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WBU membership 2023-2024

Annual subscriptions will be due in April. 

Please read the article that has been put on our News page. It gives a very good case as to why we belong to the WBU.


During this dormant period, I'm posting a number of new 'Convention' and 'Tips' on the site. I've recently posted 'Landy', 'Responses to 2NT', Roman Keycard Blackwood (updated) - you may be interested. More to follow.


Conventions/Tips Library

In a number of the 'Club Hand Of The Month' features, there is a reference to an article for more detailed consideration. A full list of these is given below. Just click on the title to view the particular article.

The articles are intended for general information, but I am biased towards a weak no-trump, five card major system, and I may inadvertantly express my opinions in these terms.  


Library Articles

The following Tips/Conventions are classified as follows:

* - for improving players who want to come above average in the club.
** - for players who want to win their club championship or compete in 'tournament bridge'
*** - for more established players aspiring to win an area or national event

*Benjaminised Acol 
*Ogust Responses To Weak-Two Opener PRINT  
*Negative Doubles  PRINT  
* Open 1 Club With 5-5 Clubs And Spades.

**Jacoby 2NT Responses To 1 Major PRINT  
**Five Card (Puppet) Stayman PRINT  
**Defence To Weak Twos  PRINT  
**Halmic Defence To 1NT Doubled PRINT  
**Losing Trick Count PRINT  
**Splinter Bids PRINT  
**Splinter And Cue Bids (Overview) PRINT  
**Landy Over 1NT  PRINT  
**Lebensohl (Over Interference Over 1NT)  PRINT  
**Michaels Cue Bids  PRINT  
**Roman Key Card Blackwood  PRINT  
**Check-back 2 Clubs Over 1NT Rebid  PRINT  
**Weak Jump Responses  PRINT  

***Defence To Two Suited Overcalls PRINT  
***Responses To Opening 2NT PRINT  
***Multi Two Clubs (Benji)  PRINT  
***Smith Peters PRINT