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Did you know?
You can check your EBU masterpoints online?
Go to the EBU website

The first time you use this site, enter your EBU number and click "forgot password" to have this emailed to you.

Masterpoints from events at Pinner Bridge Club are uploaded to the EBU at the end of each session, and processed by the EBU every week or so.

Getting Copies of the Hands

Did you know?

You can obtain a copy of each set of hands from the Results->Hands link.

If you have PC software that allows you to replay hands and it supports PBN format, then enter your email and send yourself a copy of the Hand File

RealBridge is a new online bridge platform that makes playing online much more like playing bridge face to face.  There is more information on

RealBridge has been offering a number of free trial sessions – click on the News Tab in the above link.

To play on Realbridge you do not need to install any software or set up an account.

Video & Audio Testing

If this is your first time, please use this link to test your camera and microphone before you join


To Join a Tournament click on the link for the session you wish to join.  Please enter

  • Full Name - Your First and Last name (not your BBO name) in the exact same spelling, capitalization and format if it is shown on Membership List
  • ID Number – Your email address

Once you log in, you will see a list of tables.  If you have arranged to play with a partner, look for them and sit opposite them, by clicking on N, S, E or W.  If you are first to arrive, sit at any table of your choice.  Please familiarise yourself with the buttons (see below).  Please reserve table 7 for players who do not have a partner. 

If you have a partner lined up

If you do not have a partner

Please sit at tables 1 to 6, or 8 onwards

Please sit at table 7

 Please don’t simply remain in the lobby. It makes it harder to start on time when people are not seated.


Pinner RealBridge Online Games  £3
Thursdays 7:30pm Gentle Duplicate Click HERE to join
Fridays 2:00pm Gentle Duplicate Click HERE to join

The tables will open up about 30 minutes before the game start time.


There are some constraints on the type of device you can use to access RealBridge:

You cannot use an iPad and Chrome, and you cannot use an iPAD which is older than 5 years. You must use current browsers (not Internet Explorer, or the old version of Edge)


In Chrome, and Edge, you need to click the three little dots in the top right corner. Alternatively:

For Chrome  chrome://settings/help

For Edge  edge://settings/help



You can use Chrome as an alternative to Safari. [Its web video support may be better.]

In Safari there is a menu item "Safari > Settings for the website...". In that window for RealBridge, select "Allow all auto-play" media, and set the camera & microphone permission to "Allow". 





  • Alerts. Playing on RealBridge is much like playing in real life: you alert your partner’s bids just like at a bridge club.
  • Background noise.  Please try to keep background noise to a minimum. Do not have side conversations with anyone in your room – remember everyone at your table can hear you.
  • You can lower the volume of another player using the following button
  • Sound quality. Over a period of about an hour, the sound quality of your session may deteriorate. You may also find it helps to use the redial button, which “redials all your video and sound”.  RealBridge says do this every hour. 
  • If you find that the cards are hard to see clearly: Use the setting Icon to Display Simplified Cards.
  • If you are using an ipad or similar device, make sure the device is fully charged before you start, as otherwise your battery may run out, even if the device is plugged in.


The full list of controls is shown here.


If you are having sound problems on Windows you may get an improvement if you disable exclusive access to your microphone and speakers using the steps described here


There is a video showing you a trial session of what to expect on realbridge on

After the game

The hand records with the bidding and play record will remain on RealBridge for at least 48 hours after the game ends.  The bidding and play record will be copied to BridgeWebs, so you can continue to see this after the game.

Please close the RealBridge web browser when you are finished, or you microphone and camera may still be turned on.