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E Mail Addresses

If you would like to receive e mails giving information about club events please let me know. Bill.
Your e mail address will not be passed to any third party.

Welcome to the Gwent Bridge Academy Web Site.
EWBA Mixed Pairs
EWBA Mixed Pairs

EWBA Mixed Pairs.

This event will take place on line Sunday December 6th.

Entry By email to Helen Houston: Email:

Include name, BBO username & membership number of both players.
Entry only completed upon payment.

Note: only open to members of EWBA and of clubs within EWBA.

Payment in full By bank transfer: Entry Fee £20.00 per pair.
Account No. 50248029 Sort Code 20-18-15.

Reference: MixP + Captain’s surname (e.g. MixPHOUSTON).

Start time 11.00am. One hour lunch break. Finish between 5.00 & 6.00pm.

Hand of the Week

What do you lead and what signal would be helpful from partner?

E Mail Bill.

Hand of the Week
Quiz Competitions
Quiz Competitions

For each quiz you enter you will be given one point for each correct answer maximum of 10.

The scores will be collected over a monthly period and the person with the highest total will get a bottle of wine.

The first competition will last from now until the end of September then monthly.

Members donating a quiz will be given 8 points for that quiz.

Scores on lhs Quiz Total.

The club will donate £1.00 for each person that enters to the Chairman's Charity.


BBO Bridge
BBO Bridge

The next Gwent club event on BBO will take place on Tuesday October 6th at 7.00pm.
You can only register for these events two hours before they are due to start ie 5.00pm to 7.0pm.

For further details contact Derek Roberts or Mike Clarke.


Stepbridge results now on lhs index.

The next Gwent duplicate session is on Saturday October 3rd at 7.00pm.

You can join Stepbridge by clicking here. Stepbridge.

As Stepbridge is still new to club members Derek Roberts has offered to run some sessions where members could use the system without any pressure of an actual competition.
Derek can now offer indivual help just one other person on line.
He would then go through using Stepbridge, the bidding, self alerting etc.

If you would like some help to get playing on Stepbridge please contact Derek Roberts.
Coronation Cup

The Coronation Cup was awarded in 1953 to celebrate the Coronation of Queen Elizabeth 2nd.

The Coronation Cup will now take place on line BBO on Tuesday October 20th starting at 7.00pm.

There will be a bottle wine each for the winning pair on scratch & a bottle of wine each for the winning pair on handicap.

I will work out the handicap result on the Wednesday following.

It would be very helpful if you could let me know prior to the event if you intend to enter. Email Bill.

Your handicap is under Coronation Cup lhs column.

This event is FREE to members no charge the club will pay the entry fee.

General Knowledge Quiz

Answers to Bill by Wednesday October 7th 12,00 noon.

1.  Into which sea does the Nile flow?
2.  Three continents lie on the Tropic of Capricorn, South America is one, name any of the other two?
3.  In American currency 10 cents make a what?
4.  Afrikaans was developed from which European language?
5.  An Ortanique is a cross between a tangerine and what other fruit?
6.  What Italian word for 'Scratched Drawing' can be found on walls all over the world?
7.  What musical features 'Some Enchanted Evening' and 'There Is Nothing Like A Dame'?
8.  What was the name of the first manned lunar landing mission in 1969?
9.  Which boxer was nicknamed 'The Dark Destroyer'?
10. What poisonous oily liquid occurs naturally in tobacco leaves?

British Sportsmen
  • Sp01
  • Sp02
  • Sp03
  • Sp04
  • Sp05
  • Sp06
  • Sp07
  • Sp08
  • Sp09
  • Sp10

Answers to Bill by Tuesday October 6th 12,00 noon.

Geography Quiz

Answers to Bill by Tuesday October 6th 12,00 noon.

  • 1. What is the State Capital of Maine?
  • 2. What is the capital and largest city in Indonesia?
  • 3. The island of Hispaniola in the Caribbean contains which two countries?
  • 4. In which country would you find the Dardanelles, scene of a famous WW1 battle?
  • 5. What is the Northernmost capital city in Australia?
  • 6. With a total length of 10.7 miles, which is the longest bridge in Europe?
  • 7. Where would you find the Thar Desert?
  • 8. Which stretch of water separates Alaska from Russia?
  • 9. Which is the most Easterly town in England?
  • 10. Which is the largest of the islands of Japan?
EWBA February Congress
EWBA February Congress
Topical Cartoon
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Pen Winners

Mike Samuel(2)     Mike Clarke     Peter Smith(5)     Kath Fewster(6)    Ceri Mowat(6)

Richard Welsford(5)    Jeff Morgan(4)    Derek Roberts(4)    Deborah Ashley     

Therese French(2)     John Harry(4)    Iain Brisbane(2)     Tina Williamson(2)

Ann Kelly(7)     Brian Shepherd     David Wall     Nishebita Das(2)

John Dewsnap(6)     John Hinton(2)     June Duffy(5).     Guy Thomas     Paul Cunningham

Carol Shepherd(2)    Allan Snelgrove     Veronics Walsh(2)     Chris Williamson(2)      Linda Morgan

Gwynn Davis     Alison Jones     Paul Nicholls     Marion Shewell

Graham Jones Treasurer

Graham Jones being presented with a photographic history of the club on his retirement from being club treasurer.

Graham Jones Treasurer
Stepbridge WBU
Stepbridge WBU
Stepbridge WBU
Stepbridge Gwent
Stepbridge WBU
Stepbridge WBU
3rd Oct 2020
Stepbridge Gwent
4th Oct 2020
Stepbridge WBU
5th Oct 2020
Stepbridge WBU
6th Oct 2020
7th Oct 2020
Stepbridge WBU
10th Oct 2020
Stepbridge Gwent
11th Oct 2020
Stepbridge WBU
12th Oct 2020
Stepbridge WBU
13th Oct 2020
14th Oct 2020
Stepbridge WBU
17th Oct 2020
Stepbridge Gwent
18th Oct 2020
Stepbridge WBU
19th Oct 2020
Stepbridge WBU
20th Oct 2020
Coronation Cup BBO
21st Oct 2020
Stepbridge WBU
24th Oct 2020
Stepbridge Gwent
25th Oct 2020
Stepbridge WBU
26th Oct 2020
Stepbridge WBU
27th Oct 2020
28th Oct 2020
Stepbridge WBU