Now playing face-to-face bridge on Tues and Fri mornings, plus some other sessions. Check the calendar for details. Most other sessions online. Click here for details of our regular bridge sessions.

Special Events

Charity Day in support of MNDA

Thursday 6th October at 10.00am

Individual Competition

Sunday 16th October at 2.00pm

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Hosts and finding partners

[We attempt to find hosts for all sessions (excluding teams sessions), however we are occasionally unsuccessful, so please check the calendar to see if a host is available at any particular session]

Oxford Bridge Club operates a host system so that a player without a partner can still get a game. You will be paired up with another player who has come without a partner, or with the host.  

The host system has three main aims:

  1. to welcome visitors and new members by enabling them to play in club sessions even if they have not managed to meet potential partners
  2. to help learners and improvers make the transition from supervised to relaxed duplicate sessions, and from relaxed to more competitive duplicate sessions
  3. to enable established members to find a partner if their regular partner is not available

To use the host system please arrive well before the session is due to start, and make yourself known to the director and/or the host.



Pianola's partner-finding service may be used to help you find partners; if you have problems using this please contact the Membership Secretary for help.  Alternatively, you can contact individual players directly using their contact details as listed in Pianola. 

Partnership Finder

If you are looking for a regular partner, another option is to contact Sue Burge who will do her best to help you: sue.burge@ndm.ox.ac.uk

Teams sessions

It isn't possible to use Pianola to help make up teams for teams events. If you wish to play in a team but don't have a partner, or have a partner and would like to make up a team please email via this link and we will do our best to match you up with a team.  

  • Please enter the date you are hosting in your diary! 
  • If you can't manage your given date, ideally arrange a swap with another member, and inform the host co-ordinator for that session. If you are indisposed at the last minute, please contact the host co-ordinator immediately. 


Face-to-face bridge

  • Please arrive at the club 20 minutes before the start of the session, so you are there in good time
  • Make a special point of looking after visitors and if it is the first time that they've played at the club introduce them to the Director and Scorer.
  • Please ensure that the front door is closed when play starts. 
  • As thanks for hosting, you are allocated two vouchers for free games at any club session. Do make sure that you collect these from the Director. 
  • Further information about hosting is available on a laminated sheet on the director's cabinet. 
  • If you're needed to play one of your free vouchers will cover the game.

When you're needed to play

  • Please offer to play the system card of your partner (essential for Learn & Play and Gentle Duplicate). Enjoy the session, be nice to your partner ..... and keep smiling.

NGS exemption

  • You may request that the session in which you act as host be excluded from the EBU's NGS grading scheme if you are concerned about the effect of playing with an unfamiliar partner on your NGS ranking. Your partner may also elect to be exempted from the NGS system. 
  • If either of you want NGS exemption, you must notify the Director and/or the Scorer before play starts, and you must also notify the EBU, via your EBU member's online account (MyEBU), that you wish to have NGS exemption within 30 minutes of the start of the session. To do this you need to know the club's EBU number - it's 201048. 
  • Hybrid sessions: for hybrid sessions there will normally be two hosts - one online and the other at the clubhouse. Please note that only one host can claim NGS exemption per session. This will be on a first-come, first-served basis, so it is in your interest to arrive in good time. 
  • A printed set of instructions on claiming NGS exemption is available at the club, and may be found in the Director's cabinet. 
  • Note that your NGS ranking will not be affected by hosting in Learn & Play sessions or if you play with someone inexperienced who has played fewer than 150 NGS-graded boards.