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Tollemache results

Dates finals Welsh Cup and Cambria Cup

EWBA Committee Meeting
EWBA Committee Meeting

The EWBA AGM will take place on Sunday 13th December on Zoom, starting at 11am. It will be followed by the Arthur James and Beatus Cup event (poster in middle panel).

The AGM agenda can be downloaded here.

WBU Newsletter

Newsletter 2020-08

WBU Master Points

Master Point Ranking by Name - Updated Aug 2019
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Welcome to East Wales Bridge Association
Finals Welsh Cup and Cambria Cup

Both the Welsh Cup and the Cambria Cup finals will be played online this year, on the following dates:

Welsh Cup: Saturday 12th November, starting 11am

Cambria Cup: Sunday 13th November, starting 12noon

We wish all participating teams good luck.

Tollemache Results

East Wales came 17th out of 27 counties, scoring 255 VPs, with 260 being average. Unlike previous years, it was decided to follow an all play all format this time, which is almost certainly the fairest but also the toughest, with no easy draws. All the strong counties entered teams, so the standard was exceptionally high. Although the team had hoped to do better, being slightly below average was an acceptable result for a tiring weekend of high level bridge. Congratulations to all!

EWBA Mixed Pairs
EWBA Mixed Pairs

Registration will end at noon on Saturday 5th December!

EWBA AGM & Arthur James
EWBA AGM & Arthur James
Lady Milne


Two welsh teams competed this weekend for the Teltcher (seniors) and the Lady Milne (women) Trophies. We particularly want to congratulate the women's team for coming 2nd in the Lady Milne. The team existed of Maggie Pierce & Gilly Clench, Ceri Pierce & Mia Deschepper, Sarah Amos & Andrea Knox, except for Andrea all members of EWBA. The team was very competently supported and coached by captain Tony Disley, even though the occasional board pushed his blood pressure dangerously high. Thank you Tony!

A great result, well done!

Mike Hirst
Mike Hirst

It is with great sadness we let you know that Mike Hirst passed away on 28th October.

Wales has had many talented bridge players, but few have brought to the game the same adventurousness and all-round exuberance as characterises the approach of Mike Hirst.
Born in Yorkshire in 1936, Mike started his bridge career at the age of 11, having watched his parents playing the game with neighbours. Having taught himself from a book, his first competitive event at the age of 16, was in the Yorkshire Pairs Championship, and despite being shouted at for being late (by the infamous Harold Franklin), he came third.
His first job was with Woolworths as a trainee manager, but he soon switched to Beechams in South Wales (Penarth). He joined the local club and paired up with Bill Griffiths and Peggy Fletcher, his early mentors. Very soon he met Patrick Jourdain, with whom he entered his first Camrose trials, and was selected for his first Camrose against Northern Ireland. He had a successful playing career with Patrick until 1973, winning many major events with team-mates David Johnson and David McAndrew amongst others. Mike has represented Wales in the Camrose on 42 occasions, winning 13 of those matches – an achievement matched by few. He has also represented his country in a host of other international tournaments from the late 60s onwards, and has won the Welsh Cup twelve times. Even in his later years, when he played in few major events, he still maintained his fifth placed ranking of Welsh Premier Grand Masters. But Mike as well as being a metronomic Master Point accumulator as far as it is possible to imagine, he played bridge for the enjoyment and friendships forged at the table, which he cherished as much as his competitive success.
He married Ann, also a Welsh Lady international, and as well as playing bridge together, they shared a keen interest in golf – having owned an apartment on a golf course in the Canaries. Mike was also captain of both his local golf club and rugby club – a truly versatile man.

We will all miss this larger than life character.

[Some of the above content was sourced from a 2007 interview of Mike, published in the WBU Magazine. The full interview can be viewed at Mike Hirst full interview]

Funeral arrangements: Thornhill Crematorium, Cardiff - Wenallt Chapel, Thursday 19th November at 11:45. The funeral can be followed online on:

 Login / Order ID: 54562        Password: radpmjsm

The link will be available for a week after the funeral.

EWBA Restricted Pairs
EWBA Restricted Pairs
February Congress
February Congress
WBU Newsletter
WBU Newsletter

The second issue of the newsletter can now be downloaded here. Old issues can be found in the WBU Newsletter box on the left.

EWBA League 2019

Promotions and relegations will not be finalised until the exact number of teams, including any new joiners, is known. Should there be 18 teams,it would make three divisions of six teams. New teams joining will start in division 3. In the case of an uneven split, division 2 would be the first to increase to 7 teams, then division 3 and finally division 1. 

Hopefully, it may be possible to play some matches face to face next year, but, even then, on-line play will be permitted whenever two captains agree.

Further info:

EWBA League Results Report 2019-2020

EWBA League Rules

For more information, please contact
Adrian Trickey

Fixtures for 2019/2020

Many thanks to Steve Webb for organising the Western League for many years!

The new Western League co-ordinator is now Richard Welsford (, who will also organise the C Team.

The A Team will be selected by Mike Best ( and the B Team by Jason He (


Versus Place Date Result Players




A-team: won 20-0

B-team : lost 3-17

C-team: lost 1-19

A: Tony Ratcliffe & Julian Pottage, Susan Ingham & Gwynn Davis

B: Tim Barsby & Steve Webb, Kath Fewster & Bill Parkinson

C:Jacob Collins & Ron Thompson, Keith Edwards & Mike Clarke, Jo Copping & Chris Forbes, Sarah Penny & Arthur Matheston




A-team: won 15-5

B-team: lost 8-12

C-team: won 12-8

A: Tony Ratcliffe & Julian Pottage, Kevin Maddox & Mike Best

B: Marion Shewell & Peter Smith, Kath Fewster & Bill Parkinson

C: Enid Snelgrove & Alan Snelgrove, Keith Edwards & Mike Clarke


Ross-on-Wye 29/09/2019

A-team: won 15-5

B-team: lost 10-10

C-team: won 18-2

A: Mark Roderick & Mike Best, Tony Ratcliff & Filip Kurbalija

B: Marion Shewell & Peter Smith, Helen Houston & Tim Barsby

C: Sheila Montgomery & Ray Mardon, John Dewsnap & Iain Brisbane




A-team: won 18-2

B-team: lost 4-16

C-team: lost 3-17

A: Tony Ratcliff & Julian Pottage, Susan Ingham & Gwynn Davis

B-team: Linda Pinnock & Steve Burgoyne, Kath Fewster & William Parkinson

C-team: Hazel Rudland & Laurie Delmonte, Enid & Alan Snelgrove




A-team: lost 3-17

B-team: won 12-8

C-team: won 16-4

Team A: Tony Disley & Simon Richards, Mike Best & Kevin Maddox

Team B: Tim Barsby & Steve Webb, Helen Houston & Nalini Dewan

C-team: Sheila Montgomery & Ray Mardon, John Dewsnap & Iain Brisbane





A-team: Filip Kurbalija & Tony Ratcliff, Susan Ingham & Gwynn Davis

B-team: Tim Barsby & Steve Webb, Simon Brindle & Tony Campbell

C-team: Leighton Williams & Richard Welsford, Jo Copping & Chris Forbes







Western League Division 1
Western League Division 2
Western League Division 3

Patrick Jourdain Teams Winners

The winning team in the Patrick Jourdain competition existed of Diane & Filip Kurbalija and Sue Ingham & Gwyn Davis. Many congratulations!

Second were Maggie Pierce & Aida Aris with Adrian Thomas & Mia Deschepper.

Stan Berger Winners

Congratulations to Sue Ingham & Gwyn Davis for winning the Stan Berger pairs event on Sunday 6th September. Second were Mrunalini Dewan & Martin David.

Winners EWBA Summer Congress

Congratulations to Trevor Towers & Joe Patrick for winning the Swiss Pairs on Saturday 25th July. Runners up were Gilly Clench & David Birt.

Also congratulations to Alan Stephenson, Peter Kaufmann, Ted Reveley and Bill Niccol for winning the Swiss Teams on Sunday 26th July. Runners up were John Dearing, Jeremy Stanforth, Michael Tomlinson and Linda Smith.

Thanks to all who took part and hope you enjoyed it.

Winners Teams of 8 East Wales Heat

Congratulations to Joy Seculer & John Salisbury, Trish Tracey & Tony Ratcliff, Mike Downey & Roy Holloway and Simon Brindle & Tony Campbell for winning the East Wales Heat for the Teams of 8.

WBU Mixed Pairs

WBU Mixed Pairs

Congratulations to Liz Atkinson & Geoff Evans for winning the East Wales section of the WBU Mixed Pairs. They also came second in the overall national results. Third place nationally went to Susan Ingham & Gwynn Davis.

Click on the Mixed Pairs Result lower down this column for the full East Wales results.

No Fear Pairs

Congratulations to Pearl & Graham Thomas for winning the EWBA No Fear Pairs, which took place in Newport on February 18th. 

Claret Jug 2020 Barry
Claret Jug 2020 Barry

Congratulations to Vivien Liles and Lyn Matthews for winning the 2020 Claret Jug in Barry.

Winners Restricted Teams

Congratulations to Richard Stevenson & Greg Howell and Jean Chuter & John Mayo for winning the EWBA restricted teams competition.

It was a very succesful event with 14 teams competing.

Winners EWBA February Congress
Winners EWBA February Congress

Congratulations to Liz Commins & David Stevenson and Mark Roderick & Patrick Murphy for winning the EWBA February congress A final. Second in the A final were Diane & Filip Kurbalija and Graham Kirby & Jeremy Dhondy.

Helen Wildsmith & Tim Chanter and Graham Pollack & Andrew Whittome won the open teams final with second Louise & Norman Selway and Helen Houston & Steve Webb.

Claret Jug 2019-2020 Crickhowell
Claret Jug 2019-2020 Crickhowell

Congratulations to Joan Parry & Di Cule for winning the Crickhowell Claret Jug this yeat!

Cambria and Welsh Cup Results

The Welsh and Cambria Cup Results are now updated on the WBU Bridgewebs site below

Patrick Jourdain Teams
Stan Berger Pairs
EWBA Summer Congress - Swiss Teams
EWBA Summer Congress - Swiss Pairs
To8 A1
Sun 6th Dec 2020
EWBA Mixed Pairs - TBC
Sat 12th Dec 2020
Welsh Cup Final
Sun 13th Dec 2020
EWBA AGM + Arthur James & Beatus Cup AND Cambria Cup Final
Sat 20th Feb 2021
EWBA February Congress
Sun 21st Feb 2021
EWBA February Congress