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Did you know?
You can check your EBU masterpoints online?
Go to the EBU website

The first time you use this site, enter your EBU number and click "forgot password" to have this emailed to you.

Masterpoints from events at Pinner Bridge Club are uploaded to the EBU at the end of each session, and processed by the EBU every week or so.

Getting Copies of the Hands

Did you know?

You can obtain a copy of each set of hands from the Results->Hands link.

If you have PC software that allows you to replay hands and it supports PBN format, then enter your email and send yourself a copy of the Hand File
Summary of Play Sessions
When and What We Play

The table below shows when there is Rubber Bridge and Duplicate Bridge. 

  Afternoons from 12 noon Evenings 7.30 pm prompt
Monday   Duplicate Pairs
Tuesday Partnership Rubber Gentle Duplicate*
Wednesday   Duplicate Pairs
Thursday   Duplicate Pairs (Intermediate)
Friday Partnership Rubber Duplicate Pairs
Saturday   Teams of Four

For all normal Club nights, no partner is required, just turn up as host system operates. For all evening sessions, please aim to be seated by 7:20pm for a prompt start at 7:30pm.

* These include a short lesson, followed with a gentle duplicate game with assistance available.  Contact Tony Staw for details.  Click here
† Teams of 4 are on the second Saturday in the month. You must give notice to Gwen Western, 020 8582 9646. You may come on your own, in pairs, or in teams.  We will match people as necessary.


  • £4 per person for members, £7 for non-members for all Duplicate, Rubber and Teams of Four.
  • * £5 per person for Gentle Duplicate.