The traditional approach to partner’s opening bid is that a jump response in a new suit is strong (16+) and forcing. However this is now being superseded by different treatments, one of which is that the jump bid in a new suit is weak.

(This is very much a ‘feel’ situation, so the foregoing are not explicit rules, merely guidelines).




A jump bid in a new suit in response to partner’s (opening) bid is 4-8(poor) points with a 6 or 7 card suit. The bid is non-forcing (and hence is alertable).

(On suitable hands it may be made on a 3 point hand).

The bid would tend to be made if there is no alternative place to play.




If vulnerable it should be 6-7 points

If bid at the three-level it should be 6-7 points

If a seven card suit, add extra point(s) (there is a difference between a 7-2-2-2 and a better 7-3-2-1 hand)




With an alternative place to play (dependent on points or fit), prefer a simple (non-jump) response. So with say 7 points and a suit headed by AK, or AQJ just make a simple response.

A useful way of deciding whether to bid at the 1-level or bidding a jump shift at the 2-level is to consider what you would respond over a Benji 2♣. If you would respond a positive (~1.5 tricks) then respond at the one level. However if you would respond with a negative 2then bid the 2-level new suit weak jump-shift.

With 8 points, only weak jump-shift on a poor suit and poor hand (e.g. ♠:Qxxxxx; : QJx; :Qx; ♣:Jx)




Over partner’s opening bid of 1


a)♠ KJ7542      b)    ♠ K97542       c) ♠ K97542     d)    ♠ KJ7542e)   ♠ 7

Q62     642           85      85      Q83

97     97           A983                        10832         852

♣ 84     ♣ 84           ♣ 8♣ 9      ♣ Q97542


f)♠ KJ7542      g)    ♠ AQJ542       h) ♠ AQ10542     i)     ♠ 7j)   ♠ K87542

Q962     642           642 Q83     J84

97     97           97                        85              72

♣ 8     ♣ 84           ♣ 84♣ K976542     ♣ 86     



a)  - bid 2♠.

b)  - if non vulnerable I would bid 2♠, but if vulnerable I would pass.

c)- there is an alternative place to play (diamond support), so bid 1♠ rather than 2♠

d)  - even with diamond support, bid 2♠ not good enough for 1♠.

e)  - if non-vulnerable, possibly bid 3♣; if vulnerable – pass.

f)- similar to (a), but an alternative place to play (partner may have hearts), so bid 1♠

g)- just prefer 1♠ to 2♠, but…

h)- in this case probably 2♠

i)- similar to e), but with the 7th club, probably 3♣ at any vulnerability. Replace the ♣K with ♣Q – non-vul 3♣; vul - ??

j) - playing 5-card majors, bid 2. Playing 4-card majors I would prefer 2♠.


After Intervening Bid or Double


After ‘double’ ignore the double, and in principle treat as above.


With a suit overcall, two situations arise:


If the intervening bid has not taken up any space i.e. you still have three bids available in your six-card suit, e.g. (1♣ - (1) – and you hold six spades), treat as above (1♠ - natural; 2♠ -weak; 3♠ splinter agreeing diamonds).


If the intervening bid has taken away one of the levels of bidding your suit (you are in a ‘displaced bid’ situation) e.g. ((1♣ - (1♠ ) – and you hold six hearts) then:


-          If opener’s bid is a minor forgo the splinter bid:

1- (1♠) - 2is natural (5 hearts, 9 + points)

1- (1♠) - 3is weak six-card suit


-          If opener’s bid is a major forgo the weak bid:

1- (2) – (3♣) is natural (club suit, 9 + points)

1- (2) – (4♣) is a splinter bid agreeing hearts.


Responses To Weak Jump Shift


I would suggest that opener should only progress on 17+ points (maybe with experience 16 + points). The 2NT response should be an Ogust type rebid, similar to responding to a weak-two opening hand.

Poor points – 4-5; good points, 6-7points

Good suit – 2 of top 3 honours; otherwise poor suit.


Other Considerations


If using the weak jump new suit response you obviously directly lose the 2-level strong hand. With a six-card suit, I suggest the following:


e.g. After 1 – 1♠ – 2 -:


2♠-  8-9 points (or 5-card suit 6-9)

3♠- 10-11 points

Change suit - 12-14 points, or 15+ with a fragmented suit

4♠- 15+ points with a solid suit.