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Thursday Mentoring Scheme

We are trying out a new mentoring scheme to encourage newer players to take the next step to playing on Thursday nights. If you think you would like to try this with the help of one of our volunteers to guide you please contact Mark Humphris  text or phone (after 5pm)  07799 581686  There is more information about this scheme here

Did you know?
You can check your EBU masterpoints online?
Go to the EBU website

The first time you use this site, enter your EBU number and click "forgot password" to have this emailed to you.

Masterpoints from events at Pinner Bridge Club are uploaded to the EBU at the end of each session, and processed by the EBU every week or so.

Getting Copies of the Hands

Did you know?

You can obtain a copy of each set of hands from the Results->Hands link.

If you have PC software that allows you to replay hands and it supports PBN format, then enter your email and send yourself a copy of the Hand File
Welcome to Pinner Bridge Club
Pinner Bridge Club Online

We are running Pinner Bridge Club games on Bridgebase Online (BBO). Results are posted as normal on our website and will be uploaded to the EBU. Members who wish to play should email their BBO name to   You can also play with a guest, but they must also send us their BBO name in advance.

Full details of how to enter are on

There is a list of Pinner Bridge Members and their BBO names on

There is a lot of useful information about Playing Bridge on BBO on

  • Tuesdays at 2:30pm (Register by 2:20pm)
  • Wednesdays at 7:30pm (Register online by 7:20pm)
Last updated : 23rd Oct 2020 10:53 BST
Online Bridge Lessons

Tony Staw has recently started running Online Intermediate Bridge Lessons using Zoom and BridgeBase Online (BBO).

Lessons are £10 per person. Click here for more information


Monday 7:30-9:30pm

Thursday 2.00-4.00pm

Defence: 2nd Hand Play.  When declarer lead a suit, a defender should generally play 2nd Hand Low, but there are exceptions.



Declarer Play in No Trump: Further aspects of declarer play: Establishing Suits, Finessing and maintaining Entries



Declarer Play in Suit Contracts: Ruffing, establishing suits by ruffing and cross-ruffing.



Declarer play - Danger Hand Holding up, the Rule of Seven



Showing Shape: How you should bid your suits to show your shape.  Plus: how to bid 4441 hands



Losing Trick Count: An easier way to bid when you expect to play in a suit contract



The Law of Total Tricks: How high to bid in a competitive auction. When to “bid one more” and when to pass.



Slam Bidding: Cue Bids



Last updated : 3rd Oct 2020 14:07 BST
Pinner Bridge Club Building is Currently Closed

Based on the latest Government advice issued on Monday March 16th 2020, we have decided that Pinner Bridge will close temporarily with immediate effect.  

We are still running online games and online Intermediate Bridge Lessons.

The new Government advice is for everyone to avoid non-essential contact with others.  This is to try to reduce the spread of Covid-19.  We will monitor the situation and post any updates here.

Pinner Bridge Club Committee

Last updated : 12th Sep 2020 13:35 BST
Pinner Bridge Club's Website

Welcome to our club.  Our website uses bridgewebs, which gives us a professional looking website, and one which is part of an international grouping of Bridge sites.

Our bridge results, with hand records as scored by ScoreBridge with Bridgemates are on this site.

If there are any improvements you'd like to see.  Please contact Tony Staw for comments or requests for the website.

Every now and then I come across a bridge problem that I think others would find interesting, so I try and put this on the website.  If you have come across a bridge problem you would like to share with others, please contact Tony to add it to this website.

Pinner Bridge Club's Website
Last updated : 10th Feb 2014 12:33 GMT
Where Can I Park?
You can park in many of the side roads off of Eastcote Road, such as Meadow Road, Holwell Place, Ashridge Gardens or on Grove Avenue.  You may be able to find parking on any of the roads marked in pink below.
If you have a disabled blue badges you can park in Eastcote Road providing you are not causing an obstruction.
Members who can’t walk from the available parking areas should arrange to be dropped of and picked up at the club door.  Please do not use this drop-off area for parking. 
Please note that you can park in any Residents-Only Area, or single-yellow line area in Zone A, except between 11 am and 12 noon.  Click here for a map of Zone A.
New to Duplicate Bridge?

New to Duplicate Bridge?  Read this excellent guide that will tell you all you need to know about Duplicate Bridge and how it differs from Rubber Bridge.

Play it Again

Have you tried the "Play it Again" Option? 

Click on your results and choose the Bridge Solver Online option  [BS Online] to analyze all lines of play in any contract.  Alternatively you can analyse the hands with other programs if you have other bridge software installed. The latest version now has a "Results Analysis" button.  Click here for more information.

#39887 Pinner Gentle Duplicate
Director: Tony Staw
#4907 Pinner Gentle Duplicate
Director: Tony Staw
#42456 Pinner Online Duplicate
Director: Tony Staw