(Sometimes referred to as ‘Blue Club Responses’)

Following a weak two opening (about 6-10 points and a six-card suit), partner has various options:

Suit raises (to 3 or 4), merely continue the pre-empt.

A new suit is natural but non-forcing – 14+ points and a good suit.

2NT – Ogust Response

This bid is artificial and requests the opener to define the strength and quality of his opening bid. Opener’s responses are:

- 3♣     min. points, and a poor suit

- 3      min. points, and a good suit

- 3     max. points, and a poor suit

- 3♠      max. points, and a good suit

- 3NT   AKQxxx in the suit.

Min. points is the ‘bottom half’ of the range, whereas max. points is the ‘top half’ of the range.

A ‘good’ suit should contain two of the top three honours.

(The above are the ‘standard’ responses. I actually prefer to reverse the meaning of the 3 and 3 bids, since over the 3 max. points, partner is more likely to want to make a cue bid in hearts - this in fact was the original version of the convention).

If after the opener’s response, responder changes the suit, this is forcing (17+ points with own 6+ card suit).

Following the above responses, partner can better judge the final contract. Any bid other than the opening suit, now becomes a cue-bid.