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E Mail Addresses

If you would like to receive e mails giving information about club events please let me know. Bill.
Your e mail address will not be passed to any third party.

Welcome to the Gwent Bridge Academy Web Site.
Captain Sir Thomas Moore
Captain Sir Thomas Moore
South Wales Argus Report


Gwent Bridge Academy is closed and will be for the foreseeable future but members are still playing each other online.
The number of members registered on British Base Online (BBO) has hit 75 and they play each other three or four times a week on average.
It has allowed members to stay in touch and has been a lifeline for those that are self isolating or living alone.

Club secretary Bill Parkinson and Derek Roberts have set up the Gwent League team competition on the BBO website.
Ten teams have registered and the first round has been completed. On scratch, first is Parkinson, second Harden and third Kelly.
On handicap, first is Roberts and second Kelly.

Bill Parkinson and other club members are setting quizzes on the club website .

The club building is being decorated in readiness for a reopening.

There will be no AGM in July so the committee and the club chairman Veronica Walsh will remain for the next year.

Enid Snelgrove.



Swiss Pairs Result Stepbridge.

Wednesday July 1st.

1. PeterM - Julie 69.26%
2. William - Ceri 58.91%
3. Surinder - Nishebita 58.71%
4. Steven - EricH 58.47%
Letter fom our Chairman Veronica

Dear Members

                     I hope you are all still keeping safe and well.

The decorators have finished painting the club. It does look lovely.
They did a wonderful job and left the place very clean and tidy.
There is a picture on the website showing you .
When we have put the cloths back on we will be replacing it .

      I hope you are keeping yourselves busy and active.


EWBA Summer Congress
EWBA Summer Congress
On Line Gwent League

1. Helen Houston   Steve Webb    Richard Welsford    Nalini Devan    Martin David    Jo Copping
2. Ann Kelly   Bob Hellier   Dave Hill   Bill McIntosh   Enid Snelgrove   Allan Snelgrove     Eivona James
3. Bill Parkinson   Ceri Mowat   Kath Fewster   Mike Samuel
4. Carol Shepherd   Brian Shepherd   Ann Delahaye   Steve Delahaye   Roger George    Richard Bird 
5. Derek Roberts   Tina Wiliamson   Chris Williamson    Nishebeta Das   Surinder Kaur   Ingrid Amtzen
6. Keith Edwards   Mike Clarke   Veronica Burrows   Martin Joseph
7. Brian Harden   Marion Shewell   Ray Mardon   Sheila Montgomery
8. Martin Stone   Gary Grant   Gareth Edwards   Rupert Otten
9. Sarah Penny   Sarah Wilcox   Margaret Harrop   Arthur Matheson   Anna O'Brien   Hazel Rudland
10. Paul Cunningham   Sophie Cunningham   Graham Jones   Liz Jones

Ding Bat Quiz Three
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Ding Bat Quiz Two by Derek Roberts.

Send your list of answers to Bill by Sunday July 5th 12.00 noon.
If there is a draw Mrs Bill will draw the winner out of the hat.

John Dewsnap      Richard Welsford    June Duffy 

Ditloids Quiz

Send your list of answers to Bill by Wednesday July 8th 12.00 noon.
If there is a draw Mrs Bill will draw the winner out of the hat.

1. 12 S of the Z.
2. 366 D in a L Y.
3. 7 C in a R.
4. A the W in 80 D.
5. 3 B M.
6. 52 C in a D.
7. 8 N in an O.
8. 101 D.
9. 7 B for 7 B.
10. 2 W in a B.
11. SW and the 7 D.
12. 4 P on M R.
13. 10 G B H on the W.
14. 6 W of H the E.
15. 13 in a B D.
16. A B and the 40 T.
17. 12 I in a F.
18. 6 Z in a M.
19. 5 R on the O F.

20. 18 H on the G C.

Tina Williamson     John Dewsnap     Richard Welsford     June Duffy 

Famous British Sportspeople
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  • Sp04
  • Sp05
  • Sp06
  • Sp07
  • Sp08
  • Sp09
  • Sp10

Send your list of answers to Bill by Sunday July 5th 12.00 noon.
If there is a draw Mrs Bill will draw the winner out of the hat.

Peter Smith     Gwynn Davis      Ann Kelly      John Dewsnap     Richard Welsford     Therese French     

June Duffy 

Topical Cartoon
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Pen Winners

Mike Samuel     Mike Clarke     Peter Smith(4)     Kath Fewster(4)    Ceri Mowat(5)

Richard Welsford(3)    Jeff Morgan(3)    Derek Roberts(3)    Deborah Ashley     

Therese French(2)     John Harry(3)    Iain Brisbane(2)     Tina Williamson

Ann Kelly(7)     Brian Shepherd     David Wall     Nishebita Das(2)

John Dewsnap(2)     John Hinton(2)     June Duffy(4).     Guy Thomas     Paul Cunningham

Carol Shepherd    Allan Snelgrove     Veronics Walsh     Chris Williamson      Linda Morgan

Graham Jones Treasurer

Graham Jones being presented with a photographic history of the club on his retirement from being club treasurer.

Graham Jones Treasurer
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