Jennifer Wardell & Mrunalini Dewan, and Richard Stevenson & Rosemary Allen

EWBA CONGRESS - Green Pointed Swiss Teams
Gwent Bridge Academy
EWBA CONGRESS - Green Pointed Swiss Pairs
Gwent Bridge Academy
EWBA Mixed Pairs
Patrick Jourdain Teams 1 Overall
Sun 12th May 2024
EWBA AGM /Arthur James/Beatus Cup
Cardiff Bridge Club