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E Mail Addresses

If you would like to receive e mails giving information about club events please let me know. Bill.
Your e mail address will not be passed to any third party.

Welcome to the Gwent Bridge Academy Web Site.
Captain Sir Thomas Moore
Captain Sir Thomas Moore
Letter fom our Chairman Veronica

Dear members,
I hope you have all been coping well during the last six weeks.
I would like to thank all those who have phoned me. I am always here if you need me.

I would like to thank Bill for all the work he has done on the website to keep members connected. Keep enjoying your BBO.

Thanks also to those who have participated and submitted quizzes.

If you know of anyone who is unwell please let me know so that I can contact them.

Thinking of you all.


Coin Rhyming Slang

Coin Quiz by Richard Welsford.

Identify the amount of money in £ s d.

Send your list of titles to Bill by Thursday May 28th 12.00 noon.
If there is a draw Mrs Bill will draw the winner out of the hat.

1. Boys Name.
2. Girls Name.
3. Mans Job.
4. Monarch.
5. Male Singer.
6. Semi Royal Headdress.
7. Ill Fish.
8. Saturn + Pluto+ Uranus.
9. Type of Pig.
10. Type of Bike.
11. Semi Nether Garment.
12. A Species of Ape.
13. Good Friday Cake.
14. Small Equine.
15. Tommy Steele Musical.
16. A Queer Note.
17. Kind of Bowling Green.
18. Circular Sideways Handspring.
19. Capricorn Animal with an "R".
20. Kings Payment to a Sailor.

All correct should total £544 11Shillings 0Pence.


John Dewsnap      Ann Kelly      Ceri Mowat 

Famous People Child Pictures
  • T01
  • T02
  • T03
  • T04
  • T05
  • T06
  • T07
  • T08
  • T09
  • T10

Identify theses famous people from their picture as a child.

Send your list of names to Bill by Saturday May 30th 12.00 noon.
If there is a draw Mrs Bill will draw the winner out of the hat.


Deborah Ashley      Ann Kelly 

Famous People from History
  • Z01
  • Z02
  • Z03
  • Z04
  • Z05
  • Z06
  • Z07
  • Z08
  • Z09
  • Z10

Famous People from History.

Send your list of names to Bill by Friday May 29th 12.00 noon.
If there is a draw Mrs Bill will draw the winner out of the hat.


Nishebita Das      Richard Welsford      Derek Roberts     Deborah Ashley 

Ann Kelly 

Topical Cartoon
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Pen Winners

Mike Samuel     Mike Clarke     Peter Smith(3)     Kath Fewster(3)    Ceri Mowat(4)

Richard Welsford(2)     Jeff Morgan(3)    Derek Roberts(2)    Deborah Ashley

Therese French(2)     John Harry(3)     Iain Brisbane(2)     Tina Williamson

Ann Kelly(5)     Brian Shepherd     David Wall     Nishebita Das

John Dewsnap     John Hinton(2)     June Duffy.     Guy Thomas

Paul Cunningham

BBO Bridge

Names of players now on lhs web site BBO Members.

Click on BBO Partners to find a member to play with.

Good article on scoring using imps. (International Match Points) Click here.

I log on every day at 3.00pm & & 7.00pm, send me an e mail and I will reserve you a seat. Bill.

Excellent article on how to log on and use BBO. Click here.  

Chairman's Charity

A cheque for £862 has been sent to Sparkle rather than wait until the club was open again.
Many thanks to all who bought tickets.
The event will go ahead in the Summer.

Graham Jones Treasurer

Graham Jones being presented with a photographic history of the club on his retirement from being club treasurer.

Graham Jones Treasurer
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